Albert E. Smith Diary, 1868-1869


Albert E. Smith Diary, 1868-1869

Date Created

January 12, 1868

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Albert E. Smith Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript


Tuesday Jany 12th

Sorting potatoes forenoon. After dinner Susan wished me to accompany her up to our pond so that she could practice skating so that without being seen. We skated till about three o'clock and then came home where we found Miss Wylie and Maggie Greenshields who wanted to go up to skate too so we (Susan and I) had to go back with them.

We Skated for about

an hour and they departed. After tea Harry Susan and I went up to the mill pond to try it again. There was two large fires and very nearly a hundred people including about twenty ladies. Miss W. and Miss G. were there. I put on Maggie's skates and skated with her for a while. &c. &c.

Wednesday 13th/69

Finished sorting potatoes forenon. P.M Sawing wood. Evening Went up to Mr. Forster's where a "Christmas Tree" containing a present

for each one in the Sabbath School.

I was rather late in the season to call it an Xmas tree but circumstances did not permit the teachers to have it earlier. I got a book -title- "My First Cruise" and a small parcel of candy.

The tree was nicely lit up with small wax candles and was loaded down with toys of every sort, Dolls, Books, Jumping Jacks, Bouncing balls, Tin swords, &c &c.

The children were all

well pleased, and departed for home about half past nine.

There was also a Surprise party at Dr. Eckroyds.

Thursday 14th

Sawing wood all day. Pa-pa and Mamma went to spend the evening at Mr. Whelpleys so that I had a headache from driving the horses all the afternoon at the sawing-machine but that did not hinder me from going to skate where I soon got rid of all my

aches. William was learning to skate to-night. He, however did not fare very well. for in one of the 'upsets' which every beginner is likely to get, he broke one of his skates and his watch dropped out, he not noticing it at the time. But he soon discovered his loss and went to look for it but could not find it

It is a valuable gold watch, so if he does not find it he'll feel 'cheap' over his first skate.

Friday 15th.

Sawing wood in the forenoon.

Evening: Went to B class. Was not there last Friday evening as I was not aware of it having started since the xmas holidays.

Stayed in for Prayers, after which W, R, C, F, Miss Kate Sefton Susan and I went down to skate for awhile.

William's watch was found by a young boy last night.

Saturday 16th.

Went up to Mt. Forest in the evening thence to the Factory dam and skated till half past nine.

There was not so many ladies on the ice as usual it being Saturday evening.

Sunday 17th.

Went to morning service.

Miss Kate Sefton came down to dinner.

Went to Sabbath school: received 23 Cts

collecton: Don't like the office of Librarian very well.

It has been a most beautiful day--clear, the sky cloudless, and a bright sunshine all day. It is now after eight o-clock. I think i'll go to bed as I feel a little tired after last week's skating.

William, Henry, Alfred, Susannah, and Kate Sefton went to hear Mr. Murray preach to-night. Pa Ma George Clarke and I are at home.

Monday 18th 1868

Got up out of the land of dreams at six o-clock and routed Essey-Ann up to make the "buckwheat pancakes". After doing full Justice to them I went up and tended my flock after which I started in company with Susan for school.

I was not there any of the last quarter.

I felt like as if I was in jail at first but soon got over that.

There was about

seventy scholars there to-day.

In the evening we went up to skate; there was a very large number of people on the ice.

Tuesday 19th

The weather is beginning to turn cold again; but we may be thankful for the weather we have had: it not having been cold for a couple of weeks.

Went to skate at Seven o-clock and staid for a couple

of hours;

There was not one half the number on the ice that there was last night; it is beginning to get 'played out' we have had such a long spell of it.

Wednesday 20th

Did not get up till after seven so was a few minutes late for school. I do not like to be late.

The annual missionary meeting is being this evening.

I did not attend it, as I had to stay at home all the rest of the family being gone. They have just now came in at ten o'clock. I think I will go to bed. The missionary meeting was very well attended. (they say)

Thursday 21st

Got up at a quarter to five (earlier than I intended as I did not know what time it was.) Studied my

lessons for awhile. Was in good time for school. In the evening there was a party of people went out in the country for the purpose of sur-prising F.W. Stevenson and to have a "jolly time of it" at his house. Harry went up with the horses and fetched out a load. William and Harry were all that went from here. The got home at about four o'clock in the morning.

Friday 22.

There was no Bible Class this evening on account of there practising for a concert to be held on the second of February, for the good of the Church.

Saturday 23

Helped at the sawing afternoon. I think it will be the last sawing for this winter as we have a very large heap of wood. The ice up on our pond is very good but I had not time to skate upon it.

Sunday 24th

Went to S School and to Church. Robert and Minnie, Miss Sefton and her sister were down to tea. The weather is beginning to get cold again. It was rather stormy to-day.


Got up at 5 o'clock. Oh what a cold sharp morning - so cold that I did not like to face the wind going to school but turned my back to it, and walked

backwards from "The White Frame House" up to the centre of Mt Forest nearly a mile. The branches which occupy my time at school now are: Geometry, Algebra, Mensuration, Geography, Grammar, Ciphering Book-Keeping - Latin {P.S. and sparking} I studied for about a month last year. The class has not started this year. I don't like Geometry very well; I have been through the first

two books; but don't know much about it. All the rest of my studies I like very well. The names of some of the principal scholars. Boys: John, Corley, Harry Coyne, William Anderson, Theodore King, Walter Campbell, David Jamieson (a sharp scholar) William Davidson, W. R. C. Forster, Robert Dunbar, Alex Godfrey, Malcom McTaggart, John McGillvray, Albert Welton, Florence Watt,

Girls: Maggie Greenshields, Kat Whelpley, Miss Cheeseman, Susan, Sarah Lee, Milly Spence, Jennie Naismith, Mary Ann Orr, Cora Watt, Mary Campbell. Teacher - J Garland.

Tuesday 26th

This morning, father got up at four of the clock and got on his 'duds' drank a cup of tea (had not time to drink any more) and the morning stage came along upon which he jump-

ed up and started for Guelph to attend to some money matters concerning a couple of tolls which he had had for the year 1868. (He lost about 260$ by them) From Guelph he is to proceed to Homer to see all his friends and relatives in that part of the country. Cousin Charlie is falling in consumption: he has to take cod-liver oil four times a day. We received a letter from Sid to-day - the

first we received since he went to Florida. He is getting along very well; is living with an old planter. Gets $1.50 per day for fixing up the inside of the house; E. E. doing the carpentering work. He never served his time to the trade. Yet was quite a genius at the business. There is a surprise party to be at dancing Wylie's to-night. William and Alfred have gone there.

Thursday 28

Got up at 5-o-clock. Harry and Duke start-ed for Guelph with two loads of wheat, this morning. Duncan (the hired man) let a back-log fall on his toe last Saturday which hurt it so much that he thought he had better go home and nurse it there: so I have to attend to all the live stock at home. Received an invitation to a surprise party to-day (The person to be sur-

prised - Dr. Dunbar) but did not accept it as I had a head-ache. William received a letter from Sam to-day; he is getting along well; passed an examination last week, and was highly complimented on the neatness of his book-keeping books.

