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Mary Agnes "Aggie" Cooper Diary, 1905


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Thur Mar 30. Fine but not quiet so warm. We cleaned our cellar.

Fri Mar 31. Fine day but dull. Miss Duncans and Mrs Teasdale and Annie here for tea. put in one bed of lettuce

Sat Apr 1. Fine but a little colder. We cleaned the chamber.

Sun Apr 2, Fine day a little cold. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at Church, I went to Fisherville. then went over to fathers and brought them over for tea.

Mon Apr 3, Fine day, we cleaned upstairs. turning colder.

Tue Apr 4, Fine day, we painted our bed room floor, cleaned the parlor and spare bed room. I went over to Mothers to see Miss Johnson. we put our Onions in.

Wed Apr 5, Fine day, we washed and cleaned up around.

Thur Apr 6, Cold, a little frost at night, Aunties at W.A. Meeting. I was over at mothers in the evening.

Fr Apr 7. Fine day but cold. we put our bed room Carpet down. I went to Thorn hill in the afternoon.

Sat Apr 8. Fine and cold. we were at home.

Sun Apr 9, Fine day a little cold. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at morning Church, I went to Fisherville. We were over at Fathers for tea. frogs out again.

Mon Apr 10. We had a little shower. Mr Baker here to start cementing the cistern. Mick started work.

Tue Apr 11. Fine and quiet warm, I walked to Thornhill for my parcel. men did a little work on the land. cistern finished. cleaned most of kitchen. only dining room to do.