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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 5.pdf

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Feb 1871 Mar

24 Drew home 3 loads timber & took chop to Mill W. warm. Thawing

25 Drew 1 load lumber AM. brought home Chop PM. W. Mild Clear

Sunday 26 at home all day W. mild. soft snow & rain tonight

27 Got {illegible} shod AM Went to funeral of Michael Burkholders little child. PM W. windy clear

28 Had Br inlaw M N to saw wood cut all the logs except 2 rough ones. W. fine

March 1 Helped Flavius saw wood W. Clear

2 I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Saml Hoover's Then I & him went to Uncle Joseph Burkholder Sale PM Uncle is giving up farming & his son Christian is going to farm W. Cloudy rained a good while PM

3 Chored AM RW helped split wood PM. W. rain AM. Clear pretty Cold PM I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove PM

4. Went to B.S.S. AM Chored PM W. Mild Clear beautiful

Sunday 5 All went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Red H Barkey sermon on {blank space} by R J Wideman Finlaws & S Lehmans were here after service & MN & ABs at supper & F inlaws youngsters & J H Ramer's girls this evening W. fine bright Clear warm spring weather

6 Chored & fixed rack on Sleigh AM then started to take a Cord of green sawed basswood to Markham PM. roads rather bad. left wood in Br Ns lane W. thawing Cold N W wind

7 helped RW hang up Br Cs Pork to smoke AM hung up {bottom of page cut off} went to Christ Stovers this evening W. mild East wind March 1871

8 Went to F inlaws. W. Mild Thawing. Sleighing gone

9 Chored. W. thawing, water high. began to rain after dark

10 Went to Old John Stover's to Ega engage Jane Stevenson to work for Br C W. mild. Clear

11 Chored. W. Cloudy drissly PM. raining tonight

Sunday 12 I & Nancy went to Br Cs on a visit he is able to sit up awhile. W. soft snow awhile this morning Clear today. mild. roads awful

13 Chored. I & Children cleaned a little clover seed. I went to Cedar Grove PM W. Clear mild Br S's Mill dam broke today.

14 Tapped 18 trees. sap run splendid. W. warm. Clear

15 Commenced to boil sap. soft snow & rain from east. had to quit. at noon. rained nearly all day

16 Chored AM. boiled sap PM. W. dull AM Ice thawing from trees. More clear PM. Br C getting better. he is mostly up in the afternoon feels rather dull today. Caught a little cold

17 Boiled Sap didn't run much today. W. Cloudy

18 Helped RW & JD sow grass seed for Br C AM. Went to Cedar Grove PM. W. fine Clear

Sunday 19 Went to CBs on a visit. W. Clear frose last night

20 Chored AM. Went to Br. S's Bee fixing dam PM. W. fine Clear PM. cold east wind AM

21 Chored & went to Election at Belford. Voted for H.P. Crosby in Opposition to Dr Hostetter the Patent Combination Candidate. AM Went to Br S's Damfixing bee PM. W. Clear. Cool

22 Boiled sap W. rather cold. Clear