Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1907 Pond Lilies


Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1907 Pond Lilies


Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper


Courtesy of Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph




20th Century, York County, Vaughan Township, Ontario

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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary Collection


Scanned Manuscript



Pond Lulies

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Diary 1908

wed jan 1. new year day, fine day a little colder. mother and girls also willie and his family hire to speed the day. aisten Robinson and Miss Richardson here for tea, aunt matter not at home.

Thur jan 2. fine day a little colder limit to auntir to w.a, and brought gimmie back, mr and mrs.lohnson here for tia.

Fri jan 3. fine, day thawing a little i wasn't to fall and we amnai teadale fred reid hrlping evelit.

sat jan 4. Rathers stormy in thr morning.uknow took me in the rint, the iee rather soft.

sun jan 5. Beautiful day. frosty. eimlel and auntir at church. i wasn't to lraginel and fine s driel. Iam Rid Earmei out at night.

Mon jan 6, fine day. im in Jormte with faerdy. im fatt here for tea.

tue jan 7. fine and quit mild. aunt nellie went to loorrti and aunt mathi and she came home in the evening. the men at willie thrashing in the afternoon.

wed jan 8. fine and mild, williis finshed thrashing, the machines came over here the men did not stay at night,

thur jan 9. fine but very cold, we thrashid. finished early.

fri jan 10. fine but cold east wind. men cutting feed until noon.

sat jan 11, uncle awat at kesuiret. i want to mothese for tia and to the rint came home with e,s

sun jan 12, snowing all day, my rough and sluting. we wrm not out all day,

mon jan 13, fine day, good slizhing, uncle and auntie tooks the cleork to Richmond hill.

tue jan 14, fine day, uncle brought mrs watom and mary also mother for tia. auntu nellie went over ti keep the children while mary and willie were in termto.

wed jan 15, fine day, uncle in forests in the afternoon,

thur jan 16, high uimed and fluentery, aunt nillie at willie in the afternoon.

fri jan 17, fine day and moderately cold. i want to termto

sat jan 18, fine but high wind and drifting. our lane pretty full. we all want to motherse for the and to the irnd, aunt matthir and i walked up lane.

sun jan 19, fine but bold. i want to fishmill, uncle aunt mallie and i at evening church. ainti and i walked to the road.

mon jan 20, fine day and mildrs. lizzie walked not to spond the day. we took her hime in the evening,

tue jan 21, fine but very mild all sloppy. mrs would and hime northgrame here. mr and mrs also mrs any and mr here for tia,

wed jan 22. fine day a little colder. caught the mink. uncle took it down ti george ferdale. uncle took me ti the carnival. a big aernes, aunties at willies in. masgini came home with them/.

thur jan 23, very stormy all day. we were at home.

Fri Jan 24, Fine day. 2 below zero. this morning. we all were at mr tradale for tia.

Sat jan 25, Fine and moderately cold, uncles in front in the afternoon, i wont out to the rink in prey fish here trade.

Sun Jan 26, stroming all day. uncles and aunt nelli at church willie here for tia not very good getting out late.

Mon Jan 27, Blowing and driffting all day the lane is slienced ti wash in the snow for finsh.

Tue Jan 28, Blowing and snowing a little, uncle dug the lane and out and made road through the frilds.

Wed Jan 29, Fine but very cold about 10 below zero. uncle at mrs dinshed mr and mrs white called in the evening i have a bad cold.

Thur Jan 30, Fine but very cold 19 below zero auntie very helping mary in the afternoon uncle at horn hill, i went out ti mothers only 14 below at whsoreship.

Fri Jan 31, Fine and milder, until evening an east wind got up my cold hils

Sat Feb 1, very stromy at field them elared and a little mildes, very deep snow uncke making traeler. started to drift in the evening could wont go to the rink to stromy.

Sun Feb 2, Drifting and bloming all day, to bad to go to chured. filled in the cut at this end.

Mon Feb 3. a little Flustry . uncle digging snow in the morninf the took aunt mathue and mary to miss johnson.

Tue Feb 4, Very very cold 18 below zero at the oferatory and 20 and 22 below snow places out here, and aunt mattie went to tormonto in the afternoon the latter semanerd.

Wed Feb 5, Dreadful storm and cold east wind drifiting and snowing all day. williie and mary wind is in the morning mr train up at night.

Thue Feb 6, Drifiting a liitle a day. me train up in the morning our roadways are full. we have no road out willie got home at night.

Fri Feb 7, Fine but cold. uncle dug gatine but the train in we got out about five uncle mattie earn is thornhill in the afternoon on the forest war up.

Sat Feb 8, very, very cold. aunt mathie walked hime in the morning uncle took miss out in the aftenoon i went to this pink and remained at matherd this sideroad fairly giid but the others dreadful.

Sun Feb 9, Fine bright day little middle i went up to church uncle and aunt nelli then i went to fisherwillie in the afternoon.

Mon feb 10, Fine, day quite mild. i went to formli we in the house first time. Ruttle 25

Thur Feb 11, Fine mild day. the snow setting a little. aunt mattie called mrs at willlies for a little wlhile.

Wed feb 12, Fine untill evening it came a little snow, uncle in fernite i went to the racing carnival jim fisher took the lead.

Thur Feb 13, Fine but very mild and sloppy.

Fri Feb 14, Very mild started to snow about these and evening all night, we had our serial. 46:25 st valrn times night uncle aunt nellie and i used

Sat Feb 15, imed a little then colders and very stromy all afternoon and evening.

Sun Feb 16, Fine and moderatly cold. i want to fishmill. uncle aunt mattie and at evening chrch.

Mon Feb 17, Fine day. we washed and chursed outside. i was over at willies for a while in the afternooon,

Tue Feb 18, Fine day moderately cold. i have a cold.

Wed Feb 19, a very bad east storm. Blocked mrs laneway up.

Thur Feb 20, Fine day uncle digging snow nearly all dau.

Fri Feb 21, a little sqwawly. uncle and aunt mathi took the fritte out 12

Sat Feb 22, Fine day cold and night. we all went to willies to dimmers at night it being their nith anniversary i wentout with them to the point and came home in the lead.

14 PIneapples 1.75





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miss cooper











Dr.Thomas C.Schlfield died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs.M.A. St. Claire, 52 Avenue road, following a stroke of paralysis. suffered six weeks ago. He was a graduate in arts and medi-cine of McGill University, Montreal, a! career was spent in Bond head and Thornhill, Ont.

The funeral will take place on saturday, afternoon from 52 Avenue road to Thornhill.

