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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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FEBRUARY 1888 1893

20 Monday

A great drop in the temperature the thermometer showing 16 degrees below zero. it was also an awful night with wind through last night. we expect to hear of the roads being again blocked. John McKenzie and Bella have been at their wits end to conclude on whether to go home or not. Johny made a start about ten oclock alone but, on learning that the town line was likely to be open he turned back and they all got dinner and made ready to start getting away at about 1/2 past one ockock. I fixed up a wind break and as the wind is from the north west Bella & the Baby sat with their backs to John on the bottom of the sleigh. Willie & Jeenie goes to Mimosa in the cutter at same time. after returning home Willie says they had a terrible experience in getting across from the Church to Mimosa but they expected John would get through by way of Jamie Rea's without much trouble. we would like to hear how they got home and hope no harm befell them.

21 Tuesday

A very cold morning, the thermometor showing 17 degrees below zero. the temperature however rose very much through the day and in the afternoon it had risen as much above as it had been below zero. we had also quite a fall of snow during the half of the afternoon. I have been doing quite a few chores to day among others I have put on four patches on the uppers on the shank of my Boots. they have been leaking quite a while and making my feet cold and unpleasant - Willie took a grist of chop to Everton this afternoon, also took down the straw cutter and had a piece of steel put on the side of the mouth piece, where it had become much worn and rounded. we think he charges a little steep for the job. 75cts. he took it to Mr Hosking.

22 Wednesday

Weather moderated and to day has been quite tolerable and enjoyable to the traveller. we had the company of Annie McKenzie last night and to day I drove her up to her Brother John's. I promised some time ago to take her up. we found the road very heavy but were not blocked so as to hinder us getting through. we drove through James Rae's place to the other line and took the fields from Weatherstone's gate to John's Barn. crossing the side line down in the hollow. we found the folks, with the baby, had suffered no harm in going home last Monday. Bella had fears on the road of the baby's feet being cold, but on arriving home it was found he was warm and comfortable as on unwrapping him he was happy and cheerful. we had about a five hours visit and returned after tea well satisfied. Colin McMillan has come to night to begin work for 1/2 month at the rate of $10.00 per month. I filed our longest saw to day before going up to McKenzies.

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