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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 37.pdf

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Jan 1873 Feb

Sunday 26 at home all day have lame back sprained it again yesterday. W. pretty Cold

27 Chored. was at Br C's nearly all AM he is some better but he is not up much yet. W. fine Clear

28 brought home Chop AM Chored PM. W. very Cold JB Came to saw wood for my Mother PM

29 Chored. W. very very Cold. J B sawed wood for my Mother AM. & then we filled a bed for her PM

30 I & Nancy went to see her Grandfather at Jesse Reesors & visited awhile at B G Reesor's they moved back from the Township of Hay where they lived some years & now live in Jesse's old house. W. pretty Cold

31 Chored W. fine Clear. Cut some beef for Br C. he is getting better

Feb 1 went to Br Cs AM to meet M Dyke & made bargain about Dyke renting the farm that I got from Br C. I & CB shovelled snow at Hebron PM.John Cobers & Matty Cook were here this evening. Matty is staying all night W. frosty Cold

2 Candlemas day. Sunday All went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Re {Reverend} H Barkey sermon on {blank space} by Re Jos Barkey about 3 dozen visitors PM. all JD's Finlaw's youngsters. Uncle Joe's younsters Janet & John McGaw & B F Reesor & wife W. Clear very Cold

3 I & J B & little boys tramped some loose Oats in old barn with horses. W. fair. mild. Cloudy

4 Cleaned Oats about 30 bus {bushels} AM Chored PM J B went home PM W. fine Clear thawing

5 Chored I & Nancy went to Cedar Grove PM W fine Clear

6 I Nancy & my Mother went to Uncle Joseph's old place Where his son Christian lives & Called awhile at J B's W. very fine clear

7 I Nancy & my Mother went to Br inlaw M Ns W. foggy this morning Cleared up very fine today

8 I & little John went to Walkers to get horses shod Walky was not at home. Chored W.squally AM Clear PM

Sunday 9 All went to Br C's he is generally up all day W. Cold. pretty strong NW wiind all day. Calm tonight

10 Thawed Br C's Cistern Pump AM Went to get horses shod PM shop was full Heard today that Henry Barkey daughter Fanny was buried in the Township of Hay yesterday. She was married to Joseph Smith of the Township of Vaughan W. very Cold last night

Feb 1873

Feb 11 all went to Meeting at Hebron Remarks by Re H Barkey sermon on St John 3 Chap by R & J Hagery Finlaws & Altona Daniel Hoover's were here PM W. fine

12 I helped C B saw wood. J B Came to work for me. he Cut some dead trees in Old bush W. Clear

13 I & J B drew home some wood & helped M Dyke Clear 75 1/2 bus Peas & I went to show old W M where to Cut some sawlogs in my Pine bush this evening. W. sharp clear

14 I & Nancy went to S Lehman's They were not at home then we went to Br inlaw David Hoover's. staid for dinner. W. pretty sharp AM. mild PM cloudy

15 went round neighbourhood awhile AM with Br C's mare James Morrison to see if we could find the dogs that worried 3 or 4 of Br C's sheep last night. Could make out nothing helped them to bleed & skin one