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== SATURDAY 20 == Drawing leaf mould from lower bush and spreading it on the pasture field. At Brampton all afternoon. Sold to L Milner 246 lbs of wool @ 40ยข Saw a Lacrosse Match between "Excelsiors" of Brampton & "Beavers" of Guelph the former were victors Mailed "Weekly Globe" to Carthage Early peas in blossom and potato bugs arriving daily == SUNDAY 21 == Went to S. School this morning Supt abs he having gone on a trip to England. Sec pres. lesson - Deut. the last chapters "The death of Moses". Mr N.N. Watson addressed the school. Heard Rev George Beynon of Yorkville preach in Brampton tonight. text Nalt V 4th. == MONDAY 22 == Drove father to Brampton to Dr Patillo's for more medicine and advice - Took a jaunt over the field potatoes and destroyed the Colorado bugs. they are worse on the "Chili" than the "Early Rose". Spent evening at the Temple. a small meeting and a short session - - - == TUESDAY 23 == Hauling the manure out of the sheep-house in to a heap on the rye stubble and mixing it there. load for load, with leaf mould An exceedingly hot day. Viney and I spent evening at "Willow Lodge" pleasantlu in chat about the crops and prospects. . . .

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