Miss Anna Lillian Riddell.

Tuesday, February 27. Anna Li-

Rio L and P. .. 114 1/2 115 1/2 114 1/2 115 1/2 660

Saw - Massey Pfd. 94 .. .. .. 10

Quebec Ry .. .. 49 57 1/2 49 57 1/2 560

Paint .. .... .... 36 .. .. .. 15

Smart Bag pr . .. 100 .. .. .. 10

Shaw W & P .. 126 .. .. .. 36

Toronto Ry 133 1/2 35

Twin City 106 106 1/2 106 1061/2 10


Merchants 197 1/2 2

Montreal 249 1/2 250 249 250 210

Ottawa 208 208 2071/4 2071 1/4 23

Toronto 208 1/2 10

Royal 233

Union 157 10


Black Lake 24


91. Boyd Farm, 71 acres; Camp Farm, 29 acres; bought by Robins, Ltd., and not to be subdivided.

92. A. Grant Farm, 90 acres; bought by Robins, Ltd., not for immediate subdivision.

93. P. Milne Farm, 180 acres; bought by Robins Ltf., not for immediate subdivision.

94. Mrs. Bell Farm of 110 acres; bought by Robins, Ltd., and not for immediate subdivision.

95. S. Turner Farm of 60 acres; bought by Robins, Ltd., and not for immediate subdivision.

96. A. Mather Farm of 160 acres; bought by Home Smith at $500 an acre.

97. Jesse Cain Farm of 30 acres; sold at $1,000 an acre.

98. James Wardlaw Farm of 100 acres; sold to Dr. Irwin of Weston for $20,000.

99. J. Watson Farm of 150 acres; sold to the Dovercourt Land & Savings Co., at $1,800 an acre, or $270,000.

100 and 101. Gracey and Coulter Farms; optio held by Goulding & Hamilton.

102. Marshall Farm; bought by C. Garfunkel of Neepawa street, 40 acres.

103. Six farms, comprising 600 acres; bought by Sir Henry Pellatt, including farms of S. Maclean, H. Wardlaw, T. Riley, Weston Improvement Co., Th. Halley, and D. Rowntree.

104. O. Bales Farm; sold to Dr. Burce Macdonald for $60,000; in all 126 acres.

105. Block of about 1,200 acres of land, said to be held by Canadian Northern Railway for purposes of a freight yard and model townsite.

106. Donalands, property of W. F. Maclean, M.P.; about 1,000 acres.

107. Major Wadsworth Farm 300 acres; bought by Securities, Ltd.

108. Jackson Farm, 95 acres; sold to Col. A. E. Gooderham.

109. A. Mercer Farm, 150 acres; sold for $27,000.

110. C. Mercer Farm 90 acres; sold for $25,000.

111. Jno. Jefferson Farm, 100 acres; sold for $16,000.

112. A, Kingdon Farmm, 100 acres; sold for $23,000.

113. Newlove Bros.' Farm, 100 acres; sold for $20.000.

115. Jas Nesbitt Farm; sold to Robins, Ltd., 200 acres, for $43,800.

116. A. G. Goulding Farm; sold at about $45,000, in all 200 acres, now reselling at from $300 to $400 an acre.

117. T. A. Russell property, 40 acres; bought from Isaac Harrison.

118. Grandview, laid out and sold by Jackson and James 22 years ago at the time of the boom for garden plots from $250 to $300 an acre.

119. The Hartley Farm, 225 acres; sold to Sir H. M. Pellat for $40,000.

120. F. McMahon Farm, 100 acres; sold at $500 per acre.

121. Mason Estate, 132 acres; sold for $39.600.

130. Block B, Plan 1255. To be opened by A. O. White of the Commercial Realty Co., at $30 per square foot.

131. T. Johnson Farm, 12 acres; sold to Mrs. E. Ewing for $16,000.

132. Wells Farm, 11 acres; sold to Keystone Land Co. for $16,000.

133. Cook Estate, 50 acres; sold to H. A. Scott of Listowel for $50,000.

134. Farm of Fred and David Mulholland, 150 acres; sold to syndicate for $110,00.

135. F. & D.Mulholland property, 150 acres; syndicate has option for $115,000.

136. Armour Estate, 70 acres; sold to Robins Limited; not on market.

138. Umbleby Farm, 30 acres; sold by Keystone Lands, Ltd.

139. C. Cockshutt farm of 100 acres: sold at $800 an acre, or $80,000.

141. Scott Estate of 70 acres; sold by messrs. Goulding & Hamilton at $150,000.

142. A five-acre subdivision, owned by W. N. McEachren & C0., selling at $20 per foot.


cured its future parks at a very low figure. London City Council in England has purchased large tracts of land for park purposes far ahead of present requirements, looking foward to still greater developement of that great city"

Buy Land in the Right Place

"The workingman must build where land is cheap, and there are districts where land can be purchased, but not very near to transportation. When the workingman buys a lot and builds a home, he is making a splendid investment. We sold land in the north-west district to workingmen at $5.00 to $7.00 per foot, and while we made a profit, the workingmen in most cases could double their money on their original investment. Real estate is as good an investment to-day as ever, only. My advice is buy in the right place."


That is Explanation of Wreck Given by Witnesses.

Milton, May 1. - The inquest on the accident on the G.T.R. near George town a week ago Sunday, in which Thomas Currah, farmer, of Bright and J.D. Corry, brakeman, of Palmerston, lost their lives was continued at George town. The driver and fireman of the light engine which ran into the cattle train swore that it had been coupled to the rear of the train from Acton to a short distance from the scene of the accident when it became uncoupled. They supposed that the coupling was faulty.

