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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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AUGUST 1888 1893

23 24 Thursday

The hot and dry weather still prevails. although harvest time a shower would now be valued and appreciated. the girls and their cousin Annie drove up to McKenzies to day. they took Fred and covered buggie. I helped Willie to shock up his mixed grain in the right hand back field. he cut down another piece of mixed stuff on the upper part of opposite field south, and he drove down to Everton and got the mail in the evening. Johny is helping Robert McWilliams to draw in his peas. I hitched up Johny's mare – Nettie – to the buggie and drove over to Alexander Curries. Sent to let them know that we had seen Malcolm Campbell's folks at Niagrara, as I was intending to write them soon. I wished to know how they all were. Malcolm's folks were kind to us and I would not wish to neglect them in any way. {in margin} girls & their cousin annie from Meaford drove up to McKenzies. I drove over to Alexander Curries. shocking up grain after the binder.

24 25 Ftiday

Continues dry and hot. this has been a particularly sultry day. and the nights are little better than the days in that respect. I arose early this morning and brought up the horse from the back pasture, and made ready to take Annie down tot hte stage. I took her trunk on the back of the buggie. I walked down to the corner while Margaret & Annie drove down. after getting Annie on board we drove on to Eden Mills. Calling at Allan Ramsay's farm