Friday 29th

Got up at half past five and fed the cattle and horses. My head ached a little all the morning, but it did not hinder

me from going to school, but the excessive heat in the school room and the day being pretty warm caused me to feel lighter than usual in the upper story. In the mensuration class I almost fainted, but managed to keep up till noon when I went came home. In the evening I felt too dull and wearied like to go to B.Class, so I went to bed at six o-clock and slept pretty sound till morning.

Saturday 30th

As my head did not feel much better in the morning I did not get up till twelve o-clock A.M. (a most unusual occurrence) Harry and Duke arrived at half past eleven.A.M. I ate but very little dinner and went to bed again at three P.M. Mamma went up to the village in the afternoon with Harry and fetched down a couple of oranges - she is Oh! so kind to the sick.

Sunday 31st

My head ached this morning, but not so much as it did yesterday; Staid up all day but did not go to Church (would have like to be there as there was a preacher from Fergus, who changed missions with Mr. Forster for this Sabbath.) nor to S.School. W.R.C.F. and Robt Clarke were down to tea. It has been rather a cold day. Read part of the 'Boy who was trained to be a Clergyman to-day.

Monday Feby 1st

The head-ache which I have had has turned into a cold which deterred me from going to school to-day. George Clarke and my-self felt rather lonesome (he especially, as he has been laid up for more than a week with a sore ankle, caused by his boot being too loose while skating one night) staying as prisoners in the house.


Tuesday Feby 2

Harry and Duncan started with loads of wheat to Guelph this morning. Father arrived last night on the night stage. He e enjoyed his visit very well. When I got up and began to speak I thought I must have had a "bull-frog" in my throat, this morning but when I tried to cough it out lo! lo! and behold you the fellow would not come out, but when

'poor me' tried again I found it was not a 'bull-frog' but a severe attack of hoarseness which would not permit me to speak above a whisper; and has not yet gave me a permit (nine of the clock p.m.) Father, mother, Susan and Essey-Ann, went to the Concert held for the good of the Church held in Evan's Hall to-night. G.C. and I would like to have went, but circumstances would not permit. Has been a cold day.

me from going to school, but the excessive heat in the school room and the day being pretty warm caused me to feel lighter than usual in the upper story. in the mensuration class I almost fainted, but managed to keep up till noon when I went came home. In the evening I felt too dull and wearied like to go to B. Class; so I went to bed at six o-clock and slept pretty sound till morning.

Saturday 30th

As my head did not feel much better in the morning I did not get up till twelve o-clock A.M. (a most unusual occurrence) Harry and Duke arrived at half past eleven A.M. I ate but very little dinner and went to bed again at three P.M. Mamma went up to the village in the afternoon with harry and fetched me down a couple of oranges - she is Oh! so kind to the sick.

Sunday 31st

My head ached this morning, but not so much as it did yesterday; staid up all day but did not go to Church (would have liked to be there as there was a preacher from Fergus, who changed missions with Mr. Forster for this Sabbath.) not to S. School.W.R.C.F. and Robt Clarke were down to tea. It has been rather a cold day. Read part of the 'Boy who was trained to be a Clergy man to day.

Monday Feby 1st

The headache which I have had has turned into a cold which deterred me from going to school today. George Clarke and myself felt rather lonesome (He especially, as he has been laid up for more than a week with sore ankle, caused by his boot being too loose while skating one night) staying as prisoners in the house,


Tuesday Feby 2

Harry and Duncan started with loads of wheat to Guelph this morning. Father arrived last night on the night stage. He enjoyed his visit very well. When I got up and began to speak I thought I must have had a "bull-frog" in my throat, this morning but when I tried to cough it out lo; lo; and behold you the fellow would not come out, but when

'poor me' tried again I found it was not a 'bull-frog' but a severe attack of hoarseness which would not permit me to speak above a whisper; and has not yet gave me a permit (nine of the clock p.m.) Father, mother, Susan and Essey-Ann, went to the Concert held for the good of the church held in Evan's Hall to-night. G. C. and I would like to have went, but circumstances would not permit. He as been a cold day.

Wednesday 3rd

Did not get breakfast till nine o-clock. (Susan was so late she did not go to school.) My hoarseness has been just as bad all day but to-night it begins to clear off a little. Alf thought it to be his turn to "act invaleed" to-day; he has a bad cold and headache. He did not go up to the shop. William has gone out to a 'surprise party' at Sam Wallace's this evening

Thursday 4th

Had a splendid break-fast on buck-wheat pancakes and syrup. Very cold stormy day. Harry Duncan and Mr Bessey came home from Fergus. Mr B - has came up from Homer with a load of dried-apples. We (George and I) feel lonesome having nothing to do but read and get tired of that stick-ing at it constantly. George's ankle feels a little better to-day.

Friday Febry 5th

Reading the most of the day. Mr Bessey went up to the village and dis-posed of his apples and then came down to tea. Went up to B. Class at six o-clock; There was no prayers or practice on account of non-at-tendance caused by a quadrille party which was held in Evan's Hall. Went up to LHY's for Susan who kept house while Lizzie went out visiting; while there

played a game at croquet - our side winning. They had an oyster supper there but I did not eaty any of the oysters as I do not care for them, staid till half past ten.

Saturday 6th

Very nice day. Harry and Duncan went up to get a load ready for a start on Monday morning. Mamma has a bad head-ache today. I have entirely recovered from my head-ache.

Sunday 7th

Mrs L.H.Y., Mr Garland, Miss Sefton and Walter White were down to dinner. Duke drove Miss Sefton, W.W. Alf, Susan and I up to S. School. The state of the SS. is very prosperous just now: over seventy children attending; the teachers are - T.G. Smith, Mr Orr, Alf, W. White, Mrs Forster, Miss Read, Miss Sefton, Miss Honeycomb and Miss Hewitt.

Robert with Miss P.J. Parkes came down to tea. In the evening we all drove up to Church with the exception of G. Clarke whose lameness detained him.

Monday 8th

Mr Bessey, Harry and Duncan started early this morning - Mr Bessey for Homer, Harry and Duncan with their loads of wheat for Guelph. The sleighing is getting good again for

it has been bad for almost a month on account of the soft weather; waggons were all the go. I started to school this morning. A person staying away for even a week falls back in the lessons very badly; but I got along very well.

Tuesday 9th

Was a very good day for snow-balling - we practised it a good deal at school to-day. This being 'Shrove Tuesday' we had pan-cakes for tea.

Wednesday 10th

Ash Wednesday. There was service in the Church this morning but I did not attend. Went to school. Sleighing is going fast the last couple of days. Harry and Duncan arrived from Guelph at 1/2 past 11.

Thursday 11th

To-day Whelan, the murderer of T D'Arcy McGee who was shot last April 1868 was hanged by the neck till he was dead. We have not heard tho

particulars as to whether he confessed that he did the deed or not. The stovepipes in the school fell down today so that the school was dismissed from 10 till 12 o-clock. Has been a fine day.

Friday 12th

Very soft and mild day; sleighing about gone. Went to B. Class and stayed in for service. Mr. F. gave a very touching sermon from the text - What

could ye not watch with me one hour. (Matthew 26th, 40) William, Harry, Alfred and Susan went up to a social at Uncle Thos' in the evening. (it was not for the 'Church.')

Saturday 13.

Clearing up old boxes and drawers and fixing books in the forenoon. Received a letter from Brother Sam; he has changed his boarding house and intends going to the military school in a short time.