A Blow at The White Plague

Just think what it would mean if even half the deaths from the consumption could be avoided. It is surely not too much to claim that at least this many cases are directly due to neglect to cure colds. It is a simple matter to control a cold when you have Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine in the house for prompt use when the first symptoms appear. Many thousands have found this out by experience, and this is why no treatment for coughs and colds has anything like the sale in this country that this well known medicine has. Croup, bronchitis, whooping cough, sore throat and chest colds soon yield to the healing, soothing influence of this great medicine. You can readily prove this, and will then understand why this treatment is so popular.
seen. The stimulus to such as being furnished by the demand building lots to house the increase Toronto's population. Any the man is forced to the conclusion the condition of the working man even of the middle-class man, plorable. Either he and his family paying a rent too high for their or they are living in three cramped rooms in a flat with no opportunity for their child development. "Those whose are opening up the urban districts for building lots ing therefore a philanthropic even if their aims are entirely mercial. They are supplying cilities for every man to own his an ambition which should be alike by all. "This is unquestionably year. Toronto together with is advancing rapidly in population. Last year's increase was 33,00 we already have indications the increase in 1912 will be the greatest record. "We have from seven to two quiries for houses to rent the demand cannot be met. unforeseen calamities such American war, I should say market is pretty safe for another or four years. Such an upon the fact that men in Land are becoming disgusted conditions there, and are coming ada in thousands bringing th lish wealth with them. Toronto to get her portion; Ontario whatever benefits Ontario is benefit Toronto. I should not prised to see this city add 40,000 population in 1912"

Fought Bull With Pocket

Canadian Press Despate Regina, Sask., April 30. - With inch jack - knife, J. S. Bell, a Regina grain - grower, fought life nearly an hour with an in bull in his pasture last night. gored to death, expiring an help arrived. He grabbed the bull the horns and stabbed him throat, but each time was sha and again attacked.


Reported at Name.

New York.......K. W. der Grosse

New York.......San Guglielmo..

New York....... Finland........

New York.......Minnentonka....


Boston............Graf Waldersee




Delagoa Bay....Melville.......

Hong Kong .....Empress of Jap

...... ..... V

Sun Feb 23. Fine day. Uncle and Auntie at church. I did not go out.

Mon Feb 24. Fine day cold. I went to Mr Teasdales to skate and stayed tea.

Tue Feb 25. Fine day, East wind, Aunties went to Toronto. Aunt Mattie remained to go to Whitby to {illegible}. Willie here to help Uncle.

Wed Feb 26. Mild day came a heavy fall of snow last night very wet. Uncle in Toronto. Willie came over to do the chores. Mr and Mrs Gibson called.

Thur Feb 27. Fine and quite cold. Uncle in Toronto. We went over to help Mary to quilt in the afternoon.

Fri Feb 28. Fine quite cold. Armie came over for a little while in the afternoon. Armie, Clara and Frank Teasdale also Lily Maggie and Charlie Sinder here for tea.

Sat Feb 29. Fine and moderately cold. Uncle and I at Thornhill brought Mother home for the afternoon. I went to the Leap Year Carnival in the load.

Sun Mar 1. East storm flowing and drifting all day. Uncle and Auntie at church.

Mon Mar 2. Fine but cold. Uncle digging snow. We went in the sleigh when he was making the road.

Tue Mar 3. Fine but cold. Uncle took Auntie to Mr Whites collecting Missionary Money.

Wed Mar 4. Fine day a little {illegible}. Willeis here for tea. I went for to skate in the load. Hard Times Carnival.

Thur Mar 5. Beautiful day. Uncle took me to W.A. Meeting.

Fri Mar 6. Rained and snowed, very soft. then turned a little colder at night.

Sat Mar 7. Fine day. the children here in the afternoon Uncle in Toronto. I walked out to the Rink the Uncle brought Lizzie and I home.

Sun Mar 8. Fine day mild. Uncle and Auntie at church. Lizzie and I at {illegible} and at League in the evening. Uncle and Auntie at Willeis in the evening.

Mon Mar 9. Fine but much colder. We took Lizzie home in the evening. I have a sore eye.

Tue Mar 10. Fine day and mild. men here for {straw?}.

Wed Mar 11. Fine day. Aunt Mattie and I went to Toronto met Aunt Nellie who had came from Whitby.

Thur Mar 12. Fine day and mild. Uncle at Thornhill in the eve.

Fri Mar 13. Fine and mild, roads a little sloppy. Aunt M and I at

Sat Mar 14. At Thornhill in afternoon Uncle in Toronto. had tea at Mothers rained in the evening. I did not stay for the Rink. Aunt Mattie finished collecting in the Village.

Sun Mar 15. Rained heavily most of the day. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at evening church. water over the road. our field very bad.

Mon Mar 16. A little colder and blustery. water still over the road. I got to the shore by halling in the field side.

Tue Mar 17. Fine and cold. We went for a little drive in the Sleigh in the afternoon.

Wed Mar 18. Fine until evening came a little East rain. Mr Martins Sale. Uncle and Auntie at Mr Atkinsons

Thur Mar 19. Fine but cold. men here digging the lane out Uncle took Aunties to an extra W.A. quilting. Annie came back with him for the afternoon.

Fri Mar 20. Fine bright day. Went for a little drive in the afternoon. Aunt Mattie went to Aunt Lizzies. Charlie cut his head on the ice. First egg today

Sat Mar 21. Fine bright day. Uncle in Toronto. I walked out to the Rink and came home with Uncle, the ice fairly good, for skating.

Sun Mar 22. Fine and mild, the roads sloppy and watery. Robin here {written in left margin} Uncle and Auntie at Mr Bales for tea. I went to Mothers. Some buggies out on young Street.

Mon Mar 23. Fine day. water over the road but could get across. Uncle at Willies and brought Grant home some buggies out. Tom Reid here to hire.

Tue Mar 24. Fine and colder. at home with exception of going to store. our first eggs for tea.

Wed Mar 25. Fine but very cold East wind. we took Grant home. then went for Coal Oil and flour

Thur Mar 26. Fine warm day. water highest of the season. I went to Toronto in the afternoon. bought Silk for blouse and a hat.

Fri Mar 27. Fine until evening came a {sleet?} storm. Mick earned out and Uncle went to Toronto to stay over night.

Sat Mar 28. Fine moderately warm. water over the road. Mick letting water off on the road. Uncle came home in the afternoon. I went to store in the evening water not very deep. Uncle took Mick home. Skating at the Rink

Sun Mar 29. Fine day. Uncle and I at church. we went over to {Wellies?} and brought them for tea. water not running over the roads. The black birds here. Charlie stayed.

Mon Mar 30. Fine day moderately warm. {Armie?} came out. Uncle brought a pup home.

Tue Mar 31. Rained a little. We took {Armie?} home in the after-noon quite mild.

Wed Apr 1. April Fool Day. cold East wind. Uncle took me to Miss Johnsons with material

Thur Apr 2. A very cold wind and snow flurries. too {blustery?} to go to W.A. I went to {Welleis?} and Charlie went home.

Fri Apr 3. Fine but very, very, cold. We went out to meet Aunt Mattie. A hard frost at night.

Sat Apr 4. Fine but cold. Mr Larose here for {peas?}. good skating the last of the season. I went to Pollie Johnsons to be fitted.

Sun Apr 5. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. I went to Fisherville it rained heavily in the afternoon.

