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David Allan Diary, 1876


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January THURSDAY 13 1876

This is a pretty cold morning 12º above Zero cold N Westerly wind. Went out to Ellenburn twice to day and saw the corpse & saw very little change the upper part of the face all above the mouth reminds me very much of my late father. The Boiler makers began this morning, and at noon got an assistnant. After the peices were cut out for the Patches to be put on, we found the space for the water completly filled up and so hard that no water could get to it and in consiquence led to the burning and cracking of the plates, no less than 5 barrow fulls of scale and mud were taken out.


This is another cold morning, it is not blowing much. Went out to the Cemetery with Mrs R Thomson to point out the spot to dig the grave for Mr Alexander and make allowance for the place for the monument. The boiler makers will work late to night. They left about ½ past 10.


This is a very fine morning very moderately cold very little snow to be seen except on the sides of the roads, the middle is all bare. We have a bother with the Beer pump this morning breaking out at the angle of the branch where it was patched before