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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1913-1914


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Sun Dec 27./ Fine and moderately cold. {nillee?} also Ammie called miss {Seagez?}, called, and Mrs Richardson and {illegible} in the even_ I went to church.

Mon Dec 28./ Fine and much milder. Dr {grahms?} called, Mrs {Pealles?} and Miss Edey called. {pump?} thawed, got geese. 16th.

Tue Dec 29/ Mild with {illegible}, turning to rain. I went to Church in the evening when {illegible} awarded. Nelern and Mrs {Friellei?} {herl?} in eve,

Wed Dec 30/. Fine and a little {illegible}, sleighing good. {name?} and {Jammy Bowes?} called, also {Armie?} and {name?}.

Thus Dec 31. Fine bright day, all {illegible} hard. quite a hard frosty night. but very clear and mooonlight.

End of year. 1914.