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== February FRIDAY 20 1874 == Cleaning peas with fanning mill - have about 115 bush threshed and cleaned - have 190 bush of oats, having cleaned measured them also. A very mild day very little snow on the fields, the roads are somewhat icy. Spend evening at Edmonton Lodge No 543, had a pleasant meeting, some readings and recitations. == SATURDAY 21 == Went to Brampton this forenoon on horseback. Mailed some letters for Aunt Jennie received a letter from Viney. Her health is improving and she is enjoying herself in Oakville. Spent afternoon making preparations for sowing on Monday. == February SUNDAY 22 1874 == Spent forenoon at S.School Supt and Sec pres. lesson Exodus XIII 17 to 21 - "Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt"-- JC Snell and family came here this afternoon and we all drove in spring waggon to Brampton tonight and heard Rev JG Scott preach text - Luke XIX 41st A Temperance sermon, going fully into the subject in able manner. MONDAY 23 With Guy Bell's circular saw and with the help of some of our neighbours we sawed about 23 cords f wood, 18 of which were hard and the rest soft wood. Finished at 3-oclock rather more than 5 hours at the job. Spent evening at the Lodge rather a dull session.

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