Sunday 14th

Has been sleeting hard all day I thought from the appearance of yesterday that we would have bare roads but it froze hard during the night and we will still have sleighing. Went to Church and SSchool. Had no visitors to day on account of the roughness of the day. We generally have some of our Mt Forest friends down on the Sabbath. (I don't like it)

Monday 15th

Did not receive any valentines to day. Went to school. Has been a very nice day. Received an invitation to a party to be held at Robert's to-morrow night in honour of Minnie's sister, Priscilla.

Tuesday 16th 69

Went to the party at 1/2 after 7. Played a couple of games at Croquet with M. Greenshields at first, and then sallied up stairs to play some Euchre and listen to music.

Supper was served at 11 o-clock after which they moved the stove, writing desk and ready-made clothing table in the shop and soon were engaged in the '{mary dance?}' to the music of a melodeon, as they had not engaged a violin player not expecting to dance. William and I left about 1/2 after 1 A.M. The rest of the party broke up about three o-clock. There were about forty person's present. Enjoyed myself very well.

Wednesday 17

Got up at fifteen minutes after six. Went to school as usual at nine o-clock; but began to feel a little drowsy towards the latter part of the afternoon. Went over to the Canada House at noon and played a couple of games at euchre with Miss Parkes, who beat me 2 out of 3. There is to be a surprise party at 'Swans' this evening. None of the family attending.

Thursday 18.

Went to school. Mrs Yeomans (LHY's mother) and Lizzie were down spending the afternoon with mamma; also young Sidney Clarence who has grown to be a "splendid looking young man" and can walk very well.

Friday 19

Very stormy morning. Went to school, there was not many there on account of the snow which is drifting pretty high in some

places. Went to B. Class in the evening but after waiting till a quarter to seven Willie came down to tell us that there would not be any as Mr Forster - (who was down to Arthur village for Mr Thomson of Elora who was to assist him in the services of the evening) - was rather tired to attend, not having got home till after four o-clock. Mr Thompson gave a very good sermon.

Saturday 20.

Was cutting scraps out of newspapers for a scrap book I intend to start shortly. Jinnie (T.G's eldest child) was down to spend the afternoon with Susan. Freezing all day.

Sunday 21

Spent the forenoon in reading. Went to S. School and to Church afternoon. Mr F. delivered a very fine discourse from Mark 8,34.

Monday 22.

Got up at six of the clock; learned my geometry lesson for the afternoon's lesson. When I went up to the C. House on my way to school this morning Minnie apprised me by telling me that we were to be surprised this evening by a party who wished to have a "night's fun". So we might expect a houseful of people; for whenever there is anything of the

kind going on, they (the people of Mt Ft) like to come down to the 'White Frame Mansion' the kitchen being large and roomy for a dance (it {the word "dancing" added in brackets above} being the chief amusement of the season) and the other rooms corresponding. Well! at the appointed time the parties came along in pretty good force every one with his basket or her basket. The soon dispersed themselves to the

various modes of enjoyment prepared by themselves, such as Dancing, Euchre, Croquet, Grab, Music {two sets of two repeated characters &c &c meaning etc etc?} At about three o-clock A.M. they departed for home evidently very well pleased with the 'nights fun'. On counting them up afterwards we numbered about fifty couple who were present. I enjoyed myself very well.

Tuesday 23rd

Got up at seven o-clock but felt rather heavy after the night's carousal. Went to school. Robert, Minnie and Priscilla came down afternoon to play a couple of games at Euchre.

Wednesday 24th

Very cold morning. Went to school. I have been writing my name upon my school books just now (8.P.M.) Harry is writing a letter. Susan is practising her music lesson.

Thursday 25.

Pretty cold day. Harry gave us a ride up to school. (like any gentleman would.) Mr Garland started a Physiology class in the school to-day. "Hooker's first Lessons" is the title of the Book.

Friday 26.

Another cold day. Susan did not like the idea of going to school so she slept till it was too late. Went up to B. Class at six but found there was not to be any during the Lenten Season as Mr

Forster - having arranged with the neighbouring missionaries to preach for and assist him in the Friday-evening services - cannot attend to the class. Mr. Nesbit of Rothsay was the preacher who assisted Mr F. this evening.

Saturday 27th

There is now as much, if not more snow on the ground than there was before the great thaw which gave us them couple of weeks good skating. Rough, cold day.

Sabbath -28-

Went to Church at eleven; to SSchool at half past two and to hear Mr Murray (minister of the Old Kirk of Scotland) at half after six. The service in the morning was beautiful and the sermon impressive.

Monday 1st March.

To school as usual. Went up to the village at 1/2 after 7 to hear a debate between the Young Men's Literary Association and the Temperance Society. Subject - War V.S. Whiskey.


The Literary society were the victors; their subject being 'war'.

Tuesday March 2nd

Nothing. {written in large letters}

Wednesday 3rd

Oh what a beautiful Sugar-making-like morning! Ugh! I did'nt feel like sitting in the school all day - nevertheless I did it. The snow was good for snowballing so I went in for that. Went over to the C. House at noon, and played a couple of games at Euchre with P.J.P.

Thursday 4th

It is a true saying - that this a changeable country; yesterday was a beautiful day; this morning was awful cold. While we were at breakfast one of us happened to look out and we saw a heavy smoke up in the village but thought it issued out of the foundry, but when up in the village on our way to school we saw a

multitude of people before Colcleugh's drug store which was almost burned to the ground. The fire was caused by the stovepipes. Mt Forest buildings are principally wood and some of them are in close proximity, so that they will be apt to be burned except more brick or stone buildings are put among them. There are no Fire-engines in the village.

Friday March 5th

Another cold day. Rev Mr Cooper of Fergus who was expected to be present at the service this evening was detained by sickness so Mr Forster gave us an excellent discourse from Love not the world nor the things of the world 1st John 2nd,15.

Saturday 6th

Very stormy day. Father is just now in bed with a pain in his stomach - 1/2 past 4 P.M 'An unusual occurrence'.

Monday March

Sunday March 7

Robert, Minnie, Priscilla, John Gibson, Robert Clarke, and Alfred Nash (a young boy whom Minnie is adopting, his father having left a family of seven or eight of them down at Homer.) were down spending the afternoon with us. We - Alf, Susan and I - went to S.School as usual at half past two. The school being pretty large now and their being a lack of teachers

just now I offered my humble self to teach a small class of the minor scholar so Alf who had a class of about a dozen or more kindly gave me half a dozen to begin with. I must try and learn the characters of my young pupils so that I may know how to treat them - May the Giver of all Good teach me to attend to my duty as a teacher should. Went to Church in the evening. Rather a cold day

Monday 8th

Had a splendid breakfast of buck-wheat pancakes - Essian (the hired girl) being a good hand to make them. Went to school at the usual hour. Very nice day.

Tuesday 9th

Beautiful morning. Had good fun snowballing at school. Mamma has been out visiting among the neighbours this afternoon, Mrs Spears and Mrs Nightingale.

Wednesday 10

Oh! so changeable! the snow blowing and drifting enough to blind a person, while coming from school I was nearly blown away the wind was so strong. Yesterday the roads were sloppy the sun was so strong.

Thursday 11

Mamma and Papa went up 'to tea' to Mrs Yeomans. William, Harry, and Alf to a surprise party. so G. Clarke, Susan, Essian, Duke and I are alone. Am studying the 26th proposition of Geometry for to-morrow.

