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William Sunter Diary, 1893


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APRIL 1888 1893

26 27 Thursday

Another windy and cold day - I had quite a job this forenoon helping Maggie and her mother to take down the stove pipes and clean and set them up again. after dinner Robert McWilliams and Mr Walker of {illegible} came along to pay us a visit. Mr Walker had just seen Nichol Rogers about 2 weeks ago. Nichol wished to be remembered to us all. I was sorry after they left the house to learn that Mr Walker - a son of the Robert Walker Senr of my old acquaintance - was a Mormon, as if I had known, I would have had some conversation with him relative to his sect. Ewart drove the colt to school to day and brought home the mail at night. a letter from Alex to night.{in margin} A Mormon visits us. Death of old Mr George Loree this ev'g at 6 oclock. cleaning and setting up stove pipes.

27 28 Friday

Weather continues cold and backward - I helped Willie to sort up his potatoes this forenoon. he laid away in the barn about 24 bushels for using & seed, and bagged up 6 bags which he took up to Orton and sold for 70cts per bag. he bought 10 bushels english barley from Pete McDonald for chopping. price 40cts per bushel - we got word to day of the death of old Mr Loree which took place last night at about six oclock. Margaret and I drove down in the evening to see them. while on the road down we were met by Emerson Tolton on his way up to get his Aunt to go down - as Mary, Albert's wife, had taken worse again. on returning from Lorews, Margaret remained there and I drove home alone. {in margin} sorting potatoes Willie took 6 bags to Orton - Albert Toltons wife taken ill again. Margaret & I to see old Mr Loree.

28 29 Saturday

Rather finer than what has generelly prevailed - we are anxiously looking for more genial weather - the season is extremely late in opening up. Willie took 7 bags of chop to the mill this forenoon. 4 barley, 3 peas. Ewart drove Lizzie to Guelph with "Jeen" and buggie. Willie & the girls & mother & I attended the funeral of old Mr Loree. I drove "Billie'" in our buggie with Maggie & her mother - Willie took the colt Fred & cart - Minnie rode with him. 2 oclock was the time appointed to start but it was three when they started. there was a good gathering of people, 55 Vehicles. they had Tovell's hearse from Guelph. Mr Baker spoke at the house before lifting. 4 grandsons were the pall bearers, Geo. Loree, 2 Perrins & 3 Jestins. I helped Johny in with the last of his turnips out of the pit. {in margin} Funeral of old Mr Loree. Ewart drives Lizzie to Guelph to day. Willie to Mill. and Johny taking in turnips -

29 30 Sunday

Very fine this forenoon. we were in hopes the weather had taken the needed turn but, the cold & damp again set in in the afternoon. Ewart drove the girls down to Everton in the morning and, as it was raining at night we did not go for them. I wrote a letter to Alex. McGregor to day. {in margin} Fine forenoon - wet at night - girls stopping all night at Everton -

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