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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1913-1914


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{See previous scan. This is a scan of the same page, but with newspaper clippings covering most of page}

Coldest Wave for 28 Years, 22 Below Zero

Are Official Obeservatory Figures, Though Unofficial Reports are Lower


Lambton Claims 36 below, York Mills 34, Scarboro 30, Eastern gap 27, Downtown 22


Life on the Industrial farm One of Intresting Fetures of the Cold Snap.


From Meterological Of-

ffice on Bloor street ... 22 below

Lambton ....... ....... 36 below

Mimico at 6 a.m. ...... 25 below

Humber Beach Hotel at 8 a.m. ....... 18 below

Sunnyside at 8 a.m. ....... 23 below

Lakefront ....... ....... 22 below

Beaches at 8 a.m. ....... 24 below

When a widower begins to tell his troubles to a widow, she knows.

Toilet Talk.

L.M.: For the unpleasant effects of perspiration bathe with a lotion of 1 ounce hydrate of chloral in 1 pin water. A good powder to be used is made of 1/4 ounce camphor in fine powder, 3/4 ounces oxide of zinc; 2 ounces precipitated chalk; 15 drops oil of roses. Rub the three last ingredients with the chalk, then add the other powders and mix thoroughly. Pass through a very fine sieve. (2) There is no adequate remedy for the shine on a serge skirt, but you may alleviate the malady by sponging with warm vinegar, or rubbing lightly with emery paper. The shine is caused by the departure of the nap.

Works Commissioner Parts With That Great Dreadnought, the Dan Lamb.

Works commissioner Harris is in receipt of three perfectly good dollar bills, in return for which the City of Toronto is transferring its "fleet" to the Harbor Commission. Although the bargain was arranged some time ago, the bill of sale is only now being put through, and the requisite documents are awaiting the Mayor's signature. For the three dollars in question, the commission get $75,000 worth of plant. On the face of it, the bargain is a good one for the board, but it carries with it obligations which rather modify first judgement.