Victoria (Tory) Middagh Diary, 1887


Victoria (Tory) Middagh Diary, 1887

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January 1, 1887

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Victoria (Tory) Middagh Diary Collection


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This page is a full-year calendar of 1887

Collins' Scribblind Diary for 1887 (written beside year)Torie had her 26th birthday during this year.

Victoria Jamieson's diary

married in 1891

London and Glasgow:



{printed} JANUARY 1887.


Saturday (1-364) New Year's Day. Bank Holiday in Scotland {end print}

This is a cold stormy day Frank and I are spending the day at Mr Bowers had a turkey dinner enjoyed myself very much Miss Loucks came to spend the everning Mr Payne was here for dinner

The day spring from on high hath visited us

2 Sunday (2-363) {end print}

We went to the Doninion {illegible} heard Mr. Carson preach had a very nice sermon. I must be about my Father's business

3 Monday (3-362)

It has been very stormy today the roads are very bad. we went for a drive to the City Miss Bower and I

Thou art my beloved Son

4 Tuesday (4-361)

We drove in to the City -- Frank, Ira, Sarah, and Ettie and I I had some photos taken had lots of fun while we were there got home about dark the two Miss Websters came to spend the evening had quite a pleasant time

Man shall not live by bread alone

5 Wednesday (5-360)

Went to the City again today my Photos werent good so I had them taken again we drove around through the City went to see the water works we spent a very pleasant afternoon

At thy word I will let down the net

6 Thursday (6-359)

We were at Mr Swertfagers{?} today for dinner and drove home in the afternoon it was storming most all the way. we had practice at our place that night for our missionary meeting. Mr Gilroy and sister were here and Peter Fraser and Electa Sam V and Clark Bathwill and Miss Scoville and Mr B{name obscured} Minne and Nellie are here have been here since Christmas. I got a letter from Lucy today. and one from Miss Rose

Love ye your enemies and do good

7 Friday (7-358)

It is pretty cold today Same was over to practice a little tonight

Her sins which are many are forgiven

8 Saturday (8-357)

Charles & Min went down to Winchester today and took Min and Nell home they were beginning to get homesick. Charles is going to Morrisburg Mother is writing to William today

Fear not. believe only

9 Sunday (9-356)

Went to Church today heard Mr Robertson preach he and Mr. McArthur changed pulpits Mr VanAllens and us went together. Mother is not very well tonight has cold chills

Let him deny himself and take up his cross

10 Monday (10-355)

Mother is no better today has been in bed all day has a very severe headache we were to have practice here tonight but we could'nt on account of Mother being sick I hope she will soon be better Ezra and Min {or Milton?} went down to the Grange to practice for the missionary meeting in the Presbyterian Church. Charles went down to South Morriston I have been working initials in Sam's and Ezra's caps. Mr Simser was down to pay the rent for the place he has from Lucy. I sent a letter to Bell and one to Carrie today

The harvest truly is great. but the laborers are few

11 Tuesday (11-354

This has been a very fine day almost too nice to stay in the house but it has turned out stormy tonight we went down to missionary meeting Sam and Ezra and I there was only a few there the speakers were Mr Conley and Mr Furgeson Mr Shaw was chairman

Mother is a good deal better today although not able to sit up much.

Tim Workman was working for Charles today in the woods and a limb fell down him and hurt him pretty bad cut his head and hurt his shoulder. the Musical Convention started today

How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit

12 Wednesday (12-353)

It is storming yet today but it is a great deal warmer Charles has just gone to the Office I sent for my photos Mr Ferguson and Sam Van Allen called here today. the boys began to cut ice today. sent a letter to Lucy

All these things shall be added

January 1887

13 Thursday (13-352)

It has been very cold today but Sam and I did'nt mind it much as we drove down to Alex Hyndmans for a visit Amanda Smith and here mother were here while we were gone I was very sorry that I was away. we just got home after they had started. Chalres and Ezra are cutting ice today again Ezra and Min have gone down to missionary meeting tonight in the Presbyterian Church Sam VanAllen started for Beachburg today

Strive to enter in at the strait gate

14 Friday (14-351)

This is a very stormy day has been storming all day and blowing the roads will be blocked. there was to be a concert in Kemptville to-night but i dont think any person can get there as it is so rough it seems to bad for I think it would ahve been pretty good the Convention lasted four days and was to end tonight with a concert. Jim Clark was here for dinner Sam is down to Aleck Hydmans to-day. I dont know when he will be home.

