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William Sunter Diary, 1912-1914


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January Friday 17 1913

The thaw still holds sway and the snow is melting away but leaving a great coating of ice all over, Errett was here last night and is off to school this morning along with Harold Ewart and Gertie were at a second dance at Smith's hall at the corner the girls have finished Bella's dress this afternoon, Mary did not get here till between 2+3 oclock. she was helping the dress chick for the market. Geo. Marshall takes them to Guelph tomorrow. I am writing a pretty long letter to sister Betsy. B.C. to mail in the morning {W.R.M.} still thawing dancing at Smiths hall Bella's dress done. writing letter to Aunt Betsy B.C.

Saturday 18

Weather again changed, the snow was pretty well gone this morning, only where ice abounded there was sleighing snow again fell fast this afternoon, and there was quite a blizzard of wind with our folks. McKenzies + Maggie with Roy Hindley + Nettie Abbott has a late visit to Josiah Roy home last night. it was about 2 A.M. when Maggie returned home Ewart + Gertie were here to day, I paid him the balance of coal money $5.00 also $1.85 to give Barrie Mutrie to pay sub. Montreal Star + Toronto Guelph Star Mercury. also figured up what I owed on cement +c for horse stable. he counted Coffey's day work $1.25. balance of price of plank to young{?} 42 c and the bare cement with sacks returned to be $6.50 {W.R.M.} The snow fell to day and renewed the sleighing a party at Josiah Roy's this evening paid Ewart balance of coal money $5.00 also gave $1.85 to pay Barrie Mutrie for Montreal Star and Toronto Guelph Mercury

Sunday 19

Fine sleighing to day. the ice got well covered with snow yesterday and it was not so dangerous to walk over. and made fine sleighing. I kept the house pretty closely to day, reading + resting Peter Geary is very poorly to day. although a little better than he has lately been. he is considered to be in a dangerous condition {W.R.M.} wrote a letter to Hanah Stephens to day Peter Geary - very ill

Monday 20

Thaw again set in last night, and raining hard again the most of this afternoon. A party drove down to Mrs Soper this afternoon to cut stove wood out of Railway Tues. a number of girls with them Maggie + Nettie Abbott among them I mailed my letter to Hanah Stephens to day. {W.R.M.} party of young folks to Mrs Soper to cut wood for her

Tuesday 21

Blew up a strong wind last night and considerable snow fell it is very changeable weather, as the roads got very bare, this new snow will be very acceptable. Ewart brought down a grist of chop to the mill but did not stay for it as it was to be late before it would be ready, he intended going to Rockwood with his hogs tomorrow {W.R.M.} Ewart here with a grist of chop went home without it

Wednesday 22

Fine sleighing to day, and air frosty and dry again. we pre pared dinner for expected visitors, Mr + Mrs Davidson but they went to Abbotts instead, and came to us for tea. there was a mis understanding somehow but we had a very pleasant visit of them after all, and they walked up to Willie Tovells after night Ewart delivered his hogs to day. they weighed 700lbs the three and brought 56 dollars. 8c a lb. received reply from Hanah Stephens {W.R.M.} Ewart took 3 fat hogs to Rockwood weighed 700lbs 8c per lb $56.00 received a reply from Hanah Step-hens. Erin.

Thursday 20

Another change in the weather, this winter, so far is full of changes last night it must have rained a great part of the time, and to day it has hardly ceased to rain all the time. the snow again is greatly gone and ice instead, now prevails. I have read all through Hugh Guthrie's great speech on the naval question in the Mercury it certainly is a great effort. I notice the Turks are about to give up Adrianople Ewart was down to day. expecting to get his lower plate of teeth, but the did not arrive {W.R.M.} a rainy day a glare of ice again Ewart down in quest of his lower plate of teeth. they did not come the Turks about to sub mit

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