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1878 15
12 mo 30 the weather something [sic]
colder than it was no snow
1 mo 4 1878 had a visit from
our neighbour E Leavens
and Joseph Berge from
Whitby Walter Roges of Illino
as [sic] first Snow Storm fell
7 or 8 inches of Snow it came
from the South East
1 mo 6 the thermometer
6 below zero at 6 oclock [sic] AM
4 above the same evening
Charles Boekus died in
Picton 1 mo 11 1878
Sarah Jane wife of John
Waring died 2 mo 13 1878
[pg 13a]
16 1878
1 month 21 no Snow the frost
coming out of the ground
and getting to be very mudy [sic] the
thermometer [sic] up to 40
Samuel Baker of Hunting
don died 1 mo 25 1878
buried 28
Levi and Mary went to Pic
ton to market came home by
the way of G Lears found hi
m not much better quite fee
ble 2 mo 4 our company
to attend the quarterly meeting
1 night Arthur Mullett
and Son Phillip Ward
& his cous in [sic] Elizabeth Ngt
2 night David Dunham
[pg 13b]
3d night Phillip Ward