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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 28.pdf

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{June 1872}

Sunday 2 At home Flavius' Br N's & AB's were here W. Cool Clear

3 Drew dung W. fine some East wind

4 Spread some dung AM I took chop to mill & W began plowing fallow PM. W. Shower AM & another after supper {illegible very?} Pigs? tonight

5 Both plowed in fallow W. fine. Clear north wind AM JB's were here at noon

6 Both Plowed AM. W went to A Snider's on 3rd Con Pickering I took my Mother to JD She is getting very weak in her mind and body W. very warm

7 Washed sheep AM Dave helped Br C plant Potatoes AM Chored PM. W. began to rain about 10 AM. rained nearly all day

8 W went to Flavius log house raising on his end of lot on 4th Con. I took My Mother to JD's PM Saw Baby, born about noon W. some showers

Sunday 9 We all & My Mother went to Br S's they were not at home staid for dinner with the young folks Martha Shank & her Man & Christian Stover's were her at supper {Matty?} got married this spring to Mr Ebenezer Cook out west in the Township of Dorchester W. Clear heavy rain last night

10 Finished plowing fallow & started plowing turnip ground AM W plowed some PM & I went to JD's. W. fine AM some very heavy rain & Thunder PM. Started water pretty high

11 Sawed some rail cuts AM boys & CB & his boys went fishing PM. got nothing W warm & slight shower this evening

12 I Plowed garden for Flavius at his new house AM Helped W plow turnip ground PM. W helped Flavius Put rafters on his house after supper. W. fine warm. Clear

13 Both plowed in turnip ground till near noon when it began to rain. rained nearly all PM. I shot a bird up at dam today which Puzzles me to name it belongs to the Crane specie I should think

14 Drew rails out of Scarboro bush along 5th Con ready to fence it in. I took Nancy & My Mother to JD's & then went to Mr Swallows near Duffins Creek with my Bird to get it stuffed it proved to belong

June 1972

June 14 to the Crane Specie. but it is Commonly Called a (shitepoke) or Bittern then I got a keg of beer at the Creek Brewery W. warm slight showers PM roads heavy

15 Finished drawing rails out of bush & then drew 7 loads from Br N's W. fine Clear

Sunday 16 All went to Br N's. W. fine Clear AB's were here at supper

17 I & Nancy went to Markham AM I went to Cherrywood PM. W harrowed turnip ground Dave hoed Early rose Potatoes W. fine Clear

18 Dave harrowed old fallow W drew a few rails & then began to make turnip drills I helped scrub & wash Meeting house PM. W. fine Clear

19 Chored AM. Sowed about half of turnips PM. Uncle John Burkholder was here at dinner W. warm clear

20 I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Saml Hoover's his wife was confined about a week ago and is rather poorly but is getting better W helped Br C draw stones W. very very warm. sultry

21 Finished sowing turnips in East half of field East of dam about 4 acres. & 1 acre of potatoes. AM began drawing dung on heap in fallow Intend putting it on pea ground in field near Hoover's East part west part is fallow. W. rather Cooler

22 Drew dung. Mother rather Poorly. getting weak W. prettyt warm

Sunday 23 I & Nancy staid at home. Meeting at Hebron my Mother is pretty bad we have to set up with her all night quite a few visitors. W. fine Clear

24 boys drew dung I helped to wait on my Mother She is very restless. sleeps very little. dozes a great deal. Imagines strange things. and consequently takes a great deal of attendance she got a little stronger this evening so I gave her a short drive in the buggy. W. fine Clear Jacob Hendrik & wife were here today with Jac Reesors & Old Samuel Neighswanders

25 Waited on my Mother. She is still pretty strong Joseph Shirk's were here today. M Dyke's little Mary Died today. W. fine. Clear. looks a little like rain