John Ferguson Diary, 1873


John Ferguson Diary, 1873

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January 1, 1873

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John Ferguson Diary Collection


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January, WEDNESDAY 1, 1873

A Mild cloudy day, capital sleighing, more than a foot of snow on the level. Drove my sisters Viney and Emma in the cutter this morning up to Mr J. C. Snell's residence lot 14 1st Line they spent the day there, went up there again this evening to a small party of the young folks of "Willow Lodge" and "Rose Lea" and after a splendid supper, we spent the evening pleasantly in various games and pastimes


Drove up to J. C. Snell's today with 18 bush. of barley to exchange for the same amount of theirs for seed next spring. Mr A. F. Campbell came here this afternoon on a visit, he is looking well, is hired for another year at Palestine school. A drizzling rain from the East, the start of the January thaw.

[verso] January, FRIDAY 3, 1873. The rain and the thaw continued all last night, making it slushy travelling. Was engaged it[sic] threshing peas with the Hail. Father and Mother and Alek drove up to J. C. Snell's for New Year's dinner, came home again this evening, Alek is intelligent and well-read but a Tory in heart and principle. He has bought a new Cabinet Organ

SATURDAY 4 Egerton Ferguson and Viney went to Toronto via Grand Trunk Railway. Eggy has been here two weeks spending the holidays. Alek went back home today. Mr James Stinson from Mints{?} came here this evening on a visit, it is six years since he was here before. The thawing has ceased, taken away about one third of the snow.

[recto] January SUNDAY 5, 1873. Spent the forenoon at S. School Supt. John R[illegible], pres. lesson, 'The Creation" - Genesis, I chap 25 to 31st verses. Handsomely illustrated gift cards were distributed among the children by the Supt. Heard Rev John Shaw preach at Zion an impressive sermon on the value of time and good counsel for the New Year. A driving snow storm from N. E. all day

MONDAY 6 The election for Deputy Reevship of this Twp. took place, J. P. Mitton{?} and J. Henderson were elected by large majorities. In Brampton Dr C. Y. Moore was elected councillor on the Temperance ticket. Spent the evening at the Lodge one initiation "Safeguard Chromicle" by Bro M. Sipby, and some readings. I today used my franchise to vote for the second time and been on the winning side


January, Saturday 11, 1873. Last night was bitter cold. some that were at Dr {Panshon's?} lecture had to drive 10 miles afterwards. Was pea threshing. cannot do much else these days and take care of the stalk. shove to Brampton tonight and received a postal card from Viney in Toronto she will be home on Monday. The "Casket" is a splendid little paper.

Sunday 12 Drove Mrs J.C.S and some of the little folks up to S. School, the Supt. pres; lesson, Genesis, II, 15 to 25. subject- "In the garden of Eden" Nicholas, V. Watson and his bride were present - they were married on Christmas Day. Heard Rev J. Shaw preach in Brampton tonight text, Joshua XXIV 15th verse, a sloemn covenant - for the New Year

January, Monday 13, 1873. Had considerable difficulty in getting any water for the cattle in the creek. the current seems to be frozen up, there is some water under the snow along the banks, there is another thaw on hand, which will make water more plentiful. Viney came home from Toronto, was there 9 days. Spent-tonight-at-the Lodge, the "Safeguard Chronicle" by Miss Jessie Morton.

Tuesday 14 Was engaged this morning in dressing our old Berkshire sow - 4 1/2 yrs old for pork. Drove to Brampton this afternoon with 13 bush of wheat for gristing and 18 bush of barley for chopping to J.W.Mains Steam Grist-Mill. Spent evening reading Hugh Murrays history of British India. Received a letter from Aunt-Annie Ferguson, they are in good health, but - the times are dull.

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“John Ferguson Diary, 1873,” Rural Diary Archive, accessed July 23, 2018,

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