Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1918-1919


Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary, 1918-1919

Date Created

January 1, 1918

Is Part Of

Ellamanda Krauter Maurer Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript



To Walter From Frank Xmas, 1917


My Name is Walter J. Maurer

Address Conestoga Ont.

Phone 49r.3 Waterloo

Birthday 1st of November

Age 33 yrs

Complexion Rosy

Weight 184 lbs

In case of accident or illness please notify Mrs Walter J. Maurer Conestoga Ont

If anyone should find this book kindly return to above adress


My life insurance policies fall due on January 1 Size of my Shoes 8 Hosiery 11 Collar 16 Shirt 16

Cows, 1918

Mollie - January 3. -

Mary - January 21.

Lillie - April 27.

Millie - May 16.

Fanny - May 18.

Josephine - May 27.

Sophie - July 7.

Strawberry - July 26.

Daisy - July 30.

Blossom - August 10.

Spot - September 11.

Blossom - September 2

Roanie - September 2

Sophie - November 8.

January Tuesday 1 1918

New Year's Day. We had turkey for dinner that Arletta sent us from Alberta. Visitors were Colson, Edith and Roy from Kitchener, Father, Mother and Miriam from Woolwich. Weather- Clear & cold with east wind. Buelah and Ella Hilliard have the mumps.

January Wednesday 2 1918

Strong east wind blowing. Very cold. Walter brought two cows from Henry Saltler for $200. Charlie and Walter got them this afternoon. Ella was skating on the river tonight.

January Thursday 3 1918

Clear and cold. Mr. Bowers of Kitchener walked up in the morning and bought a saw from Walter for $45. Walter took up the fence along the river in the afternoon.

January Friday 4 1918

Walter went to Kitchener in the afternoon and delivered the sow that Mr. Bowers bought for Mr. Eberle.

January Saturday 5 1918

Clear and cold. Walter went to Kitchener in the morning and took the milk to the Creamery. Went up to Conestogo to the Farmer's Club in the afternoon. Sold 11 little pigs to Noah Weber for $10.00.

Ella was skating in the afternoon, also in the evening.

January Sunday 6 1918

Cloudy and raw Snow and sleet towards evening. Charlie, Ida, Bert and Ella walked to Conestogo in the afternoon. Ella & Ida went to the Mennonite church where Cyrus Good preached. Rev. J. Culp delivered a strong patriotic sermon in the Methodist church

January Monday 7 1918

Snowstorm. Walter paid Charlie a friendly visit this morning and worked in the barn all afternoon.

January Tuesday 8 1918

Snowed all day. Walter went to Bloomingdale in the morning and to St. Jacobs in the afternoon. He got a load of coal for Karl Fritz. Ella went to the Institute meeting at Fernando Sniders near Bloomingdale with Ida and Nora.

January Wednesday 9 1918

Snowing & blowing quite cold. Helm Brothers of Erbeville were here for dinner and bought 4 pigs from Walter for $95.00. Walter went over to Bose's in the afternoonand bought six pigs for 95.00 Father had an operation performed on his eye by Dr. Noecker & Dr. Hett.

January Thursday 10 1918

Milder. Still blowing. Walter took his milk down to the Creamery. Charlie was over here in the evening and he and Walter had a hot debate about the milk business but parted good friends.

January Friday 11 1918

Mild and dreary. Walter took Charlie's & our milk down to the Creamery this morning. In the afternoon he loaded 1940 lbs. of hay and took it to Conestogo for Isaac Holle.

January Saturday 12 1918

Cold. Terrible blizzard. Charlie came over in the afternoon and stayed for supper. He and Walter settled up for the year 1917. Ella wasn't outside the house all day. 10 below zero. Big fire in Listowel,

January Sunday 13 1918

Still blowing. Maureen's are almost snowed in. Had a big snowbank on our bed last night but slept like a Top. All the flower plants are frozen. Bert paid us a short call in the afternoon. No church services.

January Monday 14 1918

Clear and very cold. Walter and Charlie took the milk down to the Creamery. The roads were badly drifted and they had to get out several times and use the shovel. Vernon was out in the afternoon with Hilliard's girls, Bert and Philip.

January Tuesday 15 1918

Very cold and stormy. Walter, Ella and Vernon went to Krauter's and were almost frozen when they got there. Father is still in bed but he is getting stronger.

January Wednesday 16 1918

Cold. Walter took the milk to the Creamery in the forenoon. Charlie was over in the evening and helped Ella to get ready for the debate at Dave's. Bert & Pearl are starting with the mumps.

January Thursday 17 1918

Very cold. Walter butchered 4 pigs and made some head cheese. Ella went to the Social at Dave {Scheifele's?} in the evening with Mr & Mrs. Hilliard. We had an upset and a tumble in the snow at Sol. Koch's lane. Charlie and I had the affirmative in the debate "Resolved that intemperance has caused more ruination than war" and our side lost. {inelligible} {ga?} {inelligible}.

January Friday 18 1918

Snowing & Cold wind. Walter took the milk to the Creamery and delivered his pork & head cheese. One of our sows had 8 little pigs this morning.

January Saturday 19 1918

Clear and very cold. Walter was up to Conestogo and down to Bloomingdale in the afternoon. Ella worked like a Trojan all day. baking, cleaning, ironing, mending, etc Vera started with the mumps.

January Sunday 20 1918

Clear and very cold. Walter, Ella & Vernon went to the Mennonite church in the afternoon. After church we called at Isaac Holle's. Annie fell last week and scalded her arm. Mrs. Snider is recovering from a long illness and Percy and Albert are just over the whooping cough.

January Monday 21 1918

Beautiful weather although quite cold. Charlie took the milk to Kitchener this morning. Walter worked around the barn all day bagging up grist, etc. Walter was over to Hilliard's in the evening.

January Tuesday 22 1918

Cloudy with southwest wind. Mr. & Mrs. Hilliard, Ella, Walter and Vernon went up ro Krauter's in the morning. Walter & Charlie went to Will Joerster's sale in the afternoon. Was snowing when we drove home. Arrived home at 10.10 p.m. Finished up the chores by midnight.

January Wednesday 23 1918

Very cold. Charlie took the milk to Kitchener. Ella & Vernon went down with him in the sleigh. We went to Frank's for tea and to Lincoln's for the night. One of the Hilliards cows (Mary) slipped and fell in the stable and sprained her back. Walter was over to Hilliards for tea.

January Thursday 24 1918

Milder and snowing. Ella & Vernon walked from Kitchener to Waterloo in the afternoon and called on Hilda Roos. We had tea at Clinton Hohn's and went back to Edna's in the evening. Walter was over to Hilliard's and butchered a cow for them.

January Friday 25 1918

Snowed all day. Ella did some ironing and cleaning for Edna in the morning and went out to Edith's in the afternoon. Walter butchered a steer for Boss's in the afternoon and dressed one for Clayton Scheifele in the evening.

January Saturday 26 1918

Very cold. Edith Ella & Vernon were uptown in the afternoon and after tea Ella & Vernon walked back to Lincoln's. Went to bed at 10 oclock and was rudely awakened at 11.30 by Lincoln and told that Edna was sick.

January Sunday 27 1918

Clear and cold. Beautiful day. The stork presented Lincoln & Edna with a little daughter at 1 oclock last night. Everbody is fine. Ella & Vernon went to Frank's for tea and came back to Lincoln's for the night.

January Monday 28 1918

Very cold and stormy. Walter took the milk to the Creamery and had dinner at Lincoln's. Ella & Vernon went home with him in the afternoon and were glad to get back. Charlie had started the fire and had the house nice and warm when we got there.

January Tuesday 29 1918

Cold and stormy. Sol. Koch was here all morning and gave Walter orders to move off the place Charlie came over in the afternoon and stayed for supper and the evening. We intend to stay on this farm another year if we possibly can.

January Wednesday 30 1918

Clear and very cold Walter took the milk to the Creamery. He got home and had his dinner at 4 oclock. 14 below zero

January Thursday 31 1918

Clear and cold 6 below zero Pearl and Beulah went to school this morning but the teacher sent them home. They ame in here and had dinner with us and helped me stretch the lace curtains this afternoon. Walter butchered a steer for Boss's.

February Friday 1 1918

Clear and very cold. Walter took the milk to the Creamery and also took some beef to Kitchener and got home at 7.30 p.m. Vernon has a bad cold on his chest. 24 below zero

February Saturday 2 1918

Very cold Candlemas Day. The bear saw his shadow so that means six more weeks of winter weather Walter went to Conestogo in the afternoon. Pearl & Beulah were over for their music lessons.

February Sunday 3 1918

Milder and stormy. Mr. & Mrs. Hilliard, Bert, Pearl, Beulah, Vera and Ella were here all day and we had a lovely time. (At least I thought so) Crazy Charlie Miller was here for dinner and Crazy Foxy for supper. Charlie has a bad headache.

February Monday 4 1918

Intensely cold. Charlie took the milk to the Creamery and Walter went down to see McKenzie about the farm. The pump froze solid and Ella broke it trying to thaw it out and the pipes are burst. Vera had her cheeks frozen coming home from school.

February Tuesday 5 1918

Very cold and bright. Cloudy & raw towards evening. Walter went to Bloomingdale in the forenoon & had the pump fixed. Walter has a severe cold on his chest.

February Wednesday 6 1918

Milder and snowing Clarie took the milk to the Creamery. Marjorie Boss and Ed. Knipfel were married today. Rev. S. Cressman called at Hilliard's.

February Thursday 7 1918

Cloudy & raw. Walter went to Conestogo this morning with grist and took another load and some beef up this afternoon Snowed all day.

February Friday 8 1918

Colder and still snowing Walter took the milk to Kitchener and got home at 6.30. Had dinner at Frank's. Walter traded Polly off on a stallion, {Halo?} Started to rain in the evening after supper

February Saturday 9 1918

Rained during the night and the morning it is snowing right merrily. Cleared up by noon. A. Sarssas was here and fixed the pipes. Mrs. Hilliard went to Conestogo and called on Mrs. Good who is sick in bed. Ella has a headache.

February Sunday 10 1918

Cloudy and raw, Walter, Ella and Vernon were over at Hilliard's for dinner and supper and had a lovely time Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Scheifele Whelma and Audrey were also there. Had our chores to do after we got home and Walter was thorougly disgusted with farming, his wife, and things in general.

February Monday 11 1918

Mild with south wind Walter Ella and Vernon drove to Krauter's via {markings erased} Conestogo and St. Jacobs and found the road in rather poor condition owing to the mild weather Father is much improved and we had dinner and supper there and were very pleasantly (?) entertained by Addison Weber in the afternoon.

February Tuesday 12 1918

Rained all night. Very mild and misty Poured rain all afternoon Walter is butchering two pigs for Sidney Scheifele, the roads are in a terrible condition. Hilliard's girls stayed at Oliver's for the night.

February Wednesday 13 1918

Beautiful day. Walter took the milk to the Creamery and rendered the land at S.Scheifele's, Ella & Vernon did up the chores at noon and went over to Hilliard's for dinner & the afternoon We moved here six years ago today.