Mon Apr 6. Fine day. Washed for house cleaning.

Tue Apr 7. Fine warm day. We cleaned our cellar. I went to Mr Teasdales for tea. night of Thornhill robbers.

Wed Apr 8. Cold East rain and sleet. We cleaned clothes closets and bureau Drawers. froze hard at night.

Thur Apr 9. Fine day. cold but bright. I went to Toronto had my tooth filled. stayed at Alices over night.

Fri Apr 10. Fine day a little warmer. I came home in the afternoon from Toronto.

Sat Apr 11. Fine but very cold windy day.

Sun Apr 12. Fine moderately cold. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. We went to Willeis for tea. Charlie came.

Mon Apr 13. Fine day. We cleaned the chamber. Charlie went home.

Tue Apr 14. Fine and warm. We put in a little garden.

Tue Apr 14. Fine and warm. Washed and cleaned back Kitchen. We went to Mr Jakes in the evening. the {illegible} are out for the first.

Wed Apr 15. Came a little shower. Aunties went to Toronto for the day. got my mauve blouse home.

Thur Apr 16. Fine but not very warm. I went to Mary's in the afternoon. Mayorie came over to stay.

Fri Apr 17. Good Friday. fine bright day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and Mayorie at church. at home rest of the day.

Sat Apr 18. Rained in the morning. Uncle in Toronto in the afternoon.

Sun Apr 19. Cold and black. Easter Sunday. too muddy and dull to wear Easter hat and suit. at home rest of day. lot Coal feeder out.

Mon Apr 20. Easter Monday. About four or five inches of snow Uncle at {Vestry?} Meeting. Tom started work at noon We cleaned spare room upstairs and took down Coal pipes. too snowy to take up Carpets.

Tue Apr 21. Fine but cold. We cleaned and took up Uncles carpet and now finished upstairs.

Wed Apr 22. Rained in the morning cleared and turned warmer. Uncle and Tom helping to more church shed. We cleaned the parlor and spare bed room.

Thur Apr 23. Fine and warm. took Coal feeder out cleaned pantry {etc?}. Aunt Nellie has a sore eye.

Fri Apr 24. Fine and warm. We cleaned dining room. all done now but Kitchen. The men taking the {illegible} net. I took a basket of apples to Miss Phillips.

Sat Apr 25. Rained heavily in the morning. I went over to help Mary. Uncle in Toronto.

Sun Apr 26. Fine day. beautiful and warm. We went to morning church. I went to Fisherville. Clara Leandale came home with me and we went to League in the evening. Dr. Campbell here for tea. I {illegible} my new suit (1.C.)

Mon Apr 27. Came a little shower. Uncle in Toronto. Aunt Nellie over at Mary's. - Washed a big washing after cleaning. Tom started to work on the land.

Tue Apr 28. Dull and colder. men working in the land.

Wed Apr 29. Dull and cold. the men doing a little seeding but is not very fit. Aunt Nellie at Mary's in the afternoon, the boys here for dinner.

Thur Apr 30. Cold and at noon, started to snow, very slushy. I went to Toronto. Uncle met me at the car.

Fri May 1. Fine but cool. Uncle in Toronto.

Sat May 2. Rained heavily all morning then cleared. I went over to help Mary. Lizzie there.

Sun May 3. Fine day. Aunt Mattie walked out to Mothers. I went to Fisherville. Went to evening church. I walked home with Aunt Mattie.

Mon May 4. Fine and warmer. men seeding again. washed quilt.

Tue May 5. Fine day. we did up parlor Curtains.

Wed May 6. Cold and showery. Aunt Nellie went to W.A. Meeting in Toronto. Uncle brought Mother and {illegible} {illegible} out to spend the day.

Thur May 7. Rained heavily all day. cold. East rain. men in all day.

Fri May 8. Rained heavily then cleared at noon. everything very wet.

Sat May 9. Fine but windy. Nellie came for me as Mary is in bed. I stayed over night. Mayorie came over.

Sun May 10. Fine bright day. I came home in the morning. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at church. Willies all here for tea.

Mon May 11. Fine warm day high wind. churned the first time. 10 lbs.

Tue May 12. Rained a little high wind then cleared and fine and warm at night. We went to Mr Browns for Duck eggs. went in our dress waists. done seeding all but peas.

Wed May 13. Fine with just a little shower. Auntie at Mary's in the afternoon. Uncle cut lawn for the first.

Thur May 14. A little shower in the morning. Aunt Nellie came home in the afternoon.

Wed Fri May 15. Rained heavily in the morning. Auntie at Marys for a while helping. I walked to Mothers in the afternoon and got my {illegible} blouse tucked.

Sat May 16. Fine and warmer. I finished my blouse. came a thunder storm in the evening.

Sun May 17. Beautiful warm day. Willie and Uncle went for a walk in the morning. Lizzie came out. I went to Fisherville. the rest went for a walk. We all went to evening church. Lizzie and I walked out and Aunt Mattie and I walked home.

Mon May 18. Fine and very warm. We took our stove net at noon. Mr Leandale and Armie called in the morning. Miss Phillips brought {illegible}. We took her a basket of apples in the eve.

Tue May 19. Rained in the afternoon and evening. We cleaned the Kitchen. Uncle at Mr {illegible} funeral. We went to {illegible}. 19 Candidates. 12 from Thornhill.

Wed May 20. Dull and very damp. We helped Mary clean her back Kitchen. Uncle brought Pineapple home. 14 for 1.75.

Thur May 21. Rained heavily then cleared. We {earned?} Pineapples.

Fri May 22. Rained a little then cleared and very warm.

Sat May 23. Fine and quite warm. Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto. went in blouses without jackets. We called at Mrs. Charltons 127 Beatrice St. We had tea at {Alies?}. Mr. Charlton Sr got hurt.

Sun May 24. Fine warm day sitting out on Verandah. Aunt Nellie Uncle and I at church. Lizzie came home with us we went to League with Lizzie. Mr and Mrs {illegible} here for tea. took I home.

Mon May 25. Fine warm day. We all spent the day at Mothers

Tue May 26. Warm and showery a thunder storm in the evening. Aunt Mattie went to had lunch at Aunt Lizzie with Emma.

Wed May 27. Fine with extreme heat and {illegible}

Thur May 28. Fine but very, very warm. I drove with Mary to Mr. Poole's. The {illegible} and Miss Beatty here to tea.

Fri May 29. Very warm. at moon a thunder storm. Uncle and I at Thornhill in the evening. butter down to 20 {illegible} a {illegible}.

