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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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June + July Friday 28 1912

Continues dry and warm. the top of the ground is getting dry and dusty, but it is moist underneath, and as the crops are green + healthy looking for the most part we would not think they were suffering yet. it would please us now however to see a shower it was given out that a meeting would be held this afternoon in the interest of the cemetery, but as there was only 8 plotholders who responded to the call, it was decided that another meeting should be held shortly. it is surprising how little interest is taken in the business of the cemetery. Ewart drew 2 loads of gravel for us this afternoon, I expected to have to draw it tomorrow but as Ewart got through with his own this forenoon, he said he would do ours this afternoon. {W.R.M.} very hot to day. meeting of plot holders called for to day a failure. Ewart drew 2 loads of gravel for us this after noon. he finished his own this forenoon.

Saturday 29

Keeps very dry, there were indication of rain but they blew over. and it is cooler than yesterday, we would like to see some rain, but none comes, George Weather stone finished up his roadwork this afternoon. the Literary society here, have taken an excursion to Berlin to day. the reduced rates to day for dominion celebrations induced then to picnic there, McKenzies mare had a colt a few days since. both doing well so far {W.R.M.} Everton road work finished to day Literary society makes an excursion to Berlin. reduce rates an induce ment.

Sunday 30

Continues hot and dry. became cooler this evening, I have kept the house pretty closely to day reading a large portion of the book I have on loan from David Tolton, "The Redemption of the world" Mr Williams arguments to refute the orthodox - contention for the immortality of the soul, are, I think spec-ially conclusive. {W.R.M.} reading the Book I got on loan from David Tolton. the - "Redemption of the world," by Williams.

Monday July 1

Dominion day. Some frost this morning, and a cool air has, more or less, prevailed all day. I have cut round mary's fence, the long grass, and carried our own to the drive house. also cut some of Mrs Wells at the house, she intends taking it into her stable when it makes into hay. I also hoed 8 rows of the potatoes. we have heard of a great storm out by Regina. in the north west, it is said the half of the town is blown down and many people killed and injured, hope it may not be so bad as reported. {W.R.M.} cooler to day a little frost this morning cutting grass round fences and Mrs Wells yard, word has come that Regina has been taken with a cyclone.

Tuesday 2

Continues hot in the sun, and though signs of rain sometimes arise they just as often blow over without rain coming, if it wasn't that there is considerable moisture underneath vegitation would become stunted. I went up to Ewarts to day and helped him at the post - holes. we brought from the bush some poles for braces, I drove down with Prince + buggy and intend going back tomorrow morning. bought 6 lbs nails for the fence, 2 lbs 6 inch spikes {W.R.M.} up at Ewarts helping at post holes drove home with Prince and buggie bought nails for the pole

Wednesday 3

A terribly hot day in the sun. I drove up to Ewarts this morning, we soon got the holes ready for the posts, but I had the misfortune to forget the take up the nails I bought last night, so had to drive down for them, we soon got them. we soon got them placed so that Ewart could finish them, and I changed my clothes an after dinner drove over to the burial of Mrs Hanah Smith at Conningsby{?}. there was a large funeral, I saw the cospse{?} in the church. I returned by the upper side road and Ewart drove me down home {W.R.M.} Hanah Smith (Hindley) was buried this after noon. I attend ed the funeral at Ewarts this forenoon, before The funeral

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