St. Valentine's Day {written in above the header}

February Thursday 14 1918

Lovely spring like day. Mrs. Hilliard came over for dinner and the afternoon and cut two house dresses for Ella. Walter went to Conestogo and sent Sol. Koch a cheque for the rent After supper there was a thunderstorm and it rained all night.

February Friday 15 1918

Turning colder. Snowing & blowing. Walter took the milk to the Creamery and got home at 3 oclock. The roads are worse than ever.

February Saturday 16 1918

Cold and raw. Strong east wind Walter took the milk to the Creamery. Heard today that Mrs. Emil Snider is seriously ill with Brights Disease Mrs. Oliver Scheifele is also very sick. She fell on the ice a week ago which brought on hemorrhages.

February Sunday 17 1918

Clear and cold. Ella drove to church with Bert, Ida and Pearl. Roads are very rough. Charlie, Philip, Freddie and Mr. Boss spent the afternoon with Walter Charlie stayed for supper and milked Ella's cows for her. Mrs. A. L. Shantz is suffering with a tumor. Ella & Ida called on Laura.

February Monday 18 1918

Cloudy and cold. Charlie took the milk to the Creamery this morning Charlie and Walter went to Mrs {inserted into line} Seth Bowman's scale in the afternoon. Mrs. A.L. Shantz went to Woodstock today and Dr. Krupp told her she has cancer of the bowels and there is no hope for her.

February Tuesday 19 1918

Heavy rainfall last night Still raining this morning. Rained all day. Walter worked in the barn all day. Freddie Boss spent the afternoon with him. The river is getting higher Charlie took some fat pigs to Kitchener

February Wednesday 20 1918

Cold and windy. The ice on the river broke up last night. Walter took the milk to the Creamery & butchered a steer for Boss's in the afternoon. Charlie did Walter's chores and Ida was over here and helped Ella with her sewing.

February Thursday 21 1918

Very cold with strong west wind blowing. Walter drove up to Krauter's and helped them with butchering 3 pigs. Ella was supposed to go too but it was too cold.

February Friday 22 1918

Snowing Walter took a load of grist to the mill and had his dinner at Isaac Holle's. Charlie took the milk to Kitchener.

February Saturday 23 1918

Milder with raw wind blowing. Walter got up at 4 oclock and Cressman came for the milk at 6. Edna Hamel's birthday She is 31 years old today, Walter went to Kitchener in the morning and got home at 6.30. Ella had a sick spell out in the stable.

February Sunday 24 1918

Beautiful spring like day Walter heard some crows this morning. Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Holle Percy and Albert came over and stayed all day. Mrs. Emil Snider died this morning at her home near Heidelberg.

February Monday 25 1918

Fair in the morning Started to rain in the afternoon. Charlie took the milk to Kitchener and Ida & Pearl went with him. Walter went to Siebert's sale in the afternoon and Ella and Vernon went over to Hilliard's. Thunderstorms in the evening

February Tuesday 26 1918

Fierce storms blowing. Walter got up at 1 oclock last night to get in the washing. One washline broke down and the clothes were trailing in the mud. Walter & Charlie went to Ben Shuh's sale {below?} Kitchener and Ella & Vernon went over to Hilliard's for the afternoon and for supper

February Wednesday 27 1918

Fair and quite mild. Walter Ella & Vernon went to Heidelberg and attended Mrs. Emil Snider's funeral. Went back to the house after the service {inserted into line} and met many old friends. The bailiff came to see Walter and brought him a notice to leave the farm. We drove up there with the buggy.

February Thursday 28 1918

Snowing. Fine sleighing. Charlie was over in the afternoon and helped Walter with some work. Walter & Ella feel desperately blue about leaving here.

March Friday 1 1918

Lovely weather. Walter took the milk to Kitchener. He delivered 2 sows to Mr. Bowers for which he got $120 Henry Schmidt of Lexington got a load of hay and Mr. Hilliard fetched two loads of ensilage

March Saturday 2 1918

Beautiful weather. Henry Schmidt fetched a load of hay and so did Daniel Fries. Hilliard's got 3 loads of ensilage. Walter & Ella are still at sea regarding their future. Heaps of advice from all quarters

March Sunday 3 1918

Lovely weather. Walter Ella & Vernon were just getting ready to go to Krauter's when Mother & Father drove in. Charlie & Ida were over for a little visit in the evening. Weseloh - Goudie's were burnt out last night.

March Monday 4 1918

Beautiful morning but clouded over and started to rain & snow. Bert took the milk to Kitchener and Mrs. Hilliard went along & got him a new suit. Walter & Charlie went to see Sol. Koch but he wasn't home. Emerson fetched a wood rack and stayed for dinner. Charlie fetched his car in Waterloo.

March Tuesday 5 1918

Cloudy and raw Charlie came over in the morning and after dinner he and Walter went to see Sol.Koch and drove up to near Creekbank to see about renting Wagner's farm. Ella and Vernon were over at Hilliard's for supper.

{Written on top of header} Ida's birthday. She is 37 years old.

March Wednesday 6 1918

Snowing. Hilliard's butchered 4 pigs and Walter & Ella helped. We got home at 1.a.m. Vernon was at Hilliard's all last night and is sleeping with Bert again tonight. Addison Weber was married today to Miss Lingelbach of Tavistock.

March Thursday 7 1918

Cold & raw Walter & Ella drove up to see Wagner's farm and decided to rent it for a year or two. We had dinner at Maurer's and a lunch at Mrs. Wagner's and supper at Maurer's. The sleighing is very good.

March Friday 8 1918

Beautiful day. The snow is going fast. Walter took the binder some plows, etc. to our new home near Creekbank. Henry Schmidt got a load of hay. George Hintz got some mixed grains and Hilliard a load of ensilage. Clarence Underwood is working here for a week or two. He started in today.

March Saturday 9 1918

Dull & cloudy Henry Schmidt got 2 loads of grain Walter took the rollers up to the new farm and Clarence took some grist to Conestogo and had Arch & Jess shod in Bloomingdale. Snowstorm in the afternoon and evening. Charlie got a load of ensilage.

March Sunday 10 1918

Very cold & stormy. Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Scheifele and Mr. & Mrs. Dalton Scheifele were here for dinner and in the afternoon Charlie, Ida, Bert, Pearl, Beulah, Vera Ella and Florence Hilliard and Mrs Pierce and daughter Ursula were here.

March Monday 11 1918

Cloudy with cold wind blowing. Walter & Clarence each took a load of implements up to the new farm. Mrs. Hilliard went to Kitchener with Charlie and had a tooth drawn Ella has a bad cold & feels miserable.

March Tuesday 12 1918

Very mild & sunny. The snow is going fast. Walter & Clarence each took a load of grain up to the new place. The roads are very poor and they got home at 1.a.m.

March Wednesday 13 1918

Colder than yesterday. Ella & Vernon went to Kitchener in the big sleigh with Charlie Ella invested in some new shoes for herself and Vernon. We all had dinner at Edna's Rained in the evening Henry Schmidt got a load of hay.

March Thursday 14 1918

Everything is covered with ice this morning. Rained all day. Emerson came down here for some mixed grain. Sam Bird & E. Snider came down here for dinner and took 2 loads up for Walter. Started to snow in the afternoon Walter got home at 2.a.m.

March Friday 15 1918

Clear & cold. Good sleighing. Henry Schmidt got 3 loads of hay and Hilliards fetched 1 loads of ensilage. Walter took 2 loads of rye to the mill at Conestogo. Trees look beautiful all covered with sleet.

March Saturday 16 1918

Somewhat milder Walter, Clarence & Bert each took a load of grain to the new place. Beulah was over and helped with packing, cleaning, etc. Schweitzer's fetched two loads of hay

March Sunday 17 1918

Beautiful spring like day. Walter, Ella, Vernon & Clarence were over to Hilliards for dinner and supper. It seems hard to part with such good friends.

March Monday 18 1918

Lovely weather. Saw a robin and a fish-crane this morning. Walter's father came down here in the morning and took a load of household effects up to the new place. Walter & Clarence took grain. Violet Boss was over here in the afternoon.

March Tuesday 19 1918

Heard a song sparrow this morning. We butchered 3 pigs today Father & Mother, Charlie, Ida, Vera, Ella, Nora and {Teliuile?} were here Beautiful day. Ezra Maurer came down with the wagon in the evening and Mother stayed for the night.

March Wednesday 20 1918

Very warm & sunny. Charlie took the milk to the Creamery with his new car for the first time. Rendered the lard and made the summer sausage today. Emerson came down in the afternoon and fetched mother. Clarence & Ezra took 2 loads of wood to the new place

March Thursday 21 1918

Very warm & spring like Walter took the liver sausage to Kitchener and Ezra & Clarence returned from their trip up country at 3.30 p.m. Walter had dinner at Edith's and got home at 11.p.m. The liver sausage sold like hot cakes. Saw flocks of wild geese, wild ducks sea gulls and kildeer today.

March Friday 22 1918

Colder. Cold west wind blowing. Walter Ezra & Clarence put the potatoes into bags and moved some implements over to Hilliard's. Ella & Vernon went over to Hilliard's in the afternoon and went out to the sugar bush

March Saturday 23 1918

Sunny but quite cold. Walter took a load of potatoes to Kitchener Clarence & Ezra each took a load of stuff to the new place. Jake Giller fetched his pigs and Bert called on us in the evening.

March Sunday 24 1918

Beautiful day. Walter, Ella & Vernon drove up to Krauter's and stayed for dinner and supper. The roads are not too bad. Aaron Rosetta, Floyd & Ivan were there for supper too.

March Monday 25 1918

Lovely weather. Walter took the stove up and Freddie Boss took a load of pigs. Ella and Ida packed up everything and we all went over to Hilliards to sleep. Emerson came down in the evening and slept at Hilliards, too. Stormy in the afternoon and evening.

March Tuesday 26 1918

Very cold & stormy. Maurer's moved today Charlie took Ella & Vernon up in the buggie with Hal W. The following men took loads for us- Clayton Scheifele, Israel Frey, Emerson, Chr. Martin Frank Martin, S. Weber. Mrs. Hoffer, one of our new neighbors came over and helped me get things straightened up.

March Wednesday 27 1918

Clear and cold We got the upstairs and our bedrooms all cleaned & straightened up today. Isaac Holle brought up another load of moving and was here for dinner. Father came here in the afternoon and is staying for a few days.

March Thursday 28 1918

Beautiful weather. Slept fine last night. Clarence, Walter & Mr. Maurer fetched the rest of our belongings up today. It was nearly midnight when Walter got home. Father walked over to S. Birds and to Umbach's in the afternoon.

March Friday 29 1918

Good Friday Beautiful spring day. Walters father fetched a load up and was here for dinner. Father and Walter were out looking for horses in the afternoon and bought a team from Leon Wagner. Fixed up the parlor today and put down the linoleum in the dining room.