Sat May 30. Dull and showery, very heavy thunder storm in the evening.

Sun May 31. Cooler and showery at times. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church.

Mon June 1. Nomination Day. fine and cool. Armie came out in the afternoon she and I went to a Social at Henry Fishers.

Tue June 2. Fine and cool. Armie went home. Aunt Mattie and I walked out to call at Mrs Breakey's and Mrs John's. C. Leandale called in eve.

Wed June 3. Fine and cool. Aunt Mattie went over to help Mary. Uncle up North on the cars. Charlie {Teasdale?} here in the evening. Put in the last of our peas.

Thur June 4. Fine and a little warmer. Aunties at W.A. at Mrs {illegible}. The boy's over for a while.

Fri June 5. Fine and moderately warm. Butcher called for first.

Sat June 6. Fine but warm. The men planted the Roots - we put our seeds and Tomatoes in.

Sun June 7. Fine but extremely warm. Whit Sunday we did not have any rain. Mr and Mrs Bales and little boy here for tea. also little Charlie Cooper. no rain for a week. roads dusty.

Mon June 8. Fine but very, very warm. Election Day Godfrey elected with 1500 majority. {illegible} Whitney 70.

Tue June 9. Fine day cool. Alice came in the evening.

Wed June 10. Fine and quite cold. Aunt Lizzie and {illegible} came to spend the day. Uncle took Aunt Lizzie to station and I walked with {illegible}.

Thur June 11. Fine and cool. Mary and the children here for tea. Alice went home.

Fri June 12. Fine and cool. Aunt Mattie over helping Mary. Mr Gibson is here for tea. roads frightfully dusty.

Sat June 13. Fine but warmer. We called at Mr {Clarkes?} in eve.

Sun June 14. Dull and {illegible}. came shower in the afternoon. Mr and Mrs {Revie?} here to spend the day. I went to League in the evening.

Mon June 15. Fine and very cool. I went to Toronto called to see Aunt {Naney?}. I got fathers picture.

Tue June 16. Fine and cool. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mr Leandales in the evening.

Wed June 17. Fine and cool. Uncle went to the {illegible}. Auntie took him to the car and brought Mother out. Lizzie came in the afternoon.

Thur June 18. Fine and moderately cool. Mary and the children here for tea. Mr Leandale and the boys here in the evening.

Fri June 19. Very hot. I walked to Thornhill intending to go to Bondo Lake with the M S. S. but they did not go. Came a thunder storm in the eve.

Sat June 20. Fine but very warm. I went over to help Mary.

Sun June 21. Rained heavily for a short time about four o'clock. We were all over at Willeis, Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church in eve.

Mon June 22. Fine and very warm then turned cooler in the afternoon. Rained at night.

Tue June 23. Rained very heavily and dreadful storm about 2 O'Clock. our men started in the barn yard.

Wed June 24. Fine and quite cool in the afternoon. Uncle in Toronto in the afternoon. Tom at Gordons. Raining. Mary and the children here for a while. Mr Leandale and Armie here for tea. Uncle got our straw berries 6 1/2 {illegible} {illegible} berries.

Thur June 25. Fine and quite cool.

Fri June 26. Fine a little warmer. We all went to Mr. Leandale for teas for berries.

Sat June 27. Fine but very warm. I went to Maple with the SS Premie. 38 went in all. Tom at Mr Wittye raising. {illegible} at {Pearsonne?}.

Sun June 28. Fine but very, very warm. Uncle and Auntie at morning church. Then Uncle Auntie Mattie and I at evening church.

Mon June 29. Fine but warm.

Tue June 30. SS {illegible} to Jackoons Pt. lanes to- 35 {illegible}. We all went to Edgely Premie. I went with Willies.

Wed July 1. Fine but warm. Lizzie here to spend the day. Mr {Beakey?} called in the evening picked green peas. Ella Heron married.

Thur July 2. Fine and warm. Auntie called on Mrs {illegible}.

Fri July 3. Fine and moderately cool. Aunt Mattie and Mother in Toronto. Uncle and I went to meet her in the evening.

Sat July 4. Rained a little in the morning. very sultry. Tom at Mr Reul Keffers raising in afternoon. men finished manure. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Thornhill in the evening. A very heavy storm through the night.

Sun July 5. Fine very warm. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church. I went to Fisherville and to League. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at evening church.

Mon July 6. Very, very warm. men cut the yard and orchard.

Tue July 7. Harvest day this year. Uncle in Toronto. A thunder storm in the afternoon then very cool in the evening.

Wed July 8. Very cool and fine. went to Willies bush in the afternoon. got 3 {illegible} berries. I walked out to Mr Gibsons in the evening. Mr and Mrs Langstaff and Mr Little here in the evening. Marjorie here for tea. Mr Gibson called in eve.

Thur July 9. Fine and moderately warm. Aunt Nellie and I went to Wrights bush. picked 5 {illegible} 1 {illegible} berries not very plentiful.

Fri July 10. Fine and warm. Armie called over and had tea.

Sat July 11. Very warm. Uncle at Thornhill in the morning. Cut hay in the afternoon the first in field.

Sun July 12. Very warm until evening. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mr Reives. Aunt Nellie at church Orangemens Lermon. I went to League, Willies here in the evening.

Mon July 13. Men working at hay. Mick here. Aunt Nellie picking berries. nearly 4 {illegible}.

Tue July 14. Fine and moderately cool. at the hay.

Wed July 15. Fine day Aunt Mattie and I went berrying we got 6 {illegible}. very cool.

Thur July 16. Fine a little warmer. I went to Toronto got {illegible} while {illegible} $1.90- I went to Mr Leandales for tea and up to Camp Meeting. men haying.

Fri July 17. Rained heavily all day. Mick went home at night. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Campe Meeting.

Sat July 18. Very hot and sultry. Tom went to Toronto. everything very wet. Uncle went to Thornhill in the evening to meet Tom Fare. I rode out and walked to meet Tom Fare. I rode out and walked home. called to ask for Miss Wileau. Aunt Nellie picked a few berries.

Sun July 19. Fine and moderately warm. I went to Camp Meeting with Willies Stella Witty emersed. Aunties and I went in the evening. Uncle took Tom home.

Mon July 20. Fine a little warmer. I went picking berries and got 49 {to?}, the men at the hay again.

Tue July 21. Rained in the morning. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Thornhill in the afternoon brought {Armie?} home. She Aunt Mattie and I at Camp Meeting they closed.

