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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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June Saturday 8 1912

Weather very fine to day, sunshine and warm Ewart brought down the team and plow this morning and plowed the lost back of the premises, I had wheeled out to the back all the available manure and spread it, the land is pretty wet through the low part of the lot. but it does not seem ro harden as some soil does. Ewart had it all plowed and harrowed by about 11 oclock, and after running down for some 2 bags of chop at the mill, he put off for home, he had 5 acres to {caltivate?} this afternoon if possible.

Ewart plowed the potatoe patch to day. Land pretty wet through the low part of the lot He was at the mill.

Sunday 9

Beautiful weather to day. the land has dried up wonderfully to day. it looks as if we will soon get a good seed bed for our potatoes. we had a visit of Bella before church going this morning, Maggie went home with her this afternoon, and Mary prepared the dinner for us. George also had dinner with us, he is too shy in coming in that way. We would like him to be more social, I wrote a fairly long letter to Alex. Springfield Mass. I also wrote a few lines to Mc Jacob Smith, who, we understand, is now very ill and very low at the present time, lately, it seems, she expressed a desire to be remembered to mother and I. and to be told of her low condition at the present time.

Bella here this morning. Maggie went with them this afternoon. George and Mary with us. Wrote a letter to Alex Sp'f'd Also a few lines to Hanah Smith

Monday 10

Weather really very fine and pleasant to day, the land has dried up so as to {take?} the seed, I cut a little more than 2 bushes of potatoes for planting this morning, Ewart was down at the store for "Black Strap" to give his young cow which does not seem to be well, Maggie planted out a quantity of raspberry bushes this morning and after dinner, she and I planted all the potatoes on the lot. excepting 6 rows that I had planted before, we also planted a little corn for the table, we left a small patch for tomatoes and cabbage.

Land dried up rapidly planted our potatoes to day. Also some corn left some land for tomatoes and cabbage.

Tuesday 11

A very fine day, very warm and the land begins to have thr appearaance of being dry and dusty, there were indications of rains approach but they disappeared pretty soon again. A little shower would do no harm even now, especially where the land is baked in any way. Maggie and I have been cleaning off the gravel and other stuff from the entrance to the place and hoeing some. There is quite a rapid growth now taking place, and I have been cutting grass {to.?} to clean up.

Warm and dry. A shower would do good notwithstanding the recent rains.

Wednesday 12

Dull and threatning this forenoon, some rain fell through the night which, no doubt, will do good. frequent moderate showers is what is wanted during the growing time. I planted out 28 or so, of tomatoe plants. Errett forgot to ask his father if he could get the horse and buggy for me to day.

Sent up asking of Ewart?? for horse and buggy tomorrow. Got 2 dozen tomatoe plants from Mrs. Robertson for 20 {cents?} planted them. Fanny Benson was married to day to Steward Royce {Rock?}

Thursday 13

Weather fine, some rain, the rains have softened up the soil a little, we laid off the place for a cedar hedge, and Maggie and I drove over to McKenzies Errett brought down the horse and buggie for us this morning, and we dug up about 50 small cedar bushes and planted them, after making a trench. we were late before getting done. drove to Rockwood this forenoon and got

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