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November Friday 27 1874 At pretty much the same class of work as yesterday. At Brampton this evening and heard Prof. Shaw in the Concert Hall explain the tricks and delusions of the doctrine of the Spiritualists, very thoroughly, also read several pieces, mostly comic, in first class style. November Saturday 28 1874 Snowing all day from N.East. Doing indoor work as much as possible, threshing a peck of white beans, and cutting corn stalks with straw cutter, &c &c. J C Snell called this evening on his way home from Toronto. November Sunday 29 1874 Nearly one foot of snow. Drove sleigh up to S. School at 10 A.M. Supt and Sec pres, lesson, Mark XIV, 42 to 50, "The Betrayal of Jesus by Judas". After the school we had a meeting to make arrangements for an anniversary party, 30th Dec. was fixed for the day and committees appointed to get things ready. SPent evening at home. November Monday 30 1874 Chopping in the woods. A cold freezing day and a foot of light snow made it cold work for the feet at chopping. J C Snell called for one of the Berkshires to ship for the state of Wisconsin. Spent evening at the Temple, a slim meeting once more.