Wed July 22. Fine but warm Auntie went home. the boys here for tea. picked cherries.

Thur July 23. Fine day moderately warm. Aunt Nellie walked to Thornhill in the evening. got black {illegible} at Mary {Watons?}.

Fri July 24. Fine day. men finished haying and got the {binder?} out.

Sat July 25. Fine. Started cutting wheat. {Armie?} came out. Mother and Lizzie left for Parry {Srund?}.

Sun July 26. Fine but warm. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at church. {Armie?} and I at {Bonend}, Nellie all here for tea also Mr and Mrs. {illegible}. {Armie?} and I at League.

Mon July 27. Fine but very warm. Charlie and {Brant?} here. Aunt Nellie and {Armie} called at Mr. McDonalds in the evening.

Tue July 28. Fine but very warm. 90 Degrees. Mr {Heron} and Miss {Bray?} here for tea.

Wed July 29. Very hot 92 Degrees. Men cutting barley. Armie went to Willies we called at Miss Duncans in the evening.

Thur July 30. Fine and still warm.

Fri July 31. Fine and turning cool in the evening. Willies men all here drawing Wheat. We went over to Willies in the evening.

Sat Aug 1. Fine and moderately warm. men at Willeis drawing Wheat. Mr Leandale and Armie called in the afternoon.

Sun Aug 2. Fine day very dusty. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church. Fisherville in the afternoon myself. went over to Willeis in the evening.

Mon Aug 3. Fine and very warm. men finished cutting Barley then went to Willeis in afternoon.

Tue Aug 4. Fine until night very sultry men finished hauling Willeis barley and came over here at four Oclock.

Wed Aug 5. Rained heavily all last night. We thought it was too wet to go to the Falls. Uncle and I took butter out to Thornhill. Miss {illegible} also Mr Straw buried. Armie and Marjorie here for tea. Uncle went to Toronto in the evening.

Thur Aug 6. Fine and moderately warm. Aunties also Armie Mary and the children at {illegible} Beech. Men started to cut Oats in the afternoon.

Fri Aug 7. Fine with the exception of a little shower in the afternoon. Frank and Clara Leandale brought us a basket of apples in the evening.

Sat Aug 8. Fine and very cool. finished cutting Oats and put the bender away in the middle of the afternoon. It was out just two weeks.

Sun Aug 9. Fine and moderately warm. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. I went to Fisherville. I walked out to Thornhill. M. {illegible} at night.

Mon Aug 10. Fine day. men finished hauling our barley.

Tue Aug 11. Very warm. Aunt Mattie went to Toronto in the afternoon to Aunt Lizzie.

Wed Aug 12. Rained heavily all afternoon. Aunt Mattie came home in the evening.

Thur Aug 13. Rained a little and dull all day.

Fri Aug 14. Very warm and {illegible}. too wet to harvest.

Sat Aug 15. Fine and cool. Arthur {illegible} here for the day. Lizzie here for tea. also Armie Leandale. Our men got a few loads {illegible}.

Sun Aug 16. Fine dull and cool. We went to evening church.

Mon Aug 17. Fine day. Willeis are thrashing turned cool at night.

Tue Aug 18. Fine and very cool. We are thrashing. Arthur {illegible} here. Mr and Mrs Gibsons here for to cal. Mrs Clarke brought corn.

Thur Aug 20. Fine and cool. finished hauling in Oats at noon and went to Willies. Cut our Hungarian yesterday

Fri Aug 21. Fine and cool. Men at Willies. I walked out to Mothers in the afternoon, Charlie here all night.

Sat Aug 22. Fine and cool. finished Willies Oats.

Sun Aug 23. Fine and cool. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. I went to Fisherville. Tom Farr and Mr Peron here for tea.

Mon Aug 24 Fine and very cool Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto drawing in Hungarian and pulling {?} peas.

Tue Aug 25. Fine and cool. Pulled our peas. Arthur Applebe came out. We were at Mr Gibsons for tea.

Wed Aug 26. Fine and cool. Uncle and Auntie took butter out Mother came out. Willies finished harvest.

Thur Aug 27. Fine a little warmer. drawing our peas in Arthur came to say good-bye. all done but late peas. We took apples to Mrs Clark.

Fri Aug 28. Fine a little warmer.

Sat Aug 29. Fine day. Exhibition Preparation Day. Pulled Peas Mick left to-night.

Sun Aug 30 Fine day very warm. did not go to Church until evening Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church.

Mon Aug 31. Fine day. very warm. Worville started of the stack.

Tue Sept 1. Formal Opening of Exhibition. Men finished peas. Came a little shower in the evening. Uncle and I at Thornhill.

Wed Aug Sept {written above} 2. Fine day, but cold and windy. Our men at Mrs Clarkes thrashing in afternoon.

Thur Aug Sept {written above} 3. Fine day. Tom at Mrs Clarkes thrashing.

Fri Aug Sept {written above} 4. Fine and milder. Aunt Mattie and I called on Miss Wilcox's and had tea at Mothers.

Sat Aug Sept {written above} 5. Fine and warm. Mr Worville finished hay. Charlie here.

Sun Aug Sept {written above} 6. Fine and cooler. very windy and dusty. Willies here for tea. Uncle Aunt Mattie and I at church.

Mon Aug Sept {written above} 7. Uncle in Toronto. fine day. moderately warm.

Tue Aug 8. Fine day. roads very dusty. grass drying up.

Wed Aug 9. Fine and moderately warm. We went to the Exhibition Aunties and I met Cousin Alice and Maggie and spent the day with them. A beautiful day. We came home on the late train got home about a quarter to twelve.

Thur Aug Sept {written above} 10. Fine but very warm. Our men at Mr Devlins thrashing. they finished. I called at Willies in the morning.

Fri Aug Sept {written above} 11. Fine but very hot and smoky. Uncle went to Toronto in the morning. Lizzie came out in the morning and Uncle and I took her home at night. We got two baskets of tomatoes from Mr Whitmore 15 cts.

Sat Aug Sept {written above} 12. Fine but hot and dusty. We made Catsup and, Chetney. Sauce. I have a cold.

Sun Aug Sept {written above} 13. Fine but hot and dusty. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at church. I did not go as I have a cold. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Willies. they came over in eve.

Mon Aug Sept 14. Fine day and warm. We were at home all day.

Tue Aug 15. Fine day. dry and dusty. killed our first chickens.

Wed Aug 16. Fine day. Aunt Lizzie and Emma here to spend the day. Mary here for tea.