Go out into the highways and hedges

15 Saturday (15-350)

Our folk was sawing wood today Jim Clark was sawing for us they finished tonight Alick and Tibbie came up this afternoon and the children they had a hard time getting through as the roads are so bad

My Son was dead and is alive again

16 Sunday (16-349)

This is a lovely day but the roads are very bad we did'nt get out to Church in the morning but Eck{?} Christie called for us to go to the Baptist Church in the evening and Sam and I went with them but there was no preaching. this is Ezras last Sunday at home it dont seem possible Frank and Jake and Leib Christie were here today

17 Monday (17-348)

This is a very stormy day not very pleasant to be out. the boys have just gone to Kemptville to take Ezra out to the station oh how hard it was to part with him our dear brother but we part with the hope of meeting him again. my dear Mother feels so bad to have him go. it was a sad parting it was harder to part with her then all the rest. what love can be compared with a Mothers love. but I hope we will all meet here on earth again. and God grant that we will all meet in Heaven where there is no more parting, it seems good that he is not going among strangers he is going to be right with my brother Will and wife and Lucy I know they will be glad to see him.

Where are the nine?

18 Tuesday (18-347)

We went up to the The Convention started today it is such a stormy day we could'nt go. Proff[illegible} Beal is building the Convention

Suffer little children to come unto me.

19 Wednesday (19-346)

We went to the Convention this afternoon Sam and Min and Frank and I I staid up for tea and Sam came up in the evening Jake{?} got us each a ticket and Frank joined too Annie Coleman came home with us

The Son of Man is come to seek and to save

20 Thursday (20-345)

Sam and Annie Coleman and Frank and I went up to the Convention today took our lunch and did'nt come home till after evening service we had a splendid time. Annie came home with us again

Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken

21 Friday (21-344)

We went again this morning to the converntion the four of us took our lunch we have three sessions each day. I think he is a splendid teacher I dont like to miss one session I intended staying till after the concert but John McKercher{?} and his mother came up to our place and he and Charles went up to the Church in the afternoon and I came home with them and he and I went up to the concert we all had to sing that attended the Convention we got along pretty sang over twenty pieces

Until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled

22 Saturday (22-343)

John and his mother went away this afternoon. it is raining today, Charles has gone back to Kirkwoods today to an Auction

This cup is the new testament in my blood

23 Sunday (23-342)

It has been raining nearly all day but Sam and I went up to the Baptist Church the[y] had Song Service there Mr Beal was there

Father, into they hands I commend my spirit

24 Monday (24-341)

This has been a stormy day we washed today had a large washing. Mrs Van allen was over this afternoon for a visit Frank came up in the evening and Rob Beggs was here

Ought not Christ to have suffered these things

25 Tuesday (25-340)

Charles and I went to Kemptville today it was pleasant when we started but before we got far it began to storm and stormed all the way there We came home with Alick Clark

Ye shall be witnesses unto me

26 Wednesday (26-339)

This has been a very cold day but pleasant Min and I went back to Martha Smiths to a quilting bee Frank took his Mother and us back in the cutter and Charles came after us. Annie Clark and Martha and Mary Jane Brown were up here for a visit Mother had them all to herself they were gone home before we got home

He hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear

27 Thursday (27-338)

Peter Fraser was here this evening a little while

Such as I have give I thee

28 Friday (28-337)

This has been a very nice day but stormed a little in the afternoon. Mrs VanAllen and Min and I went up to Mr Blairs for a visit and Sam and I went over to Mr VanAllens in the evening

We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard

29 Saturday (29-336)

This has been a very pleasant day Sam and I went down to Alick Hyndmans I staid all night Alick and Libbie and I went down to Lucretia Hyndmans to spend the evening Mr Graham was there

Rejoicing that they were counted worthy

30 Sunday (30-335)

We went to Church to the Presbyterian Mr Cameron preached

Men of honest report full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom

31 Monday (31-334)

This has been a very nice day we washed this forenoon and I went over to Mr VanAllens to twist some yarn staid there for tea

Sam got home from Beachburg today

Lord lay not this sin to their charge

Feb 1 Tuesday (32-333)

This has been a very pleasant day. Mrs Smith and Mrs Fraser were here for dinner went over to Mr VanAllens for tea Mother went over with them the first she has been out this winter.

Aunt Cloe came here tonight Mr Camel{?} brought her from the Station we did not know her at first when Mother came home she knew her right away. Alick Hyndman is helping Charles draw logs out to Kemptville

He was led as a sheep to the slaughter

2 Wednesday (33-332) Candlemas Scotch Quarter Day.

This has been a very rough day we were dissapointed in going to Winchester there was two loads of us intended going about forty going down to the skating rink Frank was over here this afternoon to see if we were going but we will have to put it off till another day when it will be pleasanter

I am Jesus whom thou persecuted

February 1887.

