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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1913-1914


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Wed Aug 19. A hot sultry day with occasionally showers. Annie and Lizzie called, no harvesting all this week. most people done.

Thurs Aug 20. Rained heavily most of day. William Aunt Lizzie and Aunt Mattie came.

Fri Aug 21. Fine and clearing after a dreadful storm last night. Mr Smiths farm burned. Mrs Rupert and Mother called. also Mrs Ball and Gladys.

Sat Aug 22. Five and warm but clearing a little. Aunt Mattie poorly.

Sun Aug 23. Fine and cooler. Aunt M very sick. Mrs Carson called

Mon Aug 24. Fine and very cool. Auntie never downstairs. I went for medicine in eve. Mr Lawrence called, I went {illegible}

Tue Aug 25. Fine and very cool. frost. Auntie no better. Willie here Willie finished harvest {underlined}

Wed Aug 26. Fine and very cool. Doctor here again

Thurs Aug 27. Fine and cool. {Mother here for tea written above} Willie and Mary called on way to Toronto.

Fri Aug 28. Fine and cool. Auntie still in bed.

Sat Aug 29. Rained gently nearly all day. Mr {illegible} called.

Sun Aug 30. Moderately warm with a shower in the afternoon Auntie at morning church. Mother and a called also Willie. David and Mick. Mrs Clarke called. Mrs Simpson and Miss {Mundey?} called

Mon Aug 31. Very warm. Thundering and a little shower. Made {illegible}, washed, Mr Lawrence called. Auntie sat up in chair a little while

Tue Sept 1. Rained heavily in the afternoon. Mary called in the morn- Auntie Mattie downstairs for first

Wed Sept 2. Rained heavily in the afternoon. Mother and A in eve

Thurs Sept 3. Rained heavily all afternoon. Annie and I walked to Willies to see Marjorie who has jaundice