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== FRIDAY 7 == Binding oats that were cut yesterday with machine, are rather green for harvesting yet, but the grain will take no harm and straw will be better fodder. Viney & Emma were trying to learn to bind but the intense heat of the weather soon drove them to the house. == SATURDAY 8 == Helping our nighlour this forenoon J. Learnent to ent and bind spring wheat - Spent afternoon binding oats and cutting peas. the harvest comes on slowly but if the heat of the past two days continues all will be ripe next week. Cousin Lizzie Ferguson came on a visit == SUNDAY 9 == Drove spring wagon up to S. School. Sec pres lesson Mark IV 35 to 41 "Power over nature". JC Snell addressed the scholars. Viney and I drove up to Willow Lodge & spent afternoon and evening in music and social talk - - An exceedingly warm day. == MONDAY 10 == A young man Robert Rogers started work with us this morning for a few days @ $ 1.25 per diem. Cutting peas this forenoon, pretty hard work have to be cut off instead of pulling by the roots. Had a short visit from JJ Bunting of Stratford. we spent evening at "Safe Guard" No 350 together.

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