3 Thursday (34-331)

This has been a very fine day nice and warm

I got a letter from Annie B[illegible}

God is no respecter of persons

4 Friday (35-330)

Went to Winchester today two loads of us there was Jim Beggs and Bob Alick Clark Will Jim Mattie Annie Mary Jane Brown Andrew Christie Lib Hattie Beach Sam and I Frank Van Allen Jacke Martha McCargar{?} John Charles and Miss Bobbie Hyndman Rob Bryne Joe Bower Minnie Carrol Carrie Carnel Esther Hyndman Jennie Dougall Clark Balkwill Lizzie Ag[illegible} Mr Barrington Jennie Black Cassie Miss Justice. we all had our tea at the Bowen House when we got down there and then went to the skating rink staid there till half past ten then went over to the tobogan slide I went down the slide four times then we all came back had oysters and started for home about half past four in the morning

A good man and full of the Holy Ghost

5 Saturday (36-329)

I feel pretty sleepy today after being up nearly all night I went down to Uncle Alicks a little while this afternoon. John Workman was buried to-day I got a letter from Aunt Abbie to-day

Prayer was made without ceasing for him

6 Sunday (37-328)

Went down to Hallville to Church to-day Mr. Conly preached. Sam went out to Kemptville to hear Miss Scott speak tonight

By Him all that believe are justified from all things


7 Monday(38-327) {end print}

Charles and Sam went to Kemptville to-day. Frank V was over here this morning.

8 Tuesday (39-326) {end print}

It has been raining nearly all day but Sid Shaw and his wife and Amelia Gurnsey were here for dinner. Sam went over to Mr. Van Allens tonight Frank was over here today a little while

9 Wednesday (40-325) {end print}

Sam went to Kemptville today and Charles and Frank and Sam and Jake are amusing themselves skating this afternoon.


10 Thursday (41-324) {end print}

Mr {illegible} has an auction to-day Min and Mrs Van Allen went back to Mrs Frasers to-day, Sam Van Allen and I went down to Van Camp Church they are having revival meetings there now

11 Friday (43-323) {end print}

This has been a very stormy day. Charles went up to the office Mother got a letter from {illegible}

12 Saturday (43-322) {end print}

The roads are blocked up to-day with the storm yesterday. Charles is helping Mr. Vanallens saw wood today

13 Sunday (44-321) {end print}

This has been a beatiful day but the roads are bad Sam and Min and I went down to the Presbeterian Church this morning and Sam and I went down to Uncle Alecks this afternoon and went down to Church with them in the evening


14 Monday (45-320) {end print}

This has been a lovely day Sam went to Prescott today had Miss Scott for company on the train he got back tonight

15 Tuesday (46-319) {end print}

This has been a stormy forenoon but it cleared off nicely this afternoon and Sam Van Allen and I went down to Van Camps Church this afternoon to meeting and went to Mr Roses for tea and then came back for evening service they are having good meetings there

16 Wednesday (47-318) {end print}

Sam and I went to Winchester to-day staid at Willie Hyndmans all night found them all well


17 Thursday (48-317) {end print}

This has been a lovely day Sam and I left Willie's this afternoon and went to Mr McKuchers for tea and staid all night went to the skating rink in the evening I did'nt put on the skates but Sam did

18 Friday (49-316) {end print}

It is pretty stormy today so rough the they wouldn't let us start for home before dinner so John went out after Jane and we all went to the rink in the afternoon Sam and John and I put on the skates Nan Pelton went with us she was stopping at Mr Mercills we had a very nice time we started home after tea. Andrew Christie was at the rink too.

19 Saturday (50-315) {end print}

Sam and I went to Kemptville to-day although I didn't feel very well I was sick nearly all night last night I went to see Georgie Mills she is real poorly not able to do anything scarcely he has to do the work we call'd at Martins coming home

20 Sunday (51-314) {end print}

This is a very pleasant day Sam and Min and I went down to the Presbyterian Church. Alfred Tomkins and Ben came here in the afternoon and Cassie and Jennie Black were all here for tea this is Sams last night at home for awhile

1887 August

21 Sunday (233-132)

I went down to church with VanAllens at Hallville and to Sunday School this afternoon stopped at VanAllens for tea

August 1887

22 Monday (234-131)

Mattie and Annie came up and called for me to go over to VanAllens with them

23 Tuesday (235-130)

Maud and Sade were over here this afternoon for a visit there is to be a picnic in McCargers bush thursday afternoon

24 Wednesday (236-129)

Willie Campbell and Jennie Dougall get married this evening quite a large wedding it rained quite a lot today

August 1887

25 Thursday (237-128)

The picnic came off this afternoon there was quite a few there we had a very good time

