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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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May Wednesday 22 1912

An awful downpour of rain this forenoon, let up some this afternoon, but the land has got a terrible soaking our garden, through the centre of the lot, is in a complete {swim?} there has been a great run to the mill to day with chopping and they have {taken?} it all round by the saw mill, and wheel it all in by the foot bridge. {Eward?} was {down?} with a load of chop brought Harold down with him, he went up home last night, got a sitting (15) of eggs from Reads. 30{¢?} I have been cutting up cedar posts for the fire, and splitting the tamarac we got of Suttons.

Baptist minister Clarence V. Richeson electricuted yesterday morning for the murder of {amis Limell?} his Sweetheart Ewart at the mill this afternoon got setting of eggs from reads (15) cutting wood

Thursday 23

Thunder {and} lighting and rain last night, fine and warm sunshine to day, and it would require a {term?} of it to day up the land, our garden is in a terrible state of wet. I went over to McKenzies this morning, and remained until 4 oclock {Pte.?} John {and} Willie were building a fence on the south side of their lane their {illegible} is not so best looking as some others around. John gave me a buggy ride to Smith {and} {Name?} corner, they were moving the old Stewart Store over to Smiths as I came past for home had a letter from Alex. Springfield giving particulars of his illness

thunder {and} lightning last night. visited McKenzie to day. Moving the old Joe Stewarts store building to Smiths letter from Alex.Springfield giving an account of his recent illness

Friday 24

A beautiful day, the grass is growing fine, and the plum trees are in full bloom, as thick almost as rose bushes. I let out the water from our back garden last night through by Robertsons and Abbotts ditch, and this morning the lot looks much drier than it did yesterday. I finished splitting the tamarac wood (Suttons) but I think shall have to make their splitting some smaller yet. The Boys are having fun with the fire crackers.

Growth {refined?} at present. letting away water from lot. Splitting stove wood. Boys having great sport with fire crackers

Saturday 25

Beautiful weather has set in these few days back and to day has been very fine sunshine {and} warm, and it is much needed as the land is saturated in many places so that it will take quite a while to dry it up for seeing in potatoes {and symbol} vegitables, I have finished up the splitting and piling of our stove wood, and Maggie has raked and cleaned up all the yard {and} lawn. I let off considerable stagnant water from the land {behind?}

Got $1.00 worth wheat for {illegible} damaged at 80% {illegible} Fine drying weather and land needs it badly. splitting and piling stove wood. Maggie cleaning up.{Eward? and Gertie?} {and} {Errett?} here tonight

Sunday 26

Clear sunshine and warm to day, splendid growing weather, the land is drying up fast. The 2 churches have been well attended both morning and night. Maggie twice there {Errett?} drove down this forenoon and went home as soon as possible McKenzies here

fine weather great growth a {stir?} with both churches. {twice?} at meeting. John Black from Guelph didnt call here

Monday 27

Very warm all day, cloudy this morning and forenoon but no rain of any account, thunder cloud to the north, we hear there was the shock of an earthquake this morning at Streetsville Natlie Abbott says she felt it here at about 8 oclock, Mother also speaks of having felt some shaking of the window, dug the ground and planted some potatoes for early use, {(granMount's)}

put in our first early potatoes reports of an earthquake this morning at Streetsville, Natlie Abbott felt it here she says ground drying up fast. but very wet in garden

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