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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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SEPTEMBER 1888 1893

6 7 Thursday

Continues very fine weather. we had a nice little rain this morning its only fault being that it was too little. the ground is now extremely dry and rain is needed badly for the pastures and the turnips. we have all been keeping around Alex to day as he intends starting home again tomorrow. Willie drove him up to McKenzies this afternoon and the baby was very uneasy and fretful while Alex was away. I drove Alex. down to Everton to see Mary taking little Willie with us - he was in fine humor while down there at Mary's playing with George and Mr Baker.

7 8 Friday

Another very fine day. Alex. changed his mind relative to going home to day. he sent a telegram to Tessant to day. I got it away at 9:30 A.M. he got an answer back in the afternoon advising him to take the baby back again to Holyoke. I waited on till noon for the answer but as none came to hand I came back home to feed the horse and myself. Minnie drove down afternoon - I helped Willie mow away some of his stuff this afternoon. Alex pitched on a couple of loads for me while I loaded. we also hauled in our stuff in 3 loads. Johny also drew in all his to day, so that we all finished up to day. {in margin} finished up al the harvest to day.

8 9 Saturday

No particular change in the weather, only that there was frost last night. And the temperature has been cooler to day. we were up early this morning, and I drove Alex & his boy to Guelph. his mother also went along. we started off about 7.30 or later, and got Alex off at 10.20. he took along his Baby Carriage. John McKenzie & Bella happened to get there in time to see him off. Robt. Jestin also saw him off. margaret & I after returning from Guelph drove over to Toltons. Auntie Bella has been poorly again & not very much better yet.

9 Sunday

A beautiful day. sunshine & warm - we would enjoy some rain now very much, as everything is parched up. the girls drove to Everton forenoon and afternoon. Margaret & I paid Webbs a visit. we went down forenoon & had our dinner with them - staying till about 4 oclock. had a visit of Archie Stevens & Hannah. Robt & Mrs Morton were also at Willies.