Thur Aug Sept 17. Fine. Uncle took Aunties to W.A and he went to Richmond Hill. Our colds a little better.

Fri Aug Sept 18. High wind and dusty. Mr Devlin brought us Watermelons down. I went to Mr Leandale for tea. Came a little shower in the night. first drop of rain here since September 1 st. Tom {illegible} cut our corn with Harvester.

Sat Sept 19. Fine but dull and cool. East wind. Charlie here came last night. {illegible} dry.

Sun Sept 20. Fine day. I went to Fisherville. very dusty but cool. Willeis all here for tea. could not go to church as Mr James came down.

Mon Sept 21. Fine day and very warm. Mary here for apples. our men hauling in corn. Mr Gibsons and Mr Breakey's here for tea.

Tue Sept 22. Fine but very warm. Aunt Mattie and I had tea at Mothers after decorating at the church. Uncle came for us. Mr {illegible} here in their Automobile. men cleaned the {illegible}.

Wed Sept 23. Fine very warm the dust is dreadful. Aunt Mattie went to Mr Gibsons to help. We all went to Thanksgiving Service.

Thurs Sept 24 - Fine but extremely warm, Annie and the children here for tea.

Fri Sept 25. Fine day. Mrs Graingerd called.

Sat Sept 26. Fine and very hot; at home all day.

Sun Sept 27. Fine and warm. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. Dr Campbell here for dinner. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at {illegible}Church, warm sat out in the {illegible}.

Mon Sep 28. Rained a little in the morning and in the afternoonpoured down, plenty of soft water.

Tues Sep 29. Fine and very cold andwindy, the men went to Carsons Sale. Mr James also Marjorie here for tea picked tomatoes last before frost.

Wed Sep 30. Fine and cold, first white frost and {illegible}. We went to Willie {Coot's?} in the afternoon a little {sqwaul?} of rain. Mr Knight died this A.M.

Thurs Sep Oct 1. Fine but cold and windy. Uncle took Auntie to W.A. and he went to Richmond Hill. Parlor stove up.

Fri Aug Oct 2. Cold and windy, we went to Mr Knights funeral, frost again last night.

Sat Oct 3. Fine and a little warmer. {Kruge? illegible}.

Sun Oct 4. Fine and warm, Uncle and Auntie at Church. I went toMothers for tea and to Methodist Church. Aunt Mattie at {illegible} Church and they called for me!

Mon Oct 5. Fine day bright. We washed, droned and churned and cleaned mans room.

Tue Oct 6. Fine but a thick fog. Aunt Mattie and I went to Toronto. I got my fur home 6:50 and a hat.

Wed Aug Oct 7. Fine and very warm. Marjorie came over after School to stay over night.

Thur Aug Oct 8. Came a little shower. Uncle in Toronto.

Fri Aug 9. Fine but cooler. We went to Markham Fair. Marjorie went home. beautiful bright day.

Sat Aug Oct 10. Cold East wind. Hathie {illegible} Clair, Alieu and Edith here to spend the day. came a little shower in the eve.

Sun Aug Oct 11. Fine but cold wind. had parlor fire light yesterday and today. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. We had Mr Leandale for tea.

Mon Aug Oct 12. Very heavy frost leaves dropping. plants frozen in word shed. beautiful day. We cleaned up stairs and spare room.

Tue Aug Oct 13. Fine and warmer. Aunt Mattie and I went to Bradford. fare 85 cts. single. beautiful day.

Wed Aug Oct 14. Fine warm day. cleaned parlor and dining Room.

Thur Aug 15. Woodbridge Fair. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I went. very warm. took off jacket and went in blouse waist. Aunt Mattie washed.

Fri Aug Oct 16. Fine and very warm. Aunt Nellie at Mothers

Sat Aug 17. Fine and very warm. the children here and we went picking Beech nuts. Uncle went to Toronto to remain.

Sun Oct 18. Fine and warm. Tom stayed until after dinner. Lizzie walked out to spend the afternoon. I went to Fisherville. smoky. everyone out in white waists.

Mon Oct 19. Fine but cooler. Nomination Day. Uncle and Tom went and up to Richmond Hill in the evening. Aunties raked leaves. Everything very dry.

Put up the Coal Feeder {inbetween Oct 19 entry and Oct 20 entry}

Tue Oct 20. Fine but cool. The men brought in Pumpkins.

Wed Oct 21. Fine but cool. Uncle and I at Mary Watsons in the evening. men brought in the {illegible} turnips. Aunties called at Mr. Gollands in the eve.

Dug garden {Under the date Oct 21}

Thur Oct 22. Fine day. Aunties in Toronto. Armie came out and she and I went to Mary Gollands funeral.

Fri Oct 23. Fine and warmer. Auntie cleaned Kitchen. We killed a pair of Ducks. 10 lbs the pair.

Sat Oct 24. Warm East wind. Rained heavily in the afternoon then cleared.

Sun Oct 25. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. Warm all day just had Coal Oil store light for a little while. sitting on the Verandah in the afternoon. Willeis all here for tea had Ducks.

Mon Oct 26. Fine with exception of a little shower. Election Day. Tom Wallace had Majority 45. We cleaned back Kitchen

Tue Oct 27. Fine day. we were at home.

Wed Oct 28. Fine day and mild for October.

Thur Oct 29. Fine and mild. Aunt Nellie and I called to see Miss Keller and at Mrs McDonalds. Tom {illegible} here for tea.

Fri Oct 30. Fine but cold and windy. I was at Mr. McDonalds in the evening. the first cold snap.

Sat Oct 31. First fall of snow and cold at night. Halloween Uncle and I at Thornhill in afternoon. We took a Jack O'Lantern over for the children.

Sun Nov 1. Fine but very cold. freezing a little all day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. I went to Fisherville. Willies family and {Elsie?} and Mr Matheson here for tea.

Mon Nov 2. Fine and a little milder after a heavy frost.

Tue Nov 3. Fine and mild. we were at home.

Wed Nov 4. Fine but very cold. Uncle helping Mr. McDonald to move. he got home about half past four and we brought in Coal Range at night.

Thur Nov 5. Brought in old {illegible} Duke and cleaned up. another {illegible} of snow. and cold. Auntie at W.A.

Fri Nov 6. The ground had another {skiff?} of snow and rather dirty.

Sat Nov 7. Fine and a little warmer, Alice {illegible} came out and stayed at Mothers for dinner and came here in afternoon. Uncle took her back in the evening.

Sun Nov 8. Dull and cool. did not go to morning church. We went to evening church.

