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October Saturday 10 1874 Rain, rain and plenty of it. Spent most of the day in the barn husking corn, it is a very fine sample and ears large. Received from Mr Preston of Esquesing for a lamb $15.00. Received post card from Buffalo, N.Y. concerning American Short-Horn Herd Book; and to all Canadian Breeders October Sunday 11 1874 Went to S. School on "Charley" through the mud, Supt abs, Sec pres, and conducted the school, lesson, Mark IX 17 to 29 "The dumb devil cast out" The new young Wesleyan minister preached at Zion at 2:30 P.M. Heard Rev T. Sims (PM) preach in W M Church tonight, text, Matt XIII, 1st to 7th. A good practical sermon. October Monday 12 1874 Finished running out furrows in pea land and started the plowing in spring wheat stubble it is in fine tilth. Spent evening at the S. School Anniversary of the Wesleyans in Brampton, had able speakers from Toronto, Poole, Hunter, and Watson, singing by the scholars. Went to G T R Depot at 12 P.M. October Tuesday 13 1874 Arrived in Guelph at 2 A.M. Took G W R cars at 7 oclock to Harrisburg and thence to town of Brantford, got there at 9 A.M. Walked out with a large company to "Bow Park" 3 miles east of town to attend Hon George Brown's auction sale of Short-Horns. He has here a farm of 900 acres on flats of Grand river, the farm buildings are very extensive.