March Saturday 30 1918

Mild & cloudy. Father went home this morning. Walter & Clarence went to Elmira in the afternoon and got their hair cut. Got home at 8 oclock. This is a desperately lonesome place.

March Sunday 31 1918

Easter Sunday. This has been a very lonesome Sunday. We didn't stir off the place all day and it seemed like two days. The weather was very mild.

April Monday 1 1918

Started to rain last night and is still raining this morning and continued all day. Ella did some darning and mending and Walter & Clarence cleaned up some of the mess in the stables and root cellar

April Tuesday 2 1918

Beautiful weather Ella baked bread this morning and did her washing. Walter brought in an armful of grain bags to mend and he and Ella had a few hours of pleasure with the {stopf nodel} {not entirely sure what this is. My closest guess is the word Stopfnadel, which is German for darning needle.}

April Wednesday 3 1918

Fine and cold. Mended some more bags and in the afternoon Walter took a load of oats over to Sam Bird's to get it crushed. Alf. Shautz moved on his farm near Creekbank today. Ezra Shautz was here twice to telephone.

April Thursday 4 1918

Beautiful day although quite cold. Walter went down to Conestogo and St. Jacobs and got a loard of bran and bought a horse from Leander Bowman. Ide had dinner at Issac Holle's and got home at 9 oclock. Ella is nearly dying of lonesomeness.

April Friday 5 1918

Lovely weather. Walter put up our new mail box this morning and is cleaning grain this afternoon. After supper Walter hitched up Hal W. and he, Ella, & Vernon went down to Maurer's and got some butter & butter milk. We stopped at Ed. Ziegler's on the way.

April Saturday 6 1918

Beautiful weather Walter & Clarence were cleaning grain all day and Ella did her cleaning & baking. Ella sowed some lettuce and radishes in the garden today. Charlie called up for the first time today.

April Sunday 7 1918

Cloudy and windy. Walter, Ella and Vernon were to church and Sunday school in the afternoon and were heartily welcomed by the members. Ezra was here for supper Enoch Snider and his little girl Annie came over for a while.

April Monday 8 1918

Cloudy and cold. Ella did her washing this morning and Walter went to the monthly fair at Elmira. Noah Reist & son Hilbert were here for some of their belongings. Ella did her ironing this afternoon. Mr. Reist was here for dinner.

April Tuesday 9 1918

Clear with cold wind. Walter's father came down and he, Walter & Clarence went to the bush and cut some wood. Got a letter from Vera and Ella today and we were very glad to hear from our dear little friends.

April Wednesday 10 1918

Clear & very cold. Fierce wind blowing. Walter and Clarence worked in the bush this afternoon and after dinner Walter went to Levi Stickney's sale. Ella made a ging ham house dress for Edna.

April Thursday 11 1918

Looks like winter this morning. Snowing & blowing. Walter Clarence Mr. {Maurer?} & Mr. Bonn are working in the bush Ezra came up after dinner and helped too. Irwin Snider came over after supper and played with Vernon for a while

April Friday 12 1918

Snowing this morning Cloudy and cold all day. Walter's father came up and worked in the bush Walter went to {Lliefenbacher's?} sale in the afternoon. Ella and Vernon went over to King's bush and spent a pleasant afternoon with Mrs. King and Mrs. Jackson.

April Saturday 13 1918

Very mild and sunny. Walter went to Conestogo and had dinner {and supper - written above line} at Isaac Holle's, fetched some seed grain at Aaron Weber's and brought Bess, our new horse home from L. Bowman's. Mrs. Allen Good died last night at her home in Conestogo.

April Sunday 14 1918

Lovely and warm We all went to church in the morning and after dinner we went over to Enoch Sniders and stayed for tea. After we got home the following people came to visit us - Mr. & Mrs. George Maurer and daughter Mrs. Bruno Kingie. Mr. & Mrs. {Sim or Sam?} Weaver and Mr. Edwin Weaver and Mr. Jacob King. {This looks like some sort of neighbourhood welcome party}

April Monday 15 1918

Beautiful weather. Ella cleaned the yard and dug a little piece in the garden. The men started in the fields and Walter sowed some barley. David Frey, the cream man was here for dinner. Mrs. Good was buried today,

April Tuesday 16 1918

Cloudy and warm Started to rain after supper. Ella did her washing this morning and Walter finished sowing his barley and he and Clarence worked up another field in the afternoon. We got a letter from Charlie today. Oscar Schmidt was here after supper to see our cows.

April Wednesday 17 1918

Thunderstorms last night Very misty this morning Started to rain about 4 in the afternoon and poured all evening Ella, Walter & Vernon went to Elmira after dinner to do some shopping and stayed at Arthur {Kliuck}'s for supper.

April Thursday 18 1918

Snowing this morning Cold and raw all day Irwin Hoffer was here fixing the wind pump and was here for dinner. Walter & Clarence finished cutting wood in the bush today. Ella made a house dress for Edna

April Friday 19 1918

Very cold this morning The ground is covered with snow. Leon Wagner came up to this morning and heklped fix the well at the barn and he was here foer dinner. In the afternoon Walter and Clarence hauled all the wood on one pile in the bush.

April Saturday 20 1918

Very cold and windy. Walter went to Elmira in the afternoon, called at Wagner's and stayed for supper. Charlie, Ida, Vera and Ella came up after supper and we were overjoyed to see them. The girls slept with me and Walter slept with Clarence.

April Sunday 21 1918

Windy, + Cold and drizzly. Cleared up after dinner. {Heck?} {Stoffer?} and Mrs {Stoffer?} and two {children?} were here. {Charles'?} were here all day and claimed they had a big day. {illegible} {didnt?} work and they had to get Mr {Krinzle?} up to {fix?} it and take them home. In fact it was a day of renewing old friendships and past {memories?} was entirely forgotten. {The following sentence is in larger print.} Conference Sunday. No church services today as some of the folks attended the Conference at Waterloo.

{The really cramped handwriting and awkward and inconsistent use of line breaks made this passage incredibly difficult to understand. Perhaps a different hand? One of the most peculiar entries thusfar.}

April Monday 22 1918

Raining and snowing Glommy day. Walter & Clarence hauled the last of the threshing wood home from the bush. Ella made a dress for little Mildred.

April Tuesday 23 1918

Milder & lovely weather Ella saw a bumble-bee today. Turned colder after dinner and started to rain at about five oclock. Turned to snow. Walter was sowing oats and Clarence was harrowing.

April Wednesday 24 1918

Snowing and blowing. The ground is covered with snow this morning. Walter hitched up Pit and drove to St. Jacobs and got his supply of twine, He took the train from there and went to Waterloo and had his tooth fixed at Dr. Eckel's. Cleaned up by evening. Walter got home at 11.30 Cora S had a baby boy.

April Thursday 25 1918

Beautiful day. Ella did her washing and Walter was choring around the barn. Clarence started to plow the field behind the orchard.

April Friday 26 1918

Nasty, cold east wind blowing. Walter and Clarence were working in the field sowing & harrowing Ella did her baking and ironing. Sport is missing.

April Saturday 27 1918

Cloudy and dull. Irwin Snider was over in the afternoon playing with Vernon after supper Walter Ella & Vernon drove up to Krauter's. We found Sport there. Ezra came over and stayed with Clarence.

April Sunday 28 1918

Fine day. Krauter's got some more company {viz.?} Lincoln Edna, Willard and Mildred Mr & Mrs {Menns?} Brubacker Walter and Curtis. Lincoln Edna, Walter and I went to Heidelberg church in the afternoon. Charlie & Bert fetched the car and Freddie Boss & A Affeldt were also here.

April Monday 29 1918

Rained last night when we drove home {but?} this morning the weather is grand. Started to rain again at 5'oclock, Ella & Vernon went over to Enoch Sniders in the afternoon and stayed for supper Walter left in the morning for Conestogo to get a load of feed and stayed at Isaac Holle's for the night.

April Tuesday 30 1918

Cloudy and dreary all day. Walter got home from Conestogo at about 4.30 oclock this afternoon. He brought Tommy home with him. Charlie has traded his old {bus?} off on {Eph. Betzner's?} Ford car. Walter has a strong notion to invest in a new Ford.

May Wednesday 1 1918

Cold and windy. Walter's father was here this morning and brought the butter and fetched his twine. Walter is sowing mixed grain and Clarence is cultivating Jas Miller called here for a drink and gave Ella some B.S. about the war but he left her unconvinced. Great Britain forever!

May Thursday 2 1918

Changeable weather Emerson came down & brought us four gallons of maple syrup and went over to Otto Miller's for seed wheat. Walter was sowing mixed grain and Clarence was cultivating Emerson was here for dinner.

May Friday 3 1918

Beautiful day. Walter & Clarence worked in the fields and Ella didn't do much of anything as she felt too blooming tough {figure of speech?}. She hasn't felt very well all week.

May Saturday 4 1918

Cloudy & dreary. W.C. {Zuiekfall?} was here and Walter bought a new car from him. Walter & Clarence were plowing and harrowing We dug one bed in the garden after supper and Ella sowed some cabbage, lettuce and radishes.

May Sunday 5 1918

Lovely day and very warm. Father and mother, Mr & Mrs. Albert Scheifele and children, Peta, Madeline & Howard came up and stayed all day.

May Monday 6 1918

Hot. Very summer like Ella feels sick Ella planted the small bed in beets, carrots, peas, beans and parsley Also sowed marigolds, verbena, mignonette and wallflower. We all worked in the garden after supper

May Tuesday 7 1918

Rained during the night. Cloudy and windy. Walter and Clarence were plowing. Ella planted her onions today also sowed onion seed. Charlie Reichert was here and renewed our fire insurance policy. Worked in the garden after supper.

May Wednesday 8 1918

Very cold and windy Ella was sick all day. Walter helped her with the washing after supper. Mrs. Geo. Schwindt died this afternoon at 5'oclock.

May Thursday 9 1918

Ascension day. Changeable weather Ella sowed some more peas, beans, lettuce and parsley. Also phlox, stocks, balsamm candytuft, pansies, garden geraniums, nasturtiums & portulacas. Mr. Allgeier came up form Elmira and gave Walter his first lessons in running the car.

May Friday 10 1918

Thunderstorm last night Rained all forenoon but cleared up after dinner and turned very cold and windy. Ella did her ironing darning and mending

May Saturday 11 1918

Very cold and raw Walter Ella and Vernon attended the funeral of Mrs. George Schwindt in the afternoon. Clarence left for his home in Bridgeport after dinner. George Snider bought Brindle and her calf from Walter for $130.

May Sunday 12 1918

Rained all day. Walter, Ella & Vernon spent all day at home. Ella read the encyclopedia of English literature, and Walter made sweet music on the harp. Clarence got home at about 9.30 Mother Maurer is 60 years old today.

May Monday 13 1918

Cloudy and dull. Walter went to the Elmira Fair and returned home at 7 oclock. Father came up here this afternoon, with the news that Emerson got word to report for military service in London on the 23rd. of May.