Mon Nov 9. Fine day and moderately cold.

Tue Nov 10. Fine day, our people ploughing. We went to Mr Jakes to spend the evening. Mr White killed this morning.

Wed Nov 11. Mild and raining a little. I went to Toronto to stay with Alice a few days. Uncle and Aunt Mattie called at Mr Whites.

Thur Nov 12. Cold with squawks of snow Aunt Mattie at the Flower Show then came to Alices in the evening. I was at Dr. McLean {illegible}. Mr White buried today.

Fri Nov 13. Fine day cold. Aunt Mattie and I came home. Our men finished ploughing.

Sat Nov 14. Snowed heavily in the afternoon about 4 inches. our men helping Mr Clarke to out feed.

Sun Nov 15. Fine but very cold we spent the day at Willeis all day.

Mon Nov 16. Fine with exception of a little snow in the afternoon. Uncle and Willie at Maple. Lizzie here for dinner. Frank Leandale called for Walnuts.

Tue Nov 17. Fine but cold. Uncle and I Thornhill in the morning. Tom went to Maple with grain.

Wed Nov 18. Fine day Tom away with a load at Maple.

Thur Nov 19. Fine day a little milder. Tom at Maple.

Fri Nov 20. Fine and beautiful day like Indian Summer. the Snow nearly all gone. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mr Whites.

Sat Nov 21. Fine and very mild. Tom took the last load to Maple. he left to night.

Sun Nov 22. Fine and very mild, roads sloppy. Uncle and Auntie at church. I went to Fisherville. Clara Leandale came home with me for tea. Mr. Clarles and Ida called in the afternoon. Like {Indian?} Summer.

Mon Nov 23. Fine and quite warm. I walked to Thornhill in the afternoon and called at Mothers.

Tue Nov 24. A little showery in the morning. Uncle helping Willie to kill a pig. very mild.

Wed Nov 25. Fine and mild. Aunt Nellie went to Oak Ridges WA in the afternoon.

Thur Nov 26. Fine and mild. roads getting dry. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mr {illegible} in the afternoon.

Fri Nov 27. Fine but cold West Wind. Uncle at the mill. Aunt Mattie and I walked to Thornhill called at Mothers and went to see Mr {Rearnans?} house.

Sat Nov 28. Fine mild day, roads good. Lydia Wilson here for tea and Mr Wilson came for her.

Sun Nov 29. Fine bright day. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at morning church. Mr {Devlin?} and Miss Phillips here for tea.

Mon Nov 30. Fine with exception of little showers. high wind. I was at Willeis for a little while in the afternoon. {Mayorie?} came over to stay over night.

Tue Dec 1. Cold west wind, very high. Uncle in Toronto the last day any one able to plough as {freezes?} hand.

Wed Dec 2. Fine but very cold. all froze up finally. Uncle took Apples in the {collar?}, and brought Grant over. We went to Thornhill in the afternoon.

Thur Dec 3. Fine but cold. Auntie up at W.A. Meeting. Uncle took them out and went to Richmond Hill on the car.

Fri Dec 4. Fine and milder coming little flurries of snow. I went to Mr {Leandales?} for tea.

Sat Dec 5. Fine but extremely cold. Uncle took the children to their Grandmothers. then he went to Toronto in the afternoon.

Sun Dec 6. Fine but very, very cold. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church. came snow at night.

Mon Dec 7. Fine day quite a {debth?} of snow. lots of cutters out but sleighing not very good. Our cutter not {illegible}.

Tue Dec 8. Fine but very, very cold. We butchered to-day. got all done up. George Chartton died.

Wed Dec 9. Fine and moderately cold. Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto she went to Dr. Mclean.

Thur Dec 10. Fine day down below zero this morning. Emmanuel {illegible} called. We made standing pies. Mr. and Mrs. Poole here for tea. Down to 4 below zero.

Fri Dec 11. Fine and mild slushy. I called at Mr. {Deoline?} in the afternoon. Uncle and Willie at George Charltons funeral.

Sat Dec 12. Fine and colder, Uncle and I drove to Thornhill in the afternoon.

Sun Dec 13. Fine and moderately cold. good wheeling but poor sleighing. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. I went to Fisherville. Uncle and I at Willies in the evening.

Mon Dec 14. Fine and mild sloppy. Aunt Mattie and I in Toronto to meet Aunt {Jennie?}. I called at Alices.

Tue Dec 15. Fine and very mild. We went to Willeis butchering came home about half past three. Charlie came with us. Grant has sore throat.

Wed Dec 16. Fine and mild. Uncle in Toronto. Mr and Mrs Beakey called. Auntie called over at Willies in eve-

Thur Dec 17. Cold and blustery. Uncle took Aunt Nellie to W.A an {illegible} Meeting. Aunt M. not well.

Fri Dec 18. Cold and a little stormy. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mr Beakeys to spend the eve.

Sat Dec 19. Fine day. Mr Rupert here for dinner. I walked out to Mothers for tea.

Sun Dec 20. Fine day a little cold good wheeling. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at morning church. I went to Fisherville. Charlie came over at night.

Mon Dec 21. Fine and moderately cold. Aunt Nellie took Charlie to Toronto. Aunt Mattie and I called on Mr {Carson?}. We went to meet the car in big sleigh. skating at the Rink.

Tue Dec 22. Fine day. we were at home. got first egg

Wed Dec 23. Fine Day. Aunt Mattie and I out decorating all day. Uncle in Toronto in the afternoon. Dan Reamau married.

Thurs Dec 24. Fine but very mild. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I went went out to decorate.

Fri Dec 25. Fine and very mild. Christmas Day, all at Mothers. I stayed out to skate, ice very soft.

Sat Dec 26. Fine and colder, I went to the Rink and cam home with Millie afterwards.

Sun Dec 27. Fine in the morning. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at Church. Blustery in afternoon. Uncle at Willies for tea.

Mon Dec 28. Fine day and bright, we were at home all day. Uncle and Nellie at Nomination.

Tue Dec 29. Fine and mild. Aunt Mattie and I called up at Mr Risebroughs, Ms Risebrough dead, Uncle and Willie out at Edgely getting some pigs!

Wed Dec 30. Fine day after a little sleet in the morning. Uncle helping Willie to put on a load of hay. He and Aunt Mattie went to Thornhill in the evening got the goose.

Thurs Dec 31. Cold west wind. Fred Denion here for dinner. Uncle and Auntie helping Willies put up their stove.

End of Year 1908.

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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper, “Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1907 Pond Lilies,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed September 25, 2023,

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