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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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AUGUST 1888 1893

27 28 Monday

Continus dry and hot although there are indications of rain. there is some going round in thunder clouds and we got a little of it. I drove Minnie down to see Dr. Dryden this afternoon. he says Minnie has improved - I got a letter from Ewart this evening. he says he likes the business so far, and the people also. I called to see Mary, who has been poorly for some days. She is still very sick and is in need of help but her Mother is quite poorly to day and yesterday - she has taken pills however and we have hopes they will help her. Minnie also being weakly. Maggie has her own time at home. Johny has taken in quite a lot of oats to day. also Robt. McWilliams. Willie was helping them and expected to get in his too. he got in 2 loads but the rain made them rather damp and they quit. sent away 2 dollars A.O.W.U. {in margin} some little rain. Minnie down to see Dr. Dryden. Mary sick - drawing in oats. Johny & Robt. McWilliams - Willie also 2 loads - A.O.W.U.

28 29 Tuesday

Quite a little rain last night and every thing seemed pretty wet this morning. the air is much cooler now and early this morning looked as if we might have a wet day. it cleared up fine however and it got quite pleasant and airy. Johny & Lizzie were to have gone to Guelph to day on account of the operation on Mrs Mutrie - Lizzie went alone however and was home early with very bad news. the Drs made the incision only to find that her case was hopeless, and did no more. they concluded her trouble is a fast growing Cancer, and it only a question of a little time when the end will come. it is a very sad affair. Margaret is some better to day and Willie drove her down as he took a grist to Everton. she came back again however as Maggie Robertson was there. Willie sold ten Bushel odds of fall wheat to Henry Duffield for seed. {in margin} more rain lkast night. it is very welcome. this is the day Mrs Mutrie underwent the furthur operation - Margaret poorly. Willie sold fall wheat to Henry Duffield -

29 30 Wednesday

A very fine day, although quite cool. the late rain seems to have broke up the long, hot, dry spell. I drove Mother down to Mary's tis morning. Mary was very poorly last night, vomiting quite a bir. Dr McCullough was with her through the night. I got a letter from Meaford this morning. they are all well. he tells me I said nothing in my last card & letter about mrs Mutrie. I wonder