May Tuesday 14 1918

Fair with cold wind. Father went home this morning and Clarence took a cow (Gertie) to Yatton Walter got $80 for her. Walter was sowing and Clarence was cultivating A delegation of 3000 farmers went to Ottawa to try and get exemptions for farmers.

May Wednesday 15 1918

Clear and cold. Walter finished his seeding today. In the afternoon he made a pigbox. After supper Clarence went down to Beckner's with the wagon and fetched a pig that Walt brought for $48.50 Walter Ella and Vernon went over to Maurer's in the car.

May Thursday 16 1918

Lovely and warm. Walter went to St Jacobs this morning to fetch his salt. He returned home at 6.30. Clarence was cultivating and harrowind the root field. Ella made Vernon a white suit

May Friday 17 1918

Very warm. Ella saw a hummingbird today. Walter & Clarence were drawing manure on the root field. Ella did her cleaning & baking Ella saw a hummingbird today. {Note how she repeats this fact.}

May Saturday 18 1918

Beautiful weather. Walter and Clarence were hauling manure. Walter, Ella and Vernon left at about 4.30 for Conestogo, had supper at Oliver Scheifeles, called on Mrs. Oscar Steiss and went over to Hilliard's for the night.

May Sunday 19 1918

Lovely day. We had breakfast at Charlie's. went over to Conestogo, took {Shane?}, Annie, Albert & Percy along and went up to Krauter's for dinner and supper. Lincoln, Edna, Willard, Mildred and Mildred Klein were also there.

May Monday 20 1918

Cloudy. Walter and Clarence were hauling manure and plowing. Leon Wagner was here after supper also three other men who were looking for a driver.

May Tuesday 21 1918

Beautiful day. Ella did a big washing today and cleaned up the wash house. Walter and Clarence were hauling manure and plowing.

May Wednesday 22 1918

Severe thunderstorm this morning Cleared up afterward very warm. I think I'll stop writing in this diary. Nothing ever happens in this slow place that is worth recording. This is a beastly place to live in.

May Thursday 23 1918

Fair with cold wind. Walter & Clarence plowed the potato patch Emerson went to London today and received orders to report for duty on June 1st.

May Friday 24 1918

Victoria Day. Noah Reich was here for dinner Walter sword the mangels & a few turnips Ella cut the potatoes for planting.

May Saturday 25 1918

Raining all day. Ella & Walter were mending grain bags all afternoon and Ella was trying to coax Walter to go to Beamsville next Sunday but-nothing {illegible-doing?} Walter went down to his father's place after supper.

May Sunday 26 1918

Rained heavily all forenoon Cleared up and Walter Clarence, Ella and Vernon went over to N. Hoffer's for dinner and supper. Mr & Mrs. King were there also. There were several thunderstorms passed over here in the evening and Mr. Seifert barn was burnt near Weissenburg.

May Monday 27 1918

Cloudy and sultry Thunderstorms and rain after supper. Clarence took a load of chopping to Horadale and Walter helped to saw wood at Enoch & at George Snider's

May Tuesday 28 1918

Clear and warm. Ella did her washing today. In the afternoon Walter & Clarence planted the potatoes and Ella cut some more. The orchard's are in full bloom.

May Wednesday 29 1918

Sprinked nearly all day. We sawed our wood this forenoon. N. Hoffer, Enoch Snider and Walter's father helped. In the afternoon they put new doors on the driving shed and grandpa was here for supper.

May Thursday 30 1918

Cloudy and warm. Walter plowed the garden this forenoon and in the afternoon they made fence along the pasture field. Max the Jew was here and Walter sold him four head of cattle for $115:00.

May Friday 31 1918

Very hot Walter, Vernon & Clarence took the cattle down to Max's and made fence in the afternoon. Ella planted cucumbers, corn, lettuce, peas, beans, beets, carrots & muskmelons.

June Saturday 1 1918

Lovely day Walter took a load of chopping down to Elmira in the afternoon Clarence went to Elmira after supper. Ella did her cleaning and baking. Jacob King visited Walter after supper.

June Sunday 2 1918

Beautiful day. Ella, Walter & Vernon left at about 7.30 and went down to Charlie's. They were ready so we all started on our trip to Beamsville. We went through Galt, Rockton, Dundas Hamilton and a lot of smaller places. Walter had a puncture on the road but we arrived at Beamsville at about 1 oclock. We went down to the lake shore and had our lunch and then went over to the aviation grounds where we had a dandy view of a flight. We took our supper at the Dundas hill and arrived at Charlie's at 10 p.m. We were all very tired so we stayed for the night. Had a perfectly lovely time.

June Monday 3 1918

Rare June day. Ella helped Ida cut potatoes for planting and after dinner Walter went up to Conestogo on business {so?} Ella helped plant potatoes. We left for home after supper and got here at 10 o'clock and found every thing alright.

June Tuesday 4 1918

Cloudy and cold. Walter & Clarence were plowing and Ella worked the garden. After supper Walter Ella, Vernon & Clarence went up to Enoch Snider's and took them along and went up the 10th of. Peel to see a cow and calf.

June Wednesday 5 1918

Lovely & warm. Walter & Clarence hauled wood home from the bush. Ella did her washing. After supper Ezra, Alonzo Miller and George Maurer called on Walter.

June Thursday 6 1918

Cloudy and cool. Ella cleaned the cellar and Walter & Clarence finished hauling the wood home. After supper the men went down to J. Brubacher's and bought a cow. {illegible} & Ed. Weaver were here to sese some pigs. There were several thunderstorms in the evening.

June Friday 7 1918

Very cool and clear. Walter & Clarence were making fence all day. After supper they went down to J. Brubacher's and fetched the cow Walter bought last night. Mother called up and asked us to come home on Sunday.

June Saturday 8 1918

Frost last night. Cool and clear this morn. Walter, Ella & Vernon went to Elmira after dinner to do some shopping. Clarence went to Elmira after supper. John Schwindt was here in the evening.

June Sunday 9 1918

Cloudy and cool. We all went to N. Woolwich church in the morning took Alice Hoffer along and went up to Krauter's for dinner. We went to church at Heidelberg and after supper we went home in an awful downpour of rain. Did our chores and Clarence took Alice home.

June Monday 10 1918

Beautiful day. Walter went to Elmira Fair in the morning, sold 8 little pigs and didn't get home till late in the afternoon. After supper he & Clarence were out looking for cows and Jacob King came over and called on Ella and the evening passed very pleasantly.

June Tuesday 11 1918

Cloudy and cool. Ella did her washing and Walter & Clarence cleaned seven rows of turnips. Ella got a letter from Emerson (who is {written above line} at London Camp) today and he likes it fine. Sever thunder and wind storm in the evening and Otto Miller's driving shed, woodshed, kitchen & windmill were blown down.

June Wednesday 12 1918

Cold and raining. Walter went down to his father's in the afternoon. Very gloomy and dismal day. Ella did her ironing.

June Thursday 13 1918

Clear and cloudy. Walter Ella & Vernon left after dinner and went down to Krauter's, had a lunch there and went to Anson Brubacher's and bought two Holstein cows for $280. {Elms?} King was here when we got home.

June Friday 14 1918

Clear and warmer Walter, Vernon & Clarence went down to Elmira to meet A. Brubacher and fetch the cows home from there Max the Jew was here and got some potatoes and buckwheat. In the evening they went down as far as {Kraurtz's?} and exchanged cattle with Max.

June Saturday 15 1918

Beautiful day. Walter sowed his turnips. Mr. King was here in the evening and entertained us very pleasantly. Mrs. Hilliard called up and made arrangements about making my dress and coat. An aeroplane flew over our barn this morning

June Sunday 16 1918

Cloudy and dull. Walter Ella, Clarence and Vernon went to N. Woolwich church in the afternoon and Ezra and Mr. & Mrs. King were here for supper.

June Monday 17 1918

Lovely day. Thomas Malleck brought us 200 Buff Leghorn chicks this morning and was here from breakfast. Clarence finished hoeing the mangels and started cutting thistles. Ella worked in the garden and Mr. Mogk came over and offered her some cabbage plants.

June Tuesday 18 1918

Rare June day. Last night at 2.30 a.m we were awakened by the ringing of the telephone and Mrs. King asked Walter to go over to Alma and get Dr. McQuibban as Elmo was suffering with severe pains in his heart. The telephone was not of order and their houses were all out in the bush so Walter went over and got gome at 5:30 a.m. Walter went down to his father's place to help saw wood and Clarence went over to Yatton to get Llolly shod. Ella did her washing.

June Wednesday 19 1918

Lovely day. Walter & Clarence went down to Maurer's to help hoe turnips. Ella did her ironing and did the milking alone in the evening and worked in the garden after supper.

June Thursday 20 1918

Cool and clear. Sunday school convention in North Woolwich church. Maurer's had the following people for supper. Mr & Mrs. Alonso Brubacher of St. Jacobs. Rev. Harry Snider of Alice North Dakota. Emil Snider, Herbert Snider, Clayton Snider of Heidelburg, Allan Good & Vernon Good of Conestogo. Rev, Shade of Kitchener gave addresses both afternoon and evening. The attendance in the afternoon was rather slim but the church was crowded at the evening session. J.G. Hurst had used an extra dose of hair dye and looked real cute.

June Friday 21 1918

Rained all forenoon and very cloudy and dull in the afternoon. Clarence and Ella went to Elmira in the afternoon and brought Beulah up with them She had been in Elmira since Wednesday trying her Entrance examination and she is staying here till Monday. Walter's father and Ezra were here and got a load of hay.

June Saturday 22 1918

Cloudy and cold. Walter, Ella, Beulah, & Vernon motored up to Creekbank school and registered there. Jacob King spent the evening with Walter.

June Sunday 23 1918

Cool and clear Walter, Ella, Clarence, Beulah and Vernon went to N.Woolwich church in the morning. Walter's father and mother and sister Miriam came home with us and stayed for dinner and supper.

June Monday 24 1918

Lovely day. Ella & Beulah did the washing in the morning and after dinner we took Beulah down home and Mrs. Hilliard Ella and Vera went along down to Kitchener. We came back to Charlie's for supper and after tea we took Mrs. Hilliard along home. She is going to make me a coat and a dress.

June Tuesday 25 1918

Beautiful day. Ida made my dress today

June Wednesday 26 1918

Lovely weather. Ida finished my dress today and started my coat. Ida & Ella & Vernon took a walk up to the corner after supper.

June Thursday 27 1918

Cool and windy Ida finished the sewing.

June Friday 28 1918

Very warm & clear. Walter, Ella Ida & Vernon left after breakfast and went down to Hilliard's We stayed for dinner and supper and brought Pearl along home with us.

June Saturday 29 1918

Very warm. Pearl & I had a lot of work to do today. Clarence went to Elmira in the morning and left after dinner for his home in Bridgeport. Colson, Edith and Roy came up to Elmira with the evening train and Walter went down after supper and fetched them Mrs. Jack Ellis and baby Georgine of Toronto came up with them.

