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November Monday 23 1874 Father made a friendly call on our new neighbour Mr Davis and met with a warm reception Commenced chopping firewood in lower bush, some fallen trees the result of last summer's storm. Mailed a letter to R J Nichols, Chicago; and a "Peel Banner" to J J Bunting, Kincardine. Spent evening at Temple, small attendance, a stormy night. November Tuesday 24 1874 A wintry day, snow squalls from the west. At same work as yesterday, there are not many trees downn by the windfalls this season. Spent evening at home, playing on melodeon, reading and conversation. November Wednesday 25 1874 Gristed at Main's milll in Brampton 13 bush of mixed "Diehl" and "Farrow" wheat. Sold to Mrs Trueman 2 bags of "Early Rose" potatoes @ 90c each. This afternoon was making a maul and axe handles. Received a letter from Aunt Jennie Rice of Oshawa. November Thursday 26 1874 To day was at a variety of jobs. Hauling leaf mould to cover the flower beds; hauling building stones for the projected new cow house and firing stumps and brush heaps on the edge of the woods. Spent evening writing a letter to J J Bunting of Kincardine to be mailed to morrow.