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== April TUESDAY 21 1874 == Father drove mother and Viney down to GTR {Grand Trunk Railway?} Depot this morning en route for Toronto to consult a Doctor about Viney's health. Some of the neighbours are plowing but our land is too wet yet. Started digging post holes for the garden fence. Received from K Chisholm MPP, two bound copies of statutes of Local House. == WEDNESDAY 22 == Working hard all day on the fall plowed lands, with the shovel, clearing out the cross drains and letting off a great quantity of water. The ground is very soft yet, the frost being solid in most places six inches below the surface == April THURSDAY 23 1874 == Started plowing sod in the old orchard field, the water has a good chance to run off this field by its slope to the Etobicoke {Creek}, and the sod is pretty firm and plows very well. Mother arrived home from Toronto this evening. Viney went down to Oshawa to visit Aunt Jennie. Mr & Mrs JC Snell were here for tea. == FRIDAY 24 == Very hard frost, could not plow until noon. Spent forenoon in the woods cutting a large maple with the cross cut saw. Plowing sod all afternoon the plow works capitally this spring. Spent evening at Edmonton Lodge. they elected their Officers for next quarter the members turn out well.

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