June Sunday 30 1918

Changeable weather. Rainstorms in the afternoon and evening. We all got up late in the morning and lounged around all day. Colson left for Elmira after supper.

July Monday 1 1918

Drizzly and cold. Walter took Edith, Gertie and the his youngsters down to Maurer's. At about 12.30. Charlie, Ida, Clayton, Nora, Bert, Beulah, Vera, Ella and Mr. Scheifele came up here. We ate our lunch here and at 3 oclock we went over to Elora and took in the sights there and came back here to eat our supper. Walter, Ella and Pearl finished up the chores and went to bed tired but happy.

July Tuesday 2 1918

Perfect day. We got up extra early and Walter & Clarence worked on the road. Pearl, Ella and Vernon took a walk back the lane, looked at the apple trees and found some lovely pink roses along the fence.

July Wednesday 3 1918

Beautiful day. Ella and Pearl did the washing and baked bread. Father & Mother brought us some strawberries and stayed for dinner & supper. The men went to Mrs. Geo. Reists' sale in the afternoon and Mrs. Noah Reist called on us. Walter took a walk up to Geo. Snider's after supper and Ezra paid us a flying visit.

July Thursday 4 1918

Lovely day. Walter & Clarence cultivated and hoed the roots. Ella did the ironing and mending. Annie Snider spent the afternoon with Pearl and Vernon.

July Friday 5 1918

Very warm. Walter, Pearl & Vernon went down to Elmira in the afternoon. Mrs. Wagner went with them. Walter's father and Ezra were here after supper.

July Saturday 6 1918

Lovely day. Turned very cool towards the evening. Walter Clarence & Vernon went to Leon Wagner's swamp to get some some logs to fix the farm floor. Pearl & Vernon were over at Enoch Snider's in the afternoon. The men went down to Leon Wagner's for some lumber after supper.

July Sunday 7 1918

Quite cool. Walter, Ella, Pearl & Vernon left in the morning went to Woolwich church, went up to Krauter's for dinner. We called at Albert Scheifele in the afternoon. We went down to Hilliard's in the afternoon to take Pearl home. They were down at Sid. Scheifeles so we went there for supper. Ezra was with us all day and he nearly had a cat fit because he didn't get back to Elmira & his girl by nine oclock Vera and Ella came up with us.

July Monday 8 1918

Beautiful day. Walter & Clarence left for Conestogo after breakfast to fetch the hay rake and hay loader. They had dinner at Hilliard's and got home around eleven oclock. The cream man had left our butter at Koepke's so Ella, Vernon, Vera & Ella H. walked up there in the afternoon and got it.

July Tuesday 9 1918

Rained. Very cool. Walter was over at Otto Miller's in the forenoon and helped to raise the driving shed. After dinner Walter's father came up and they were trying to fix the barn floor. After supper Ella H., Vera & Vernon went down home with him

July Wednesday 10 1918

Fair. Walter & Ella left at 6.10 for London. We went up home first and took Mother and Father along, also Edna & Willard from Kitchener. We had nice roads nearly all the way. We went through Elmira St Jacobs, Waterloo, Kitchener, Peterburg, Baden, New Hamburg Shakespeare, Stratford Kintore, Thamesford, Medina, Cumbrie and London and arrived at Carling Heights at 1 p.m. We saw quite a few boys we knew and they were all happy and gay. Emerson has been drafted for overseas but does not know yet when he's leaving. Coming home we had a puncture in Stratford but we arrived here, dead tired at 1 oclock.

July Friday 12 1918

Beautiful weather. Walter & Clarence hoed turnips in the forenoon, and after dinner Walter went over to Geo. Snider's to help put a track up in their barn.

July Saturday 13 1918

Lovely & warm. Walter & Clarence were hoeing turnips all forenoon and after dinner Walter Ella, Ella H. Vera and Vernon went down to Elmira. Mrs. Wagner went down with us and she and Walter had an agreement written for them at J.H. Ruppels'. {unsure where the apostrophe belongs}

July Sunday 14 1918

Very warm and sunny. We all went up to Krauter's and stayed for dinner and supper. We were up to Heidelberg church in the afternoon. Emerson was on his last leave before going overseas. Edna and Lincoln, Willard, Mildred and Alice Klein were also there.

July Monday 15 1918

Hot. Walter & Clarence were helping to draw in hay at Geo. Snider's. Ella did her washing.

July Tuesday 16 1918

Cloudy & sultry. Enoch Snider came over in the morning and he & Walter cut grass. It started to rain about 4 in the afternoon. Ella picked and cleaned the gooseberries.

July Wednesday 17 1918

Lovely day. Walter went to St. Jacobs and got a load of mill feed. Clarence finished cleaning the turnips and after supper he & Walter took a load of new hay to Josiah Brubacker's. Ella & Vera were blowing soap bubbles nearly all day.

July Thursday 18 1918

Clear and hot. Walter & Enoch Snider cut grass till dinner.time and George Snider, George Koepke and Irwin Snider came down in the afternoon and helped to haul in hay. Ella pocked the black currants and made some preserves.

July Friday 19 1918

Real haying weather. Enoch & Irwin & George Snider and George Koepke helped at the hay all day and Walter's father & Ezra helped in the afternoon.

July Saturday 20 1918

Very hot. Enoch, Irwin & George Snider and George Koepke helped Walter to take in the best of the hay and got through at about 7.30 p.m. Hal.W. fell in the stable and seems to be unable to get up on his feet. They dragged him beside the barn

July Sunday 21 1918

Very hot. 95' {degrees Farenheit?} in the shade. Charlie, Ida, Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Scheifele and Audrey, Mr. and Miss {Koellie?} came up here after dinner and we all went over to Elora for a little family picnic. After supper Mr. & Mrs. Ed Knipfel and {Dorothy?} Miller, Ed. Riffer of Petersburg and Miss {illegible}illie Strebel of Waterloo called in on their way home from Clifford. Charlie took Vera and Ella home with them and it seems desperately lonesome without them.

July Monday 22 1918

Still hotter and closer Walter went up to Enoch Snider's today to cut grass. Clarence went up after dinner and Walter came home to skin Hal. W. who passed peacefully away between 12 and 1 at noon Walter went up to Snider's after supper and they put in seven or eight loads of hay.

July Tuesday 23 1918

Hot and close. Walter went up to Snider's after breakfast to cut grass and Clarence went down to Elmira. After dinner, Clarence went over to Snider's and they hauled in hay all afternoon. Vernon went over for a little while in the afternoon.

July Wednesday 24 1918

The heat is almost unbearable. Mrs. Geo Snider picked nearly 5 quart pailsful {note the corrected typo} of berries for me. Walter & Clarence were both at Enoch Snider's all day. It turned cloudy and threatened rain in the afternoon but it all passed off again

July Thursday 25 1918

Still very hot. Walter & Clarence were both helping at Enoch Snider's all day. Mrs. Geo Snider brought me another pailful of berries. Mrs. Enoch Snider sent some beets for me.

July Friday 26 1918

The heat is intense. Father was here this morning and brought us some butter. He has bought a Maxwell car. Walter & Clarence went over to Enoch's at 10 oclock and finished haying over there by supper time. We had a little shower in the afternoon.

July Saturday 27 1918

Very hot. Walter was cultivating the potatoes and turnips Clarence went to Elmira in the evening and Alice Hoffer and Mr. King called on us. Walter made a bon-fire and burned up the remains of Hal. W.

July Sunday 28 1918

Very hot. Father, Mother, Lincoln, Edna Willard, Mildred and Tony came up here for dinner. Edna's children have the whooping cough, After supper we went down to Harvey Schmidt's for the evening.

July Monday 29 1918

Very sultry all forenoon. Walter finished scuffling the turnips and Clarence was hoeing. In the afternoon we had several thunderstorms and a nice shower of rain.

July Tuesday 30 1918

Very drizzly and cool all morning but cleared up by noon and we had lovely weather. Ella did her washing in afternoon and picked and canned the berries.

July Wednesday 31 1918

Beautiful day. Walter, Ella and Vernon went down to Hilliard's to pick berries. Father & Mother and Oliver Scheifele's were there too and Ella got 12 quart jars full. We canned them there and stayed for the night.

August Thursday 1 1918

Lovely day. We left Hilliard's at about 9 oclock and stopped in Elmira at the garage and arrived home at about 12.30 p.m. Ella picked the berries and Clarence and Walter finished hoeing the turnips.

August Friday 2 1918

Threatened rain all forenoon but cleared up after dinner. Walter took a load of chopping to Elmira Walter, Ella, Clarence, Vernon Mr. & Mrs. Art. Kluick and daughter Eileen went down to the Military Tattoo held at Waterloo and enjoyed the evening quite well. Very cool coming home.

August Saturday 3 1918

Beautiful day. Walter cut the barley and they stooked it. After supper Walter went down to Elmira and Colson, Edith, Roy and Miriam came up with him.

August Sunday 4 1918

Very warm. After In the afternoon Walter, Ella, Clarence, Vernon, Colson, Edith Roy and Miriam went down to Maurer's and stayed for supper.

August Monday 5 1918

Very hot. Ella did her washing and Walter picked some wild raspberries and bummed around the rest of the day.

August Tuesday 6 1918

Hottest day this summer Ella, Walter, and Vernon left in the morning, took Ezra along, stopped in Elmira and picked up Mrs. B. {Cookman?} and went to Kitchener. We had dinner at Frank's and Ezra and Bertha went to the ministery and were married We all had tea at Edith's and had a good time. There was a big fire in Elmira and Gentz's hotel. Conrad Hahn's house and shop were totally destroyed. The fire engine from Kitchener was up and helped to put out the fire. Hottest day in the last twenty five years 102 in the shade.

August Wednesday 7 1918

Still hot but not quite as close as yesterday. Maurer's hauled in their barley today. Ella helped in the afternoon. Frank, Edith, Roy, Margaret, Ezra and Bert took a trip to Hamilton today. The stork called at Frank's and left a baby boy. We got 8 loads of barley.

August Thursday 8 1918

Very hot. Walter cut the oats in the field beside Mogk's. We had several severe thunderstorms in the afternoon and a heavy downpour of rain.

August Friday 9 1918

Rained last night. Very sultry and cloudy all day. Walter & Clarence finished stooking the grain in the field beside Mogk's. Ezra and Bert were up here for a while after supper.

August Saturday 10 1918

Very warm. Cloudy all forenoon but cleared up by noon. Walter was cutting grain and Clarence was stooking.

August Sunday 11 1918

Very hot. Walter Ella, Vernon and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob King went down to Noah Reist's and stayed for dinner and tea. Mr. & Mrs. Norman King and baby Blauche and Miss Evelyn King of Galt were also there. We brought Miss Madeline King home with us from Elmira and we all attended Children's Day services in the North Woolwich church.

August Monday 12 1918

{The printed letters L.F.C. are inscribed in the header.} Walter left for Elmira after breakfast and took 20 litte pigs to the Monthly Fair and brought them all home again except two. He cut oats in the afternoon.

