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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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JULY 1888 1893

26 27 Thursday

A very fine day. the weather since the thunder storm is not so scorchingly hot, and the air, especially in the morning, is clean and healthful. Maggie and her Mother with Ewart and I drove over to the Mutrie berry patch this morning and we all picked up to about 11 oclock A.M. when Ewart and I drove up to John McKenzies to see about the reaper for our Johny who wants it to cut his barley. after dinner we loaded it up on the Waggon and after awhile Ewart &I returned to the berry patch where we left Maggie & her Mother. they had got along very well having the 3 pails nearly filled and we remained to fill them up and pick an extra basket besides - on getting home we received a letter from Holyoke and one from Kelly at Clarksburg relative to Ewart accompanying Mr Kelly to Holyoke. it is sprung on us so suddenly we hardly know how to act so as to get matters ready. I wrote to Clarksburg this evening. Isaac Anderson came to see us this evening accompanied by John Webb. I escorted them home again - {in margin} Maggie & her Mother and Ewart and I drive over to Mutrie's berry patch. Ewart and I drive up to John McKenzies. Letters about Ewart going to Holyoke. Isaac Anderson paid us a visit.

27 28 Friday

Another fine day. it became overcast in the afternoon and a little rain fell but just enough to lay the dust. I wrote a letter to Brother Alex. Meaford and another card to Clarksburg, sending all off by the mail this morning. the time is so short when Kelly expected to be away that we have to act promptly in the matter. Edy Abbott accompanied me from Everton and spent the day with Ewart. John McKenzie brought the reaper down this afternoon and he and I drove over together to look at Geo. Smith's farm. it was raining some while we were there but we thought we saw it sufficiently to warrent the conclusion that it was too much rent $325.00. part of the plowable clearing, about 25 acres , is only moderately good land. the balance about between 40 & 50 acres is fairly good, while the rest of the 150 acres affords alone a run for cattle. I certainly cannot see where the value is for $325.00 or even considerably less, a year.