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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1904


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Sat Mar 5. Fine day, we were at home all day. Mr Teasedale here.

Sun mar 6. I went to Fisherville. It rained and sleeted in the afternoon, Uncle at Mr Watsons funeral in the morning. He and I at church in the evening.

Mon Mar 7. Fine with exception of a drizzling rain and very foggy. Willi brought Charlie out to have his tongue cut.

Tue Mar 8. Fine and quiet mild. the water rising. Uncle brought Dick and Mary Watson out for tea. I went over to Mothers, they had some of the girls invited for tea.

Wed Mar 9. Fine day but a little colder; Auntie went over to pa's for tea; Uncle and I went to a party at Willi Riddles.

Thurs Mar 10. Fine day, just a little storm. Auntie went out to Thornhill to W.A Meeting the day of G. Charltons sale.

Fri Mar 11. Fine with exception of a new wind. Uncle down at Mr Baytons sale. He and Auntie went out to Thornhill in the evening to get wool at Mrs Gibsons.

Sat Mar 12. Fine day, cold but bright. We went to skate at the Teasedales, uncle took me to the rink in evening.

Sun Mar 13. Fine day but moderately cold. Our people at morning Church, I went to Fishervile. Annie and Lizzie here, the former stayed for tea.

Mon Mar 14. Fine in the morning, and in the afternoon it came an east storm. Mr Teasedalescame for hay in the morning, Mr Barton was buried.

Tues Mar 15. Fine day, Mr Teasedale here for hay. Aunt Mattie came home by the steam cars.