August Tuesday 13 1918

Hot again. Walter is cutting oats in the piece beside Sam Bird's. Clarence is stooking

August Wednesday 14 1918

Terrible windstorm last night Somewhat cooler this morning. Perfet day. Walter was cutting oats all day and Clarence was stooking. Ella did her washing

August Thursday 15 1918

Lovely day. Walter went up to Enoch Snider's in the morning to sharpen the binder sickle and was cutting oats all day. Mrs. Isaac Holle and children Albert & Perry of Conestogo and Miss Elvira Metz of Waterloo came here this afternoon. Ella did her ironing

August Friday 16 1918

Lovely day. Walter finished cutting grain by noon and he left after dinner for St. Jacobs to get some pig-feed. He and Clarence finished the stooking after supper.

August Saturday 17 1918

Beautiful day. Annie and the youngsters left for home this morning Walter and Clarence are hauling in the oats. After supper Clarence went to Elmira and Walter Ella, Vernon and Albert Reist went over to Horadale They put in 9 loads of grain today.

August Saturday 18 1918

Beautiful. Walter, Ella and Vernon went to Woolwich church in the morning. We took Alice Hoffer and Walter's sister Miriam with us & went up to Krauter's. Lincoln, Edna, Willard and Mildred were there too.

August Monday 19 1918

Beautiful weather. Maurer's were hauling in all day and put away 9 loads of mixed grain.

August Tuesday 20 1918

{The letters L.F.C. are once again printed above the entry in the header.} Quite warm again. The Maurer family were hauling in grain today and put in 10 loads We used the sling in the afternoon.

August Wednesday 21 1918

Hot. Maurer's hauled in the forenoon and out in 3 loads. Walter & Clarence were helping to thresh at his father's place this afternoon. There was a thunderstorm and a light fall of rain in the afternoon

August Thursday 22 1918

Very warm. Walter & Clarence were helping to thresh at his father's place till dinnertime. They came home and brought in 1 load of grain when it started to rain. Several thunder storms and a heavy downpour of rain. Ella did her washing.

August Friday 23 1918

Very hot and close. Walter took 18 little pigs to Elora. He sold them to Mr. Marshall for $128.00 Walter went to Elmira in the afternoon and Mrs Hoffer Arthur and Howard went with him. Clarence was helping to thresh at Albert Reists in the afternoon They moved the threshing outfit up here in the evening. It rained in the afternoon and evening.

August Saturday 24 1918

Very warm. Maurer's were threshing in the forenoon. Bert came up and helped me with my work. The following men helped to thresh-John and Ezra Maurer, Louis and Charlie Miller Enoch Snider George and Addison Stahlbaum and Philip Brun, Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Hilliard came up here after supper.

August Sunday 25 1918

Hot. Charlie and Ida were here all day and we had a nice time. The orphans are at the Fish Pond and we went over in the afternoon to see them. After supper Mr. & Mrs. {Jur.?} Stange and son Emerson paid us a little visit.

August Monday 26 1918

Very warm. Maurers put in 8 loads of grain. George and Addison Stahlbaum were here in the afternoon and cleaned out the boiler of their engine.

August Tuesday 27 1918

Beautiful day. Walter and Clarence were helping to thrush at Louis Miller's till noon. They put in 8 loads of grain in the afternoon. Ella did her washing.

August Wednesday 28 1918

Walter & Clarence put in 1 load of grain and it started to rain and rained all day. Walter & Clarence were fooling around in the barn & Ella did her ironing.

August Thursday 29 1918

Rained nearly all last night and this morning it is clear and cool. Walter left after breakfast took a load of chopping to Elmira and didn't get home till 9 at night. Clarence was raking. Stahlbaum's fetched the the engine and separator and moved over to Hoffer's.

August Friday 30 1918

Lovely day. Clarence and Walter put in 9 loads of grain worked fairly well

August Saturday 31 1918

Rained during the night and it is very cloudy and cool today with the occasional showers Walter welt to Alma to fetch some steel reinforcement for the new bridge and didn't get it. He had dinner at Jacob King's.

September Sunday 1 1918

Lovely day. Walter, Ella and Vernon left in the morning. Took Mr. & Mrs. N. Hoffer and two children Howard & Arthur along and went down to Kitchener. We had dinner at Frank's. Edna's little boy has sore eyes and they have a trained nurse for him. We were out at Abe Schantz's for supper and had a fine time all day.

September Monday 2 1918

Quite warm again. John Stange & N. Hoffer helped to draw in and they put in 12 loads. Four of Clarence's friends came up from Bridgeport & Kitchener.

September Tuesday 3 1918

Rained in the forenoon and was cloudy and dull all day. N. Hoffer was over here and put the new pump in. Walter and Vernon went down to his father's place in the afternoon.

September Wednesday 4 1918

Beautiful day. Walter and Clarence put in 4 loads of sheaves and 1 load of rakings' Finished harvesting today Walter, Ella and Vernon went up to Krauter's in the afternoon and stayed for supper. Started to rain after dinner and poured all day.

September Thursday 5 1918

Rained all last night Very cool this morning Ruly Schwartz died last night at Conestogo. Walter went to Conestogo today to fetch home a plow and brought some honey from Josiah Brubacher's

September Friday 6 1918

Beautiful day. Walter and Vernon went to Alma today to ge3t the steel for the new bridge In the afternoon he went down to Louis Miller's to clean out the gravel put and Ella and Vernon were working in the garden

September Saturday 7 1918

Very warm. Walter is hauling gravel for the new bridge and Clarence was raking in the morning and helped to draw in at Louis Miller's in the afternoon. He went to Noah Reists' tonight for a weekend visit. Walter went to Elmira & Victoria and Harold Hebel came up with him.

September Sunday 8 1918

Lovely day. Father & Mother Krauter Ezra and Bertha were here for dinner and supper. Harold had a bad headache and felt sick all day. I got a letter from Emerson yesterday telling of his safe arrival in England on the 15th of August.

September Monday 9 1918

Beautiful day. Walter went to the Monthly Fair in Elmira in the morning and hauled gravel in the afternoon. Clarence brought in the last load of rakings and was shovelling gravel for Walter in the afternoon. Ella did her washing

September Tuesday 10 1918

Very cool last night Lovely day. Walter went to St. Jacobs to get a ton of corn bran out to the station. Clarence was making fence in the morning and plowing after dinner. Max the Jew and Mrs {Lehman?} were here after supper. Ella did her ironing

September Wednesday 11 1918

Very cold wind blowing this morning. Walter and Clarence are drawing gravel today. It started to rain after dinner but Walter kept on hauling gravel and when he came home he was soaked to the skin. He hauled 12 loads today.

September Thursday 12 1918

Rained all last night Thunderstorm at 6 oclock this morning. Walter took Victoria and Harold down to his father's place this morning and stayed for dinner. Clarence was plowing between showers but had to give it up at 2.30 as it was raining too hard.

September Friday 13 1918

Dreary and miserable. Clarence went down to Elmira with chopping and Walter and Vernon went down with the car. Ella got another letter from Emerson dated Aug. 29, and he is at Frensham Camp, Surrey, England and enjoying himself fine.

September Saturday 14 1918

Warm and sunny. Walter helped to thresh at Addison Reist's in the forenoon and Clarence was plowing.

September Sunday 15 1918

Rained all forenoon. Cleared up after dinner and turned much cooler. Walter, Ella Vernon and Clarence were over to Jacob King's for dinner. Mr. & Mrs. King Elmo, Walter, Clarence, Ella, Vernon & Beryl Poyner all went over to Alma Methodist church in the evening

September Monday 16 1918

Cool and cloudy. Clarence was plowing all morning and Walter cut burdocks along the fences. In the afternoon Walter was hauling gravel and Clarence was helping to thresh at Noah Miller's.

September Tuesday 17 1918

Beautiful day. Clarence helped to thresh at Noah Miller's all day and Walter was hauling gravel.

September Wednesday 18 1918

Cool and cloudy. Clarence was helping to thresh at Jacob King's all day and Walter hauled gravel in the morning and plowed in the afternoon. It rained quite hard after supper.

September Thursday 19 1918

Cool and clear. Walter & Clarence both helped to thresh at King's for about two hours. In the afternoon they were both plowing.

September Friday 20 1918

Changeable weather with occasional fall showers. Clarence helped to thresh at Geo. Edler's on the 10th and Walter was plowing

September Saturday 21 1918

Very cool. Clarence helped to thresh at Geo. Edler's in the forenoon In the afternoon we all went down to Elmira Fall Fair Charlie, Ida, Pearl, Beulah Vera and Ella came up with us for supper and after we had our chores done we went along down to Hilliard's.

September Sunday 22 1918

Cloudy, dull, cool weather We slept quite late at Charlie's this morning and after dinner we went down to see Dr. Hilliard{s?} We had good pop overs for supper had a good time and were sorry when the time came for us to go home. We arrived here at 10.30 p.m.

September Monday 23 1918

Cloudy and dull. A party of motorists from Clifford had a breakdown outside of our lane this morning and Walter took them to Elmira to get some repairs. Clarence was plowing all day and Walter helped him in the afternoon

September Tuesday 24 1918

Beautiful day. Walter & Ella did a big two week's washing this morning and Walter plowed the rest of the day. Ezra & Bert came up after supper to make arrangements about coming up here to do the work during Ella's stay at the Hospital.

September Wednesday 25 1918

Lovely weather. Walter & Clarence were plowing all day and Ella did her ironing.

September Thursday 26 1918

Changeable weather. First snowfall of the season. Walter Ella, Vernon, Bert and Miriam went to the school Fair at West Montrose. Charlie's family, Nora, and us had our lunch together. Pearl got first prize for apple sauce cake, Miriam got second prize for potatoes and Beulah got third prize for turnip seed. It started to snow several times in the afternoon but taken all through we had a pretty good time.

September Friday 27 1918

Beautiful day. Walter & Clarence were plowing all day.

September Saturday 28 1918

Beautiful day. Clarence & Walter left after breakfast with a load of chopping for Elmira. Clarence brought home the new manure spreader and cleaned out the stables in the afternoon.

September Sunday 29 1918

Lovely day. Walter Ella and Vernon left after breakfast, went down to Conestogo. took Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Holle, Albert & Percy along and went up to Krauter's for dinner. We went down to Waterloo to see Dr. Hilliard in the afternoon had a lunch at Holle's and got home at 8 oclock.

September Monday 30 1918

Beautiful day. Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure. Walter, Ezra, and Bert went up to Glenallen to see about hiring Lizzie Heet but she {hired?} out on Saturday, so that trip was N.G. {not good?}

October Tuesday 1 1918

Lovely day. First frost last night. Walter & Ella washed this morning and Clarence was hauling manure all day. After dinner Walter & Vernon went down to Ino Horst's to see about getting his potato plow. Mrs. Enoch Snider and Eva were over here for the afternoon. Walter was plowing.

