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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1913-1914


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Sun Mar 6. A stormy day, snowing from the east.

Sat Mar 7. Milder and a little blustery. Willie came and made a track. here laying fairly well. 37 last week.

Sun Mar 8. Fine bright day, moderately cold. Annie here. also Lucy Bowes Willies family all here for tea.

Mon Mar 9. Fine day, moderately cold.

Tue Mar 10. Fine and moderately cold. Aunt Mattie and I called Mrs Littles. Mrs Simpson called.

Wed Mar 11. Fine bright day. Aunt Nellie called at Mr Wiltshires

Thur Mar 12. Fine bright day warmer. I went out to Miss Mundeys had tea at mothers.

Fri Mar 13. Fine day warm and thawing, a letter.

Sat Mar 14. Fine and very mild.

Sun Mar 15. Fine and very mild. walk over the road in afternoon I went to Concord Church. Annie here in afternoon Mrs Clarke and boys here for tea.

Mon Mar 16. Fine and very mild. Water over the road. I went for my dress. Robins at Thornhill.

Tue Mar 17. Fine and mild. Aunt Mattie at Marys for a while.

Wed Mar 18. Fine but cold. started to snow. very cold at night. I called at Marys.

Thur Mar 19. Fine but cold and windy. Aunt Nellie at Thornhill.

Fri Mar 20. Fine but cold. I went and helped Mary. called to ask her for Mr Wiltshire in the evening.