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== April FRIDAY 17 1874 == At the same work as yesterday, have about ten cords of mostly beech and maple, first class wood cut and piled up, used the hand cross cut saw with all the larger logs. Had a call yesterday from Aunt Lizzie F. of Toronto, she sold her house in Brampton to Fleming @ $1600. Spent evening at Choir Practice. == SATURDAY 18 == Spent the greater part of the day in Brampton in the Law Office of Messrs {form for Misters plural} Beynon and Fletcher arranging matters and deeds with agents of C.V.R. Company {Credit Valley Railway?}, did not get through with it until Monday next. The weather continues cool and dry. == April SUNDAY 19 1874 == Went to S.School this forenoon Supt and Sec pres lesson Exodus XXXIII, 12th to 20th verse "The people forgiven". Spent afternoon and took tea at Willow Lodge, the residence of JC Snell. Heard Rev JG Scott preach in Brampton tonight - text - II Peter, III chap 8th verse. == MONDAY 20 == A rainy day from the N. East Was picking over the potatoes and knocking off the sprouts have about 20 bush of "Early Rose". Drove to Brampton. Ma and I signed the deed to C.V.R. giving them 87/100 of an acre for $41.76. Spent evening at the Lodge, three initiated, a good meeting although it was raining.

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