October Wednesday 2 1918

Rained all forenoon and was dreary and miserable all day. Clarence took a load of chopping to Elmira in the afternoon and Walter was lazy and didn't accomplish much of anything. Walter sold Spot to Aaron Martin for $126.

October Thursday 3 1918

Very cool and clear. Clarence is drawing manure and Walter helped to cut corn at Jacob King's. Frank, {Tim?}, Ethel, Edna, Edith, Roy and little Lorne were here for dinner. Bert called up and told us that Lizzie Heet had changed her mind and that we can get her Saturday night

October Friday 4 1918

Lovely day. Walter & Clarence started digging potatoes this morning and took up 12 rows. Potatoes are a poor crop this year. Ella feels miserable and wishes that the three weeks at the Hospital were over.

October Saturday 5 1918

Thunderstorms and rain last night. Salome told me this morning that Aunt Mary Hahn at St. Jacobs is sick with typhoid fever. Walter and Clarence were plowing all day. After supper they went to Glenallen to fetch Miss Heet. It was very warm today.

October Sunday 6 1918

Cloudy and gloomy. We were sitting around all day trying to pass the time. Ezra & Bert came up in the afternoon and stayed for supper and the evening. Rained hard in the evening. Clarence visited Charlie Miller

October Tuesday 8 1918

Beautiful day. The men finished taking up the potatoes today and Lizzie helped for awhile in the afternoon. After supper they were up at Sim Weaver's to ask Mrs. Weaver to go to Kitchener and help out Edna.

October Wednesday 9 1918

Dreary gloomy day Allen's birthday. He is 34 years old. Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure.

October Thursday 10 1918

Lovely day. Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure.

October Friday 11 1918

Beautiful day. Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure. Salome called up and said that the doctor has small hopes for Aunt Mary's recovery. There were nine deaths of influenza in Waterloo alone today.

October Saturday 12 1918

Rained this forenoon Dreary day. Ella felt tough and spent the biggest part of the day in bed Walter & Clarence were sorting potatoes all day. Clarence was down to Elmira after supper and saw Amsey King who has recently returned from France.

October Sunday 13 1918

Gloomy and cool all day. Walter, Ella and Vernon were to N. Woolwich church in the forenoon. Lizzie's friend Pte. Emerson Gowing spent the day here. Mrs. Hoffer and Alice called on us this afternoon. Lizzie and Emerson went down to Maurer's after supper.

October Monday 14 1918

Cold wind blowing Thanskgiving Day. Walter, Ella, Lizzie and Vernon went up to Krauters today. We stopped at Aunt Mary's and were glad to hear that she is somewhat improved. Edna & Lincoln moved up home last Saturday

October Tuesday 15 1918

Beautiful day Walter & Clarence were plowing and drawing manure in the morning and picked apples in the afternoon. Lizzie washed this morning and helped the men after dinner. Ella got two letters who is still at Wetley Camp. Hilliard's farm girls have the "Flu".

October Wednesday 16 1918

Lovely day. Walter Lizzie and Clarence were picking apples all day and finished up the orchard behind the barn. After supper Walter Lizzie and Clarence went down to Maurer's for some lard and apple butter Mollie had a little calf this morning.

October Thursday 17 1918

Grey misty measly day. Walter & Clarence picked the apples i the back orchard and brought all the apples in and we put some in the cellar and the men got in 1 load of mangels.

October Friday 18 1918

Beautiful day. Walter & Clarence finished up the mangels and started topping turnips Ella and Vernon went up to Mrs. Enoch Snider who is sick in bed with heart trouble

October Saturday 19 1918

Grey and misty in the morning but cleared up after dinner. Walter took a load of chopping to Elmira and in the afternoon he and Clarence worked at the turnips. Pte E. Gowing was here for supper and Lizzie went up home to Glenallen with him Jacob King spent the evening with us.

October Sunday 20 1918

Rained all forenoon but cleared up after dinner Walter, Ella and Vernon were over at N. Hoffer's for dinner and supper and had some fresh roast pork. After we went to bed we heard somebody yelling outside and here was old Mogk as mad as a wet hen and he told Walter to come fetch his cattle out of his grass field. There was a fierce wind and rain storm of about half an hour's duration.

October Monday 21 1918

Beautiful cool day. Lizzie washed in the morning and in the afternoon we made sauerkraut. Walter & Clarence visited at King's all forenoon and in the afternoon Walter helped to thresh at Enoch Snider's and Walter Clarence {written above Walter} was drawing manure.

October Tuesday 22 1918

Lovely day. Clarence helped at Enoch Snider's all day and Walter went to Elmira in the morning. The threshing outfit moved down here from Snider's after supper. Lizzie and Vernon got the beets and carrots in today and Ella was darning and mending

October Wednesday 23 1918

Fine day. Maurer's were threshing all day. The following men helped all day, John Maurer Jacob King, Wesley Miller, Louis Miller's man, Milton Miller and George Koepke. Addison Reist helped in the afternoon.

October Thursday 24 1918

Drizzly weather Maurer's finished up threshing at about 8.30 and the outfit moved down to Albert Reists' Clarence helped down there three-quarters of a day. Walter is not feeling very well.

October Friday 25 1918

Cloudy and dull. Clarence helped at Reists' till ten oclock and they were plowing for awhile and fetched in several loads of turnips.

October Saturday 26 1918

Beautiful day. Clarence & Walter were drawing in turnips all day. Mr. & Mrs. Norman King are sick with the Flu. There were two deaths in Elmira this afternoon.

{Note how the word flu is now capitalized, so it is clear that she is referring to the Spanish Flu, and not just any regular flu.}

October Sunday 27 1918

Very dull and misty. Father, Mother, Lincoln, Edna, Willard and Mildred were here for dinner and we all went up to Sim. Weaver's and stayed for tea. Father intended to stay here for a few days but Aunt Elizabeth called up and said that Aunt Mary was very poorly so Walter took him down to Elmira and Lincoln fetched him there. Pte. E. Gowing spent the day here.

October Monday 28 1918

Rained heavily this morning Cloudy and miserable all day. Aunt Mary Hahn died this morning at St. Jacobs. Walter took a load of chopping to Elmira this afternoon and they were so busy that he had to come home with out it. Dr. Faulds died in Elmira of {the word 'for' is overwitten} the Flu.

October Monday 29 1918

Cool and clear Walter went to Elmira for his chop. Lizzie washed this morning and we cleaned the store-room in the afternoon. Walter & Clarence worked at the turnips in the afternoon.

October Wednesday 30 1918

Cloudy and warm. The men worked at the turnips. Lizzie cleaned the upstairs and Ella was darning and mending. After supper we all went down to Maurer's to get some butter and found grandpa in a very argumentative mood.

October Thursday 31 1918

Drizzly and cold. Vernon's birthday. He is 6 years old. The men started at the turnips but found it was too wet as Walter went down to Ed. Ziegler's and got a cider barrel After dinner Walter sorted the apples and put them in bags and Clarence was drawing manure. We made a jack-o-lantern after supper and told Hallowe'en fortunes.

November Friday 1 1918

Cold with occasional snowstorms. Walter's birthday. He is 34 years old. Walter had to leave in time this morning to be at the Horadale cider mill at seven oclock to get some cider and apple butter made and got home at a quarter to eleven oclock They worked at the turnips all afternoon and Walter felt sick and dizzy after getting his ears pulled by Lizzie and Ella.

November Saturday 2 1918

Real fall weather. The men finished the turnips and put the apples in the cellar. Nestor Reist was here this afternoon Clarence went to Elmira after supper to get meat and groceries.

November Sunday 3 1918

Drizzly cool weather Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Hilliard Pearl, Vera and Ella came up here for dinner and supper and as it was pouring rain they stayed for the night. Pte. E. Gowing spent the day here and after supper he and Lizzie went down to Maurer's. Clarence was down at Maurer's for supper.

November Monday 4 1918

Cold and windy. After breakfast at Charlie's went home and Walter took Ella and Vernon up home to Krauter's for a week to do some sewing. Ella made two dresses for Mildred.

November Tuesday 5 1918

Beautiful day. Mother & Father went to St Jacobs to do some washing and get things ready for the sale. Ella made a velvet suit for Willard.

November Wednesday 6 1918

Lovely day. Ella was sewing all day and after supper Edna & Ella went over to Brubacher's and I telephoned home to see how they were getting along.

November Thursday 7 1918

Lovely day. Edna & Lincoln went to Kitchener after dinner and everybody down there was crazy celebrating "peace".

November Friday 8 1918

Misty and rainy. We sent two boxes of chicken, pie, cake, candies, etc. to Emerson who is overseas at Witley Camp, England. Born to Mr & Mrs Dalton Scheifele a daughter (Elizabeth Heveron)

November Saturday 9 1918

Poured rain in the morning. Cloudy & dull all day. Lincoln brought Ella and Vernon home. Walter took Lizzie home to Glenallen for a visit

November Sunday 10 1918

Gloomy day with a few snow storms We sat at home all day and rested and read. Lizzie got back in the evening.

November Monday 11 1918

Cloudy and cold. Walter took 9 little pigs to the Monthly Fair at Elmira and brought them home again. Everybody in Elmira was wild and celebrating peace. The armistice was signed today and went into effect at 11. am. At last the dreadful war is over and peace declared.

November Tuesday 12 1918

Lovely but cold. Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure.

November Wednesday 13 1918

Cold and windy with some snow. Lizzie brought the cabbage in today Walter was plowing and Clarence was drawing manure. Ed. Snider was here in the afternoon and Ino Horst after supper to see the cows

November Thursday 14 1918

Cloudy and cold. Walter was plowing all day and Clarence was drawing manure.

November Friday 15 1918

Beautiful day. Walter was plowing in the forenoon and after dinner he, Ella and Vernon went down to Conestogo and Walterloo Ella called on Mrs. Oliver Scheifele and we had supper at Hilliard's and arrived home at 12 oclock.

November Saturday 16 1918

Misty and gloomy all day. Walter spent the forenoon visiting at Wagner's and at Maurer's and plowed in the afternoon. Clarence was drawing manure all day.

November Sunday 17 1918

Misty and gloomy all day Went to church Clarence Vernon, Ella and Walter Father and Mother and Miriam were here for tea Mrs Gowing was here for the day

November Monday 18 1918

Rained all day Went to Hilliards for tea and to Kitchener in the evening took in the Show Hearts of the World stayed at Hilliard for the night. Ella went to Kitchener with Charlie went to Edna for dinner in the afternoon to the K. and W. H.

November Tuesday 19 1918

Rained nearly all day Clarence went for chop to Elmira Ella went to Kitchener with Charlie in the morning to the K.W.H. in the after noon. {Sister?} Edna and Edith went with Ella stayed till tea was ready Elmo King. visited us in the evening. Walter went to sleep.

November Wednesday 20 1918

Snowed at times quite cold all day Pah wanted to thrash Engine Broke postponed thrashing till mid-day. Clarence went to Elmira with Elmo King in the evening. Ella had her operation at the Hospital today.