Friday 12th

Harry drove us up to school, the morning being pretty cold. Went to church in the evening; the Reverend Mr Evans of Durham village being present He delivered a very good sermon.

Saturday 13th

Took a dose of salts in the morning but it did not operate very well. I don't care about Physic{last letter obscured} in general, but thought it would not do me any harm - no more did it.

Sunday 14th

Stormy! Stormy! Oh! so stormy! - in fact the stormiest day we've had this year. Tom Clarke came out from Clifford last evening. He came to Church with us this morning. There was not a very large congregation present. After Church the teachers of the S.S. agreed not to hold any school as it would be too stormy for the children to attend. Mr Forster started to go

down to his missions in North Arthur and Arthur village but could not drive through as the drifts in the road would not permit the horse to get along.

Monday 15th

The Maitland Hill had to be shovelled out this morning after the severe storm of yesterday.

Tuesday 16th

Got the lone of a book from W.R.C. Forster Title "Swiss Family Robinson"

Wednesday 17

St Patrick's day; also the Fair day. Warm sun shining all day. R.C. Concert was held this evening.

Thursday 18

Harry, Alfred and Miss P.J.P. started away this morning. Harry and Alf are going to spend a couple of days in Puslinch at an acquaintance's' of theirs - Mr Leslie and Sam, who having finished his course in

the Commercial College last week, and has been down on a visit to Homer will come up on the train to there and they will fetch him home. Priscilla is going home. Very nice day.

Friday 19th

Went to the C. House at noon to cover a book, also played a couple of games at checkers with Cousin Charlie who is now attending our school and boards there 'at the C. House'. Went to Church in

the evening. The Reverend Mr Cooper of Fergus - who was to have been here a couple of weeks ago, at the evening service, but was detained on account of sickness - officiated. There was not a very large congregation.

Sunday 21st

Went to SSchool afternoon. My class got along very well. "Behold the man" was the subject of this evening's text from which Mr F delivered an excellent discourse.

Thursday 23

When I awoke this morning the first thing I heard was Sam's voice, who came last night about 12 P.M. on the night stage On the 18th {ult?} I noted that Alf & Harry had went down to Puslinch to meet Sam there, but he (Sam) having changed his mind took a trip over to Rochester to see the Miss Alleyns, so they came home without him, and he had to come on the stage.

In the afternoon some of us scholars got up a petition to the Trustees of the school asking for a couple of holidays after Easter; they granted them, so we will have no school next Monday nor Tuesday.

Friday 26th

Was busy making spills for the trees all day as we intend to make a little molasses. Went to Church in the evening. Mr F delivered an excellent

discourse suited to this holy season of the year. His text was taken from the 16th Chapter and 30th Verse of the book of Judges.

Sunday 28

Went to morning service and staid in for the Holy Communion. There was about 40 communicants. "Teach me to know thy way aright oh my God!" Attended my Class afternoon, there are some smart boys in the Class. It has been a very

nice day. Lizzie and all the folks from her house were down to dinner and tea. Snow going fast.

Monday 29

Bob Clarke (who intends helping us at the Sugar making this spring) and William went up in the forenoon and tapped 50 trees but it has not been a good day as it was raining a little.

Thursday 30

Still raining. No sugar making. Freezing in the evening.

Wednesday 31

Snowed about half an inch last evening. no sap running to-day Went to school. Fetched my books home as I don't expect to go till after sugar- making. I have attended very regularly since the school began at New Years with the exception of one week that I had a bad cold.

Thursday 1st April

April 1st 1869

Did not play any pranks nor was not played upon even though it was "All Fools Day". Went up to the sugar-bush and got about two sugar-kettles full of sap which ran on Monday but there has not any run since. We were surprised in the evening by a party of "Young Mt Forest" coming down to have some fun. 5 of the Williams' 3 Porters Rob Dunbar & W Davidson

W.R.C.F. & Gussie were all who were present. We played Croquet, Carpet Balls, and a splendid game of Forfeits. Broke up at at 12 P.M.

Saturday 3, April

Went to Church yesterday evening. It snowed about two inches and has been stormy all day. Very cold for April. No sap. In the afternoon I read "Gay Life in New York" A romance By De Witt

Sunday 4

Freezing, stormy, snowy - queer kind of weather for April. It has been as cold as a day in mid-winter. Attended S.School. Went to Church in the evening when Mr F. delivered an excellent address on the subject of pew-renting which was abolished at the Vestry Meeting held last week. The seats are from henceforth free to all - poor and rich.

Wednesday 7th

Very nice morning but turned cold in the afternoon; No sugar making; has been the general tenor of the past couple of days.

Maggie G-- departed for home to day (Monday)

Friday 9

B. Clarke and I went up to chop wood after noon. The B. Class started this evening again as Mr Forster had not time to teach it during Lent.

Sunday 11th

Got up at 6 o-clock. Went to Church A.M. and SSchool P.M. Gave my Class a Calvery Catechism apiece to-day. W.R.C.F came down after S.S. Very nice spring-like day - sap was running.

Tuesday 13th

The trees let their sweetness flow forth from the incisions made in them by the auger, so we got about 30 pails of the precious fluid.

Thursday 15th

The sun shone forth very bright and its rays caused the sap to flow very plentifully. About 3 o-clock I was astonished at seeing a large party of the gentry of the village marching along through the bush coming to help us dispose of some of our "taffy" The party was composed of Mr Murray, Mr Kenedy, L.H.Y, & T.G with their ladies, J McLaren

Charlotte Whelpley Mrs Dr Yeomans. After they had made a little taffy they began to feel a little cold in the lower extremities so they moved their quarters down to the house and fetched a couple of gallons of molasses down to their fire and there they helped themselves freely. Miss Reid and Miss Welton came down about seven with Alf and George Clarke. Played Euchre & Croquet till 1/2 past 10

Friday 16

William made some sugar afternoon but it got a little burned. I could not get to B. Class as I had to help him and did not get down from the bush till after 9.

Sunday 17th

Went to S.School and to Church. Rather a dull day day but the snow is nearly all gone the rain of Friday night having acted very effectually upon it.

Monday 19

Rained during the night so there was a good deal of water among the sap; but we gathered it and I stayed boiling until dark. When I got down home I beheld Mrs Colcleuch, Mrs R. Smith, Miss Bell, Miss Naismith, Miss Watt, J.C. Wilkes, J. Kenedy (lower) Dr Bryson standing around the table "digging" into taffy like good fellows. We had some good fun afterwards.

Wednesday 21

Very cold, windy together with a slight hail: all the snow is now gone, and the grass and other plants are beginning to show their much wanted heads for the farmers are 'awful' hard up for fodder; we have not had straw for over a month and there is not as much hay as will feed the horses during the spring crop work. Several of the farmers in the vicinty of Mt Forest have

lost as many as 6 and one has lost 8 head of cattle; we lost only one. This afternoon the dam up at Yeomans' broke away carrying with it all the saw logs, and the centre butment of the bridge. Martins bridge and dam is also away - loss about $1,000. The snow melted away very fast on Tuesday so that the rivers filled up very fast. {"quickly" written under "fast"}

Thursday 22

Went up in the A.M. and made some molasses out of Monday's run; it was slightly burnt. P.M. Taffy parties seem to be the order of the day Misses Whelpley, Welton, Reid, Knox, Ryan, Wylie, McLaren, Coyne, Honeycomb, Mrs Reid and Messers Ryan Coyne, McLaren, Gibson, G. Clarke, Alf, Sam, Harry and R Clark came up to the bush, and we had a gay time I tell you. After tea played Carpet Ball Euchre Checkers, &c &c

Friday 23

We gathered 36 pails of sap to day; as the sun was out pretty bright and as it froze last night it ran very well. Ploughing was started today as the snow is all off the ground and the frost pretty well out of it; the crops were about in the ground by this time last year. Went up to B. Class and stayed in for service.