26 Friday (238-127)

Mr Mordenfeldt came upon the train today to paint the house he has part of it painted

27 Saturday (239-126)

Mother came home on the train today Charles met her at the station I was awful glad to see her I got lonesome without her she was gone over five weeks

28 Sunday (240-125)

I went down to Church tonight with Frank V Mr. Ponly was preaching when we got there

September 1887

2 Friday (245-120)

Mother is not very well today but I hope she will feel better tomorrow

3 Saturday (246-119)

Mother is no better today she has been in bed all day and the Carpenters made such a noise hammering she can scarcely stand it

4 Sunday (247-118)

I went down to Church tonight Mr. VanAllens Mr. Nordenfeldt went too Mother and I went down to Church this morning although Mother is not very well yet I took her to Mr.Hyndooey and she is going to stay there a week out of the noise

September 1887

5 Monday (248-117)

This has been a very nice day snowed just a little

6 Tuesday (249-116)

This has been another nice day the washwoman was here and washed it - snowed a little today

7 Wednesday (250-115)

This has been a pleasant day Mrs Phamberlin was in this morning and afternoon to get me to address a letter for Mrs Vanec she was here this evening held thy bay a long time she is quite a noise Then comes down for dinner even Write to Mother tonight

September 1887

8 Thursday (251-114)

I had a sleigh ride today the first since I been here it seemed so nice I enjoyed it even so much Mr & Mrs Thomberlin {?} me the sleighing is not very good though Mrs Vance came over and slaid with them while we were gone

9 Friday (252-113)

There is sleighs and buggies both on the streets now it is reyl icy Tuesday this is a stormy day John was invited out to supper tonight at the {Jerppectons?} house tonight he had all the firemen of the prison there

10 Saturday (253-112)

Got a letter from Mother today and one from {Min?} Sunday John and the children and I went to sabbath school{?} subject was {socicly?} (a pleasant day) Monday Mrs Hall and her daughter called here today they are very nice {meriled?} one to call on them John took Charlie down street and got his hair cut

11 Sunday (254-111)

Mother and I went down by I went down to Church with VanAllens tonight Mr Vandenfeldt went too Minnie Casselons is visiting there now

September 1887

12 Monday (255-110)

Mother and I went down on the 6 o'clock train tonight to Winchester Sally and Nell met us at the station

13 Tuesday (256-109)

Willie and Sally and I went back to the fair this morning took some things back

14 Wednesday (257-108) I staid at Forths all night and went up to the fair ground {neet?} day I got first prize on a mat I took and first on a pair of stockings and second on a pair of socks. I came home from the fair with Peter Fraser we stopped at Mr Boses for tea Mr. Nordenfeldt got through painting the house today and went down to the fair with Chalres but he has to come back to paint the verandah

September 1887

15 Thursday (258-107)

Min And Mrs VanAllen went back to Mrs Balkwills this forenoon and to Eck Christies this afternoon

16 Friday (259-106)

Min went up to Ted Shaws this afternoon

18 Sunday (261-104)

Went down to church

September 1887

21 Wednesday (264-101)

$1.25 - satchel .80 - dress and apron 90 - for Mins dress and mine 45 - for navy blue 2.00 - for shoes 30 - for stamps 15 - for paper 25 - pills 50 - 1/2 yd felt 63 - 1/2 - {?}

September 1887

25 Sunday (268-97)

Went down to Mr. Camerons Church this morning to Sabbath school this afternoon

September 1887

26 Monday (269-96)

Tests of love

(1) Willingness to renew an engagement if it be supposed to be broken off.

(2) {?} tending to form a resolution never to belong to another. we must make a destruction between fancy & love

(3) The transmutation of selfeshness into delight in self sacrifice offer the person we love

(4) The interchange of eyes in many morals. the changing of the eyes is a proof of the existence of a supreme affection but it must be an interchange in many moods

27 Tuesday (270-95)

(5) The opinion of friends who know the whole case unwise parented interference is to be denounced; but wise is of {?} is to be praised

(6) The effect of absence rivalry and time

(7) The advice of science as to mental and physical adapt {?}

(8) A knowledge of what position in life one wishes or is likely to fill or a choice of accupation {occupation?} Choose your place in life before you choose a wife

(9) Assent of the other powerful passions until you have chosen your accupation {occupation?} there is no 28 Wednesday (271-94) knowing what your most powerful passions may be

(10) Opportunity to know the worst of each other. How long one must wait for such an opportunity in the present {?} should let circumstances decide but let the experience of George Herbert in marrying after an acquantaince of three days tell us how long it would be necessary to wait in a natural way that is in a {?} would

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