{Note: It becomes clear that this entry and the few preceeding it may be written by Walter's hand, there is a marked difference in tone and script that suggests so. This coincides with Ella's surgery in the Kitchener Hospital}

November Thursday 21 1918

{Had?} a few snow-storms. Walter plowed in the forenoon went to Kitchener in the afternoon. Clarence drawing manure all day. Vernon went to Kitchener {too?}. Bert & {Mairiam - is this Walter misspelling Miriam?} went along with them.

November Friday 22 1918

Cold. Cloudy. Walter plowed all day. Clarence was Drawing manure in the forenoon, plowed in the after noon. Clarence & Walter is going to take Molly over to John L. Horst tonight.

November Saturday 23 1918

Clear & Cold. Clarence was drawing manure all day. Walter put the storm doors on and fixing the windows. Mr. Enoch Schneider {note how Walter spells Snider differently?} & Irwin was here Walter cut Irwins hair. Clarence got word on Friday night that his brother Clayton died of wounds.

November Sunday 24 1918

Clear & cold. Walter went to Kitchener this morning & Vernon Clarence & Lizzie stayed at home. Bert and Ezra Spent the after noon with us. & stayed for Tea.

November Monday 25 1918

Cold several snow storms. Walter stayed in Kitchener over night just returned today at noon. & Vernon. Clarence drawing manure all day Walter went over to John L. Horst at {illegible-erased} Yatton in this afternoon. Mr George Mogk was here to day.

November Tuesday 26 1918

Clear & Cold. Walter was out getting beef ring {illegible} he left this morning didnt return till night. Mr George Mogk was here to day. Clarence was drawing manure all day. Lizzie washed and ironed Today.

November Wednesday 27 1918

Cold several snow storms Walter went to Elmira early this morning to get the car repaired and went to Aunt Marys sale in the after noon. got home late tonight Clarence did the chores and took the gravel planks down to Maurers in the forenoon. and through some wood in the wood shed in the after noon.

November Thursday 28 1918

Rained all day. Walter entertained Albert Reist all forenoon. sold a little calf. $10.00. after dinner. Walter put the cider in the barrel, and went to Kings for coal oil. Clarence piled wood this afternoon And {illegible} some.

November Friday 29 1918

Very Changeable Rain & snow Walter and Clarence Both went to John Maurers thrashing all day. Lizzie and Vernon stayed at home & done the chores. {incorrect grammar more evidence that this is not Ella's hand} and Lizzie had a hen Hawk chase {illegible} lit on the wood pile be hind the barn.

November Saturday 30 1918

Cold nights snowed in the after noon first big snow storm Walter & Clarence helped to finish up Maurers. thrashing Ezra has got the flue. Clarence finished up the Chores Walter went over to see Mr George Mogk.

December Sunday 1 1918

Clear & very Cold. Clarence and Walter had to shovel snow. this morning. Walter went to Kitchener this afternoon. Bert has got the flue too now. Mr. Emerson Gowing Spent sunday with us.

December Monday 2 1918

Cold with Snow Clarence went to Elmira for chop. had dinner at Klincks went to St. Jacobs in the after noon for furniture. and got home at night. Walter & Vernon came home to night from Kitchener. he stayed at Mr. Albert Krauters Lizzie done the fgeeding at noon. and was getting prepared for Butchering

December Tuesday 3 1918

Cold & stormy. We butchered today. Mr Albert Reist helped & Mr {illegible} Krauter helped. Mr {illegible} Krauter stayed over night. got a letter today from Emerson Krauter.

December Wednesday 4 1918

Cold stormed all day. Walter Clarence put on the storm windows Cleaned up after the butchering. Mr. {illegible} Krauter left for home this after noon. Charlie & Mr {illegible} was here Mr Horsts boy was here Lizzie cleaned {illegible} today. Walter feels sick tonight

December Thursday 5 1918

Cold stormy. Clarence went to {illegible} Millers and did the Chores. Walter & Clarence w ent to {Dell?} Snider funeral. this after noon. Lizzie washed today. Mr Enoch Schneider t was here. in the evening.

December Friday 6 1918

Clear then {illegible} in the day started to blow. Walter & Vernon stayed over night at Holles & went to Kitchener today. Clarence did the Chores. Walter was to {Mallacks?} about the Chickens. Mr Enoch Schneider was here to use the phone theres was out of order

December Saturday 7 1918

Clear & cool. Clarence broke the road out the lane Walter just returned from Kitchener. at noon. Clarence had to take the {team?} over at Mogks. and. pull the cart across the field. Walter took Clarence to Elmira Station missed train. he went home. he landed home at supper time Walter

December Sunday 8 1918

Cloudy & some warmer. Clarence was at his home in Bridgeport Walter was home all day. Mr Emerson Gowing visited us this afternoon.

December Monday 9 1918

fair and quite warm. our sleighing is gone again Walter went to the fair this morning returned in the afternoon. Lizzie canned snow apples. Bert has the second attack of the flue, but is improving

December Tuesday 10 1918

Clear and cold. Walter did the chores and in the afternoon went to bring a new cow from {illegible}. sold Mary last night to Mr {Lichy?} for {155}: stove pipes got on fire tonight but didnt cause much confusion.

{Written above header} Frank fetched Ella from the hospital {This may be Ella's hand, inserted at a later date. The graphite is much darker than the rest of the entry.}

December Wednesday 11 1918

Rained all day We cleaned out the stovepipes first thing this morning Walter was over to Kings. for dinner he stayed. Clarence returned tonight between twelve and one o'clock. The flowers got frost Tuesday night

December Thursday 12 1918

Lovely day. Walter went to Kitchener. took the chickens & some vegetables down. Norman King was here for some oil. Clarence done the chores. Willie King & wife were at the show at Guelph came home with flue

December Friday 13 1918

Rained all day. Clarence went to L. Millers thrashing stayed all day. Something broke about the machine Walter returned tonight about four oclock. Elmo King was over today

December Saturday 14 1918

Rained all day. Walter and Clarence went to Elmira this after noon. Clarence went down to his home again for the week end. Frank took Ella out to Ediths in the evening. {This last sentence seems to be in Ella's hand.}

December Sunday 15 1918

Cloudy but {illegible} warm Walter did the Chores. we hardly knew what to do to pass the time away. after dinner {illegible} chore times. Colsons had a goose for dinner. Ella and Harold Hebel were the distinguished guests. {Again, this last sentence seems to be in Ella's hand.}

December Monday 16 1918

Lovely day. Walter did nothing but the chores all day. Lizzie baked the animal cookies. & Vernon. Clarence didn't come home today.

December Tuesday 17 1918

Beautiful morning and all day. Walter did the chores. Lizzie washed. and scrubbed up stairs. Clarence haven't returned yet Nester Reist is very sick with the flue & Pneumonia set in

{Written above header, again likely Ella's hand} Ella went to Hilliard's today

December Wednesday 18 1918

Another dourly day Walter done the chorse this forenoon Went to L. Millers thrashing this afternoon. We got a new cow today from Willie King for $103.00 Nester Reist died tonight at 6.20 oclock. Clarence haven't returned yet. We had a {illegible-prayer?} here today for {illegible-pet?}.

December Thursday 19 1918

A beautiful day. Walter went to the thrashing to help finish up. came home about four oclock. Lizzie did the {fuding?} for noon. Mr A. Gingrich was here this afternoon to look about a sow.

December Friday 20 1918

fine Day. Walter sold the two small sows to Henry geigler for $12.50. {he came?} and got them this morning. Walter baged up grain for chip this afternoon. Lizzie baked bread this morning.

December Saturday 21 1918

A nice Day. Walter left early this morning for Elmira with grain for chop. arrived home about half past four.. this after noon.

December Sunday 22 1918

few little showers of rain. misty all day. We run out of water mill wouldnt pump Walter had to pump the water for thestock Walter left for Hilliards at noon. Mr Emerson. Gowing spent sunday here. Walter got home about half past six

{Written faintly above header, again likely Ella.} Dalton Scheifele died at 8 p.m.

December Monday 23 1918

Cloudy a few snow storms. Walter did the chores. Washed the car this after noon. Albert Reist came up this after noon. Lizzie washed today. Albert wants to buy gesse {goose?}.

December Tuesday 24 1918

Snowed all day. Walter put the new rubber in the seperator and did the chores. Lizzie left for home this after noon. Ezra & Bert went up home on the train. Lizzie drove {& et?}.

December Wednesday 25

Some Snow storms. Walter did the Chores and went up to Enoch Schneiders for Christmas dinner {Transitions into Ella's hand} Hilliard's had turkey for. dinner. Pearl sent it from Alberta. Ella and Aaron Scheifele were the only guests.

December Thursday 26 1918

Lovely day. Walter did the chores all day. Lizzie arrived home at noon Dalton Schiefley {note the different spelling} was buried today. {In Ella's hand} All of Hilliard's went to the funeral and Ella kept the fires going.

December Friday 27 1918

Walter did the chores. and went down to {L?}. Wagners. to look at some horses. Vernon went along. {In Ella's hand} Ella went up to Isaac Holle's

{Written sloppily above and within the header, wrapping around Walter's writing - Ella's hand.} Ella came back to Hilliards' in the evening. Charlie's folks were up from Waterloo

December Saturday 28 1918

Cold & Snowed Walter did the chores & drew out twelve loads of manure Mr. Cambell was here for to buy some pigs & wanted a horse trade Clarence returned tonight.

December Sunday 29 1918

Dull and Cloudy We were all home. all day no one came. {In Ella's hand} Ella, Mr. & Mrs. Hilliard were up at Oliver Schiefeles for a goose roast. Laura is not very well

December Monday 30 1918

Dull dreary Day. Clarence did the Chores., Walter went up to Enoch Schneiders they both went up to {illegible} to trade horses, but they made a deal for {doll?} on a cow & a calf. this happened on Tuesday.

December Tuesday 31 1918

Some Snow storms. Walter went to Conestogo on Monday and got home about eight o'clock or a little after. his father went along and brought the turkey. this happened on Monday. the day I made a mistake in


{In Ella's hand} Jan 1. 1919. Mrs. Hilliard went down to Waterloo in the morning to see Dr. Hilliard. Walter, Vernon and Clarence went down to Maurer's for a turkey dinner. Arletta sent it to them.

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  6 7 8 3 5 3 6 7 8
  3 4 6 7 3 8 9 2 8
  7 8 3 7 6 5 4 3 7
5 7 4 2 1 5 6 0 3 4
9 2 4 6 8 0 3 1 5 6 9
1 8 6 3 2 9 7 5 7 8 2
7 3 8 3 5 0 5 5 7 8 7
  3 8 7 5 3 6 4 8 0.25  
  7 6 3 8 7 3 8 4 5.00  
  3 5 7 3 6 7 3 6



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  3 2 8 6 7 8 7 2 5.00  
  7 6 4 8 3 6 7 8    
  3 8 9 2 8 7 6 3    
  7 6 4 3 7 8 7 8    
4 2 4 2 5 8 7 4 8    

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