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== April MONDAY 13 1874 == Spent the day in the bush cutting with J Learments cross cut saw into cordwood two large maples. Father was pruning the young apple trees. Spent evening at the Temple, two initiated and several proposed, considerable business and not much under head of "Good of the Order". == TUESDAY 14 == At the same work as yesterday Father went to Norval with a grist and brought home 100 ft of pickets and planks. Shot a rabbit last evening that was prowling around the barn, had it dressed for dinner today and it would take a good judge to tell it from chicken in flavor and appearance. == April WEDNESDAY 15 1874 == Was building fence in the old orchard field. Had a visit from Revs W Burns and JG Scott, a pastoral call. Went over to Mr McDowell's (4th line West) & bought 8 bush of a new variety of spring wheat for seed called the "red chaff" @ $1.22 per bush. Spent evening writing a letter to RJ Nichols, Chicago. == THURSDAY 16 == Spent the day in the woods, chopping & splitting cordwood. Yesterday we took out the butt log of a sound maple tree, timber for two wagon axles and also two bolsters. JC Snell was here for tea tonight, had a settlement with him and was made square by him paying us $35.00

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