Sunday 25

Very nice, bright day. Went to Church in the morning: to SSchool P.M. Afterwards took a stroll with Alf and Sam to Martins to see the damage inflicted by the water. There is a black (I am just after telling Papa to get on his "stovepipe" and "black kids" therefore the mistake "black)" He is going over to see Mr Muir with mamma) break in the dam of about 30 ft caused by the rush of water. All the boys are to Mr Murray's church.

Monday 26

Went to the sugar bush to boil Saturdays run (which I had in a barrel) and to-day's. we only got about 8 pail-fulls to-day. This will be the last day I expect as it is so late in the season and the sun comes out too warm.

Tuesday 27

Working around in the garden to-day. Rained in the afternoon. Caused the grass to grow which is much needed.

Friday 30th

Very nice day. Went up town forenoon to get some irons belonging to the cultivator fixed. Was digging in the garden afternoon. Went to B. Class in the evening.


Saturday 1st May

Began to spit rain about ten o-clock which turned to snow about noon and soon the ground was clothed with a mantle of white. Mrs Haynes and daughter were here to spend the day. They are Irish ladies and gentlemen well educated. Read the story in the 'Telegraph' Oscar Bertrand. A foolish, mind-exciting nothing-teaching story like the rest of those common novels

Sunday 2nd May

Father and Mother went up to LHY's to dinner. We went to SSchool afternoon. I did not attend Church as I had to mind house and let the rest of the folks go. Rather a cold day with a few flakes of snow towards evening.

Monday 3rd

Began to work at the to day. I planted onions and dug some of the flower garden.


Wednesday {5 or 6}

Bought a Crosse as the game of La Crosse is going to be started in town. Sowed Rhubarb, Spinach, Cress or Pepper grass, Sage, Radish, Beans, Salsify or Vegetable Oyster &c &c

Friday {6 or 7}

Susan had a woman down teaching her how to "cut out" today. Went to B. Class. Some parties playing La Crosse in the evening.

Saturday 8

William and R. Clark planted out about 75 apple trees to-day. The Orchard now extends down to the garden fence. I planted all the flower-roots on my part of the flower bed and sowed a few flower seeds

Sunday 9

Very nice day. Attended Morning Service. Deviecer Tnemercas {latin?} Taught my class P.M. Robert Minnie and Miss Bell came down to tea.

Tuesday 11th

Was up to Mr Forster's last evening as it was W.R.C.F's 17th birthday. Played a couple of games at Croquet &c &c. Sowed some 'six week peas' and dug among the rhubarb. Rain is wanted badly; thought we were going to have some this evening but it cleared up.

Wednesday 12

Helping to put on the carpets and curtains after Yester's whitewashing. Raking the ground out in the paddock for next season's Croquet.

Friday 14

Finished cleaning house to day; also the flower garden. Attended B. Class. Rained in the evening.

Saturday 15

Duncan and I went up to the Tannery A.M. and fetched a couple of loads of tan bark for the garden walks. P.M. I helped T.G. to fetch a couple of loads for his garden. Very cold day.

Sunday 16th

Pretty cold day with a drizzling rain towards evening. S.School P.M. ditto Church. Heard an excellent Pentecostal sermon.

Tuesday 17

Went down to the Mrs Howard farm and did the first day's work (Harrowing) on the farm this year. I worked in the garden principally. Cousin Charlie & Allie or Alpha (his wife) came up on a visit from Homer today.

Wednesday 19

Cutting potatoes for seed forenoon. Harrowing barley P.M. Very cold day and the weather has been cold for some time. Wore gloves yesterday and today. Planted a few potatoes for the first time.

Friday 21st

Began to plant the potatoes to day up at the bush in a place that we cleared this spring. Attended B. Class.

Saturday 22

Susan's fifteenth year in this world was completed to-day. She commemorated it by going to fish in the afternoon. Intended to have a party but circumstances would'nt permit. Father and I planted two bags of potatoes P.M. Royal Canadian Bank has failed. Mamma has 17 dollars in its bills.

Sunday 23rd

Beautiful day. Charlie and Alpha came to Church with us this morning. Three of my class were absent to day, W. Riley, E. Woods, & H.C. Welton - cause unknown Robbert, Minnie, T.G. & J.C. Wilkes were down to tea, after which Alf and I took a walk down to Martin's and on looking over the sheep on my return I found one of the best lambs mutilated around the throat by dogs, I think.

Monday May 24th

Is the queens 50 Birthday and if we don't get a holiday we'll all run away! The scholars cry. Went up in the morning at 8 A.M. and played a game at cricket. The married V.S. the single - The married came off victorious as we only we played one innings apiece. or We might have gained our laurels if we had had time to play the second. Had dinner at

Robert's after which I went down to see the games &c &c At 5 P.M. the Lacrosse Club - of which I'm a member but this was my first game - assembled on the Market Square and had a few very exciting games. I felt pretty tired after it was over as it is a very warm game.

Friday 28th

Hoeing potatoes A.M. began to rain at 10 A.M. Attended B. Class. Continued raining all day.

Sunday 30th

T. Clarke came on a visit from clifford last night: will remain till Wednesday. Began to rain about 1 o.clock and continued so steady we hardly thought we could get there to S. School; however it cleared about 3 and was in good time. L.HY, wife and child. T. G. Wife and two children. Robt Clarke and Wife were here afternoon. 26 persons took tea. Attended Church.

Monday 31st

Gathered the shills from the trees in the bush forenoon; mosquito provokingly bad. At 7 o. clock the La Crosse Club assembled on the Grounds and 'A Very hard' game was played between the members of the North side and those of the South side of the town. Resulted in favour of the north


Tuesday & Wednesday 1st and 2nd June /69. Finished our potatoes on the 1st. Washed the the sheep on the 2nd. Bob Clarke and I fetched them out of Martin's stable and Duncan washed them. Fitted our Living in the barn and Miss Whelpley Gus and Kor. Miſs Knox, Miſs Godfrey, Ryan & Helton J. Gibson were so good (!) as to patronize it this Evening (2nd) and are up in the barn now - Gilb. P.M.

Friday 4th

Rb. Clarke Sheared the sheep. I tarred, & marked the {hand drawn sheep} and folded the fleeces. Went up to the Church found the door locked, asked a fellow scholar if there would be any B. C.{Bible Class}She did'nt think so. Mr. Forster being sick with Diptheria. Rained hard P.M.

Sunday 5

Mr. Fr recovered from sickness; preached an excellent sermon. Attended S. School. Mr. Jones (of Homer) down to dinner.


Wednesday 9th June

Was roused from my slumber by hearing "The Stage is coming" and was up just in time to bid George Clarke "Good bye". He is going down to Florida to see Sid and will be likely to stay there if the climate suits him. Robert (his brother) is also going as far as New York, there to seek employment as business is dull here at present. Drove the sheep down to "Sandy's" after breakfast.

