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October Thursday 15 1874 Left Brantford last evening {it is a handsome town of 10,000 inhabitants the buildings substantial and the streets neat and clean} and reached Brampton at 5:30 A.M. having a tedious delay at Guelph of over 6 hours. The music at Convention was conducted by Mr Woolet of Chicago using the "Royal Diadem", he is a good singer and added much to the interest of the meeting. October Friday 16 1874 Sold and delivered yesterday and today 112 bush of barley to K.C. & Co. at 91c per bush, the market is almost glutted with barley at present. Was plowing today in wheat stubble, it works rather stiff as the clay is near the surface in many places. Spent the evening at choir practice. Received a letter from R J Nichols of Chicago. October Saturday 17 1874 At same work as yesterday. The wooden beam plow failed to work satisfactorily, so had to take it to Edmonton for necessary repairs. Messrs Joshua and George Modeland's farm was sold by auction in Brampton @ $6,800 to a Mr Cosay. Weather is pleasant, cold and frosty at night.