Friday 11th

Removing and piling the wood in the yard afternoon. Went up at 6 o-clock but learned that there was not to be any B. C. this evening nor for the rest of the summer as the class is rather small. W. R. C. F. (about whom I forgot to mention before has went down to Weston to practice farming ere he goes on "his own". Received a letter from him on the 8th. Ult.) and F. Porter not

being able to attend. We played a game of Lacrosse -The North V.S. the South end- South end victorious.

Sunday 13th

Got up at 5:30, Had a "general wash", and read a chapter in "Lectures on the Bible" before I broke the fast. Rained steady from 2 to 4 P.M. so that we did not attend S. School. We should not have neglected it, but I do not think there would be any one present. Went to Church: 6:30.

Monday 14

The spring's work being through I started to School to day. It felt rather tiresome in school. Charlie & Alpha went out to see the Clifford folks. There was a heavy shower in the evening. Wrote a letter of 8 (eight) pages to W. R. C. F. He is with Mr Scarlett in Weston.

Sunday 20th

Attended Church and S. School. Miss Bell, Sefton and Robert down to tea. Cold rain in the Evening. Fire in fireplace.

Sunday 27th

There was no Church held today, Mr Forster being away to Owen Sound. Had a full attendance at S. School. Raining steady all day.

Tuesday 29

The half-yearly examination of the Central School took place A.M. I got along very creditably considering I only went two weeks out of the last quarter. We were questioned in English and Canadian History, Geometry, Mensuration, Geography + Physiology.

Wednesday 30

Started to give the potatoes the second hoeing to day. Went to the bathinghouse in the Evening.


Thursday July 1st

Celebrated it 1st by going up town and getting shipped at a game of cricket which was played between the "Hemlock Knots" and Flying Devils; the latter coming off victorious. 2nd By coming home and getting my dinner. 3rd Went up to Uncle Thomas' grove where there was select picnic held. John, William, Thomas, and Miss Martin, Misses Robinson, Jamieson, Hall, Goyne, and Naismith came

down in our load. The people seemed to enjoy themselves very well. The Free-masons laid the cornerstone of the new School House. Very nice cool day. Received a letter from G.H. Clarke; he is now in Florida with Sid.

Sunday 4th July

Attended morning service. {"Deviecer Noinummoc"} my pupils recited very well in S. School. are getting along well. Robert was down to tea.

Saturday 10th

A Cricket Match was played between the cricketers of Listowell and Mt Forest to day, on the ground of the latter. It resulted in favour of Mt Forest by 79 runs. Mt F took the bat first and made 66 runs first inning. 7.1. 2nd List 1 32 1st inning 26 2nd We finished the 2nd hoeing of the potatoes today.

Sunday 11th

A very heavy storm attacked this past of the country during last night uprooting trees,

blowing down fences, breaking limbs and otherwise damaging fruit trees. We escaped quite safe with the exception of a few limbs off the trees. Attended S. School, but not Church as I had to mind house.

Tuesday 13

As the potatoes were finished I started to school. Will continue till haying. Harry (who has been down to Guelph with a load of volunteers) fetched Aunt Sally up with him this Evening

Sunday 16

Attended Morning service; felt rather sleepy owing to the oppressive heat of the sun. Father mother and Aunt Sally went to dine with S.H.Y. A large attendance at S. School to day.

Friday 23rd

Thinning turnips forenoon. Started for Listowell at half past two P.M. The Cricketers going to play the return game. I went as scorer. Alf, Sam &. I went in our buggy, with the bay team.

Saturday 24

Arose from the arms of Morpheus at 5:30 A.M. and took a walk around the village of Listowell with G. Dickson who went out as a spectator. There are some very fine residences for private business men, but the public buildings don't come up to those of Mt. Ft. Had breakfast at 8.30 and then went over to the ground, which was not in a very good condition

for playing owing to the recent heavy rains. They pitched wickets at 10.30, Listowell going to the bat. They scored up to 47. Mt Ft then took the willow (or it may be basswood) and their last wicket fell as the 47th run was scored. So both partes came out ties and it took the same number of overs to put each out viz: 23. After lunch they began again when Listo ran up to 72. Mt Ft then went in but their

wickets fell at a fearful rate so that on the last stump being felled they were 44 runs behind We then went over to the Hotel expecting dinner would be ready but our Landlord being of the Dutchy kind and a slow one at that delayed us till it was too late to start for home so we had to put up for the 2nd night. We would have have travelled it, but part of the road was dreadfuly bad.

Sunday 25th

Started from Listo{letter "l" in superscript, a short form for Listowel} at 5.30 A.M. not waiting for breakfast. Arrived at Harriston at 8.15 and watered the horses. All of the party waited for breakfast there except S. Dunbar J. King and our rig. Arrived at home 10.30 when we took breakfast. The rest of the party arrived at 12 A.M. Attended S.School but not Church as I stayed at home to mind house.

Monday 26th

Wrote a letter to W.R.C. Forster, Thistletown Ontario in the evening. The "Townsend Family" - threatrical performers - are performing this evening.

Tuesday 27

Aunt Sally, Mamma, and William started for Rockwood this morning Attended the performance of the "Townsend Family. The play was "Pizzaro" conquering Peru after which "The Romp" was given. Very fine actors.


Sunday 1st

Beautiful day. Alfred got up and prepared breakfast this morning as Susan wished to take a morning nap and we have no hired girl. Mamma has not returned from Rockwood yet. Attended morning service, also S.School. Read a 'Story' for to day out of "Stories for every Sunday in the Year"; also a sermon from "Graver thoughts of a Country Parson."

Thursday 5

A sad accident occured to Aleck Lamont this morning. It appears he was working with a turning lathe up on "Swans Works" when some of the machinery gave way and the piece of wood which he was turning struck him on the lower part of the abdomen bruising him frightfuly. He was carried Seargeant Smith's hotel and Dr Bryson was called upon to attend him. He was a little better this evening.

Friday 6.

Finished pulling the currants and cherries today went up to see A Lamont after tea. He declined rapidly about four o-clock and afterwards till he breathed his last about 6.15 P.M. He was the first person that I ever saw dying. I was in the room about fifteen minutes before he died. How soon! Oh Lord! how soon Thou tookest that lamb to thy bosom. We all do fade as a leaf.

Saturday 7

Went down to the Mattice Farm to work at the hay. Sam and J Gibson came down to help us afternoon as business was dull. Mrs McDonald (Pricefille) Yeomans and Ghenet Miss Booth, Odessa, Whelpley and some Gents were down to tea and play croquet.

Sunday 8

Attended S.School and evening service. JR. Bowie and wife Robert and Wife Thos Bowie & Charles Burden were here to tea

Friday 13th

Weaned the lambs by Driving them down to the farm and leaving them there. A good plan eh! Mrs Samuel Wallace while driving out in the country with her husband 'fell in' or rather out with an accident. On going over a rough piece of ground the axletree broke and the wheel came off throwing her out on the ground and hurting her back. She was carried to our place in our the buggy

Sunday 15

Attended morning service after which Horatio, F.W., & Ella came down to see Mrs Wallace who is still at our place being unable to move home. They stayed for dinner. Attended S.School Annual pic-nic to be held next Friday 21 inst. Chilly day.

Friday 20th

Raking hay after the waggon at Sandy's A.M. P.M. Drove Miss Wallace over to the pic-nic grounds. Then brought the horse

over to Yeomans shed and just got in when a very heavy shower came on, but cleared off in about 30 minutes. I helped Mr Jelly (who had also taken shelter) over with his basket and when we arrived the children were being served. After tea all parties went to play at Croquet, Carpet balls, Swinging &c,&c At about 5 P.M. we got up a crowd to come over to the barn to have a swing &c.etc. We got up the croquet-board and Sam and Miss Read play-

ed Miss C Jones and I. We played a very close game but they beat us by one hoop. We then play Grab, Poets cards, Old maid, Euchre &c, - Dispersed at ten P.M. well pleased with the Evening's entertainment. The pic-nic being damaged by the rain did not amount to much.

Sunday 22

Attended S. School and Evening service. By the bye this is my 18th birthday. It passed very quietly. My weight is 108 (one hundred and eight) pound. We eight

5 feet 2 1/2 inches. Circumference of head 21 3/4 inches. Am still living at home on the farm. I imagine my school days are over, but I may be wrong.

Tuesday 24th

"Circus day" and what a crowd the word "Circus" brings. I drove Miss Wallace Louisia Temple (Fergus) and Susan up to see the procession which passed through about 12 o-clock but it did not amount to much. I did not intend to go till about ten minutes before

the time but changed my mind as they had a bufallo which I wanted to see. Miss Wallace Louisa Susan William Harry and I went in the Evening. The acting was very fine.

Wednesday 25th

Mrs Wallace departed for home today. Wrote to W.R.G.F. Being up in the village P.M. I went in to the barber shop and got my hair cut. The barber said I ought to be shaved too. Alright; says I, shave ahead. So I got the first shave in my life on the 25th August 1869.

Sunday 29

Attended morning service and S. School. LHY and Lizzie with F.G. were down to tea. Rather a chilly day. F


Saturday 4th

Alf and Robert started for Ayton at 5 (five) o-clock this morning to take stock of a lot of bankrupt goods which they bought by tender for .63 (sixty three) cents on the dollar. The stock is worth $5,000 (five thousand) dollars. Was pulling flax all day. Threathening rain in the Evening we worked at the barley till ten P.M. which we finished all but about 10 or 15 shocks

Sunday 5th

Attended S. School and Evening service. There was a large congregation in the Church. The Misses Temple from Fergus came up in the Evening for Louesia. They attended church.

Monday 6

Drove up to Mt. Ft before 6 (six) o-clock to drive Robert out to Ayton. Mrs Ges Naismith came out with us also. We posted some bills along the way. The country around that village

is rather hilly. There is a good mill and a few other good houses in it. The bankrupt stock is a very good one. I cleared out and washed a window in the shop. Started from there at 4 (four) and got out before 7 (seven). It is 14 (fourteen) miles from Mt Ft

Wednesday 8

Was to start out to Ayton in the morning but the horses could' nt be found then. Started at 3 P.M. fetching a bed, stove &c. Rained about dark as I was going in to Ayton

Thursday 9th

Had a comfortable bed in the hotel last night. Got up about 5.30. and attended to "Dick & Doll" Went up to the shop where Alf & Robert were loading some fall wheat for me to take to Mt. Ft. After breakfast (9 A.M.) we (Dick, Doll, & I) started and came along very merrily till "the Sand hill" refused to let us pass without trouble, and let a couple of the wheels down so far, 'we' could not draw it out, so I

leaving the horses standing there went in search of help and got it in the shape of a yoke of oxen and a boy named murphy. With the help of the oxen we got up quite easy. As I would not require the whip with which I was driving anymore, I gave it to the boy for his services. Arrived in Mt F about 3.30 P.M. All O.K.

Saturday 11

Robert drove Minnie and Miss Bell out to see Ayton to day so I had to go up and assist J Gibson in the shop. Got along very well.

Sunday 12

Attended Divine Service in St Pauls Church Mt Forest at 11 (eleven) A.M. Mr F- delivered a very fine sermon from Phillpians 3rd Chapter, and 20th, ch 21st verses. When we came home from church we found Alf had arrived from Ayton. William remained there to mind the shop at 1.30 J. Clarke & Mr Watson from clifford arrived. Tom came to see his brother John who arrived here last Thurday (the 10 ult). Attended S. School at 2.30 P.M.

13th & 14

Monday & Tuesday

Started the wheat. I drove the machine. (Reaping) Cutting back of "wrights," J. Clarke helping father to stook the wheat.

Sunday 19th

Attended S. School and Evening service. William out from Ayton; walked part of the way and Sam drove him the rest of the way.

== Saturday ==


Saturday 9th

I now resume the pen after a silence of nearly 3 weeks; but circumstances bade it be so. On Monday 20th Ult. Alf and I went out to Ayton. He Alfred had been out to spend the Sabbath with us. I went to let William out to for build the fence on the north side of the Orchard. I expected to get out on the 2nd ult. but the team did not come out, so I had

to spend the Sabbath in the renowned town of Ayton. We (Alf and I) had a walk before and after dinner. The dinner we took in our own Sanctum Sanctorum as our landlady never had dinner on this day but had tea a 4 P.M. and then a glass of cider (home made) at 6 P.M. On Friday the 8th Clifford held its annual exhibition. Father as a Judge. Harry Susan & J Clarke as spectators attended it, after whee {cut off here}

they drove to Ayton next day and I went home with them. They finished the harvest about the 8th ult almost a month later than last year.

Sunday 10th

Attended morning service. In Mr F's address he startled us by statting that he was going to leave this mission for one up in Nottawasaga He gave very good reasons for going; stating as one that this being an old

mission and one that was in a prosperous state, that there would be little trouble in getting his place filled (we are doubtful of that) and this back mission having been forsaken by several other pastors who did not take sufficient interest in or thought the work too severe and he (Mr F) having all his little wordly posssesion up there he thought it his duty for his God and his children to go there. After his address which

filled the minds of the congregation- who loved him with scarcely an exception- as a father- with sad thoughts mixed with thoughts of resignation had ministered the Holy Communion to those who felt inclined to partake. W. Forster & I knelt side by side. He (William) is to depart for Toronto on Tuesday morning to learn the farming business. Who knows when we'll meet again?

Thursday 21

The Mt Forest annual Exhibition was held today. J. Clarke and I drove 6 sheep up to the show; 2 of which took prizes. Sam and I took dinner at the Church Bayar We took 18 prizes, 10 first and 8 second ones. There was a social held in the Bayar Room (Spences old store) in the Evening. Did not attend. Had to mind house. Drove up in the Evening for Hannah who came from Homer yesterday.

Sunday 24th

Alf and I were all that attended S. School. Sam had a sore finger. Susan had to mind house as Mamma and Hannah with her children were to dinner at L. HY's. Alf came out from Ayton last Evening. Robert, Minnie, Misses Lourell, Bell, and Parker and Enoch Winkler were down to tea. Miss L- carrying on a flirtation with Harry. Very cold day. 2 inches of snow on the ground.


Tuesday 9th

Arrived from Ayton today after a stay of about two weeks. Started from there at 10 A.M arrived in Mt Forest at 2.15 P.M. Have been out attending in the store in place of William who was working around home. Was welcomed home as though I was away half a lifetime. Was glad to see the folks, it is so lonesome in Ayton. All the potatoes are not out yet. Had only 3 days of fine weather in the two weeks. Harry is

away on a visit to St Catherines, Rochester, and other places just now. Went from here the same day that I went to Ayton, viz: the 27th ult.

Wednesday 24th

Came from Ayton to-day. Have been there since last Thursday the 18th ult. William came in to attend a Mason Meeting. I must record some of the events which have passed since the 9th ult. not having written since

that date. On Tuesday the 16th - I - as it were left the parental roof for a short period and took up my post as a clerk for the Canada House but have only attended in the Mt Forest Branch of it two days having been out in Ayton since. My intentions at the present time are - To go to an Academy for the winter or say after Christmas; provided that I may have a situation in LHY woman's Drug Store after my return from

the Academy. At the expiration of Sam's apprenticeship at LHY's (which will be at the beginning of the summer he intends going to get as situation in Florida - where Sid says there is a good opening - or some other place where he can learn more than by staying in the old place. I will get pa-pa to ask LHY next week if the proposition will suit viz : my taking Sam's place when his term has expired

If it suits why I will stay at the Canada House till Christmas or New Year and then go to the Academy which will be the last schooling I will get - I expect. 7.30. P.M. I am just after looking up my phrenological chart, which was given by A. Hgarty in the March of 1862. On the fly- leaf is written Resembles his mother. Has too large a brain and should be restrained. Is best adapted for

Literary occupation A teacher or Preacher Superior moral and reflective talents - But wants continual exercise. Now if I was to follow the teachings of Phrenology - a science, by the way, in which there is something, although I have not studdied it much. - I would be a Preacher or Teacher either of which I would like well enough, but don't think I am sufficiently

qualified either in moral or practical sense; nor is such a miserable worm of my kind fit for such a high and holy office office as the first mentioned. As to the latter I would prefer being a Druggist if such may ever be the case. {Finis} Harry came home on Saturday last the 19ult I have not seen him yet as he with a number of other ladies and gents went to Clifford to-day.

Titles of Books.

'Bishop Wilson's {Sacra Privata}.'


Names and address of each of my correspondents

Miss Alleyn's No 64, Lake Avenue. Rochester New York.

Sidney W. Smith. Lake City, Columbia Florida

Samuel H. Smith Toronto {Student B.A.C.C.} Ont.

Mrs. Hannah Cole Homer Ont.

Received a letter from Sam Feby 13th Father received a letter from Sam on the 16th He answered it on the 17th Feby and I also wrote a small note. Received a note in father's from Sam on the 9th March. Will not need to answer it as he will be home soon One from Sid March 3rd . W.R.G.Forster. Thistletown Onto

Answered it Feby 15th

Wrote a letter to Sid Feby 14th - ditto May 2nd To Miss Alleyn 16th Lost. Won't mind this any more.

Mount Forest

January 10th 1869.

At the beginning of the year I did not intend keeping a diary - thinking it was too much trouble and I am not an 'expert' at the business; yet I thought it would repay the trouble in after years in looking over it and remind me of old times; so duty gained the mastery and I came to the conclusion

to try the experiment for this year also. I did keep a kind of a one last year but it was very irregularly kept, viz:- poor writing- missing days of which I should have written &.c &c. but I beg to be excused for all blunders, blotches, mis-spelling and inattentiveness in this my diary for '69. There has not been many incidents worthy of note this year; but I suppose I may give a summary

of them:- Sam has went back to College.- Kate Hathaway has went home.- her absence is not regretted. 'T.G' was defeated at the election for reeveship; Susan having a majority of four votes. &c &c. - This is Sunday Evening; we all went up to bed Laura Yeomans - "good bye" before going back to school in Toronto. She is going to depart on the morning stage. Tom Clarke was out from Clifford to-day.

He brought some of his acquaintances along with him - Mr and Misses Watsons. they staid for dinner and tea. Went to S. School and taught a class, - the teacher being absent; and to church in the evening; there was a very large congregation there. The text was:- Why comest thou here, not having wedding garment, Luke 20th C & 12th Verse: it was a beautiful sermon.

Monday 11th January

We were sawing wood afternoon. Harry, William, Alf, Susan and I went up to skate in the evening, There was not very good skating, there being a sprinkling of snow upon it. There was about fifty persons upon the ice; and a splendid large fire gave light over the whole dam. almost. P. S. I now perceive that I started at the wrong side of the book. I will start to-morrow for the right side.

Transcription Progress

In Progress


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Albert Smith_076.pdf
Albert Smith_077.pdf
Albert Smith_078.pdf
Albert Smith_079.pdf
Albert Smith_080.pdf
Albert Smith_081.pdf
Albert Smith_082.pdf
Albert Smith_083.pdf
Albert Smith_084.pdf
Albert Smith_085.pdf
Albert Smith_086.pdf
Albert Smith_087.pdf
Albert Smith_088.pdf
Albert Smith_089.pdf
Albert Smith_090.pdf
Albert Smith_091.pdf
Albert Smith_092.pdf
Albert Smith_093.pdf
Albert Smith_094.pdf
Albert Smith_095.pdf
Albert Smith_096.pdf
Albert Smith_097.pdf
Albert Smith_098.pdf
Albert Smith_099.pdf
Albert Smith_100.pdf
Albert Smith_101.pdf
Albert Smith_102.pdf
Albert Smith_103.pdf
Albert Smith_104.pdf
Albert Smith_105.pdf
Albert Smith_106.pdf
Albert Smith_107.pdf
Albert Smith_108.pdf
Albert Smith_109.pdf
Albert Smith_110.pdf
Albert Smith_111.pdf
Albert Smith_112.pdf
Albert Smith_113.pdf
Albert Smith_114.pdf
Albert Smith_115.pdf
Albert Smith_116.pdf
Albert Smith_117.pdf
Albert Smith_118.pdf
Albert Smith_119.pdf
Albert Smith_120.pdf
Albert Smith_121.pdf
Albert Smith_122.pdf
Albert Smith_123.pdf
Albert Smith_124.pdf
Albert Smith_125.pdf
Albert Smith_126.pdf
Albert Smith_127.pdf
Albert Smith_128.pdf
Albert Smith_129.pdf
Albert Smith_130.pdf
Albert Smith_131.pdf
Albert Smith_132.pdf
Albert Smith_133.pdf
Albert Smith_134.pdf
Albert Smith_135.pdf
Albert Smith_136.pdf
Albert Smith_137.pdf
Albert Smith_138.pdf
Albert Smith_139.pdf
Albert Smith_140.pdf
Albert Smith_141.pdf
Albert Smith_142.pdf
Albert Smith_143.pdf
Albert Smith_144.pdf
Albert Smith_145.pdf
Albert Smith_146.pdf
Albert Smith_147.pdf
Albert Smith_148.pdf
Albert Smith_149.pdf
Albert Smith_150.pdf
Albert Smith_151.pdf
Albert Smith_152.pdf
Albert Smith_153.pdf
Albert Smith_154.pdf
Albert Smith_155.pdf
Albert Smith_156.pdf
Albert Smith_157.pdf
Albert Smith_158.pdf
Albert Smith_159.pdf
Albert Smith_160.pdf
Albert Smith_161.pdf
Albert Smith_162.pdf
Albert Smith_163.pdf


“Albert E. Smith Diary, 1868-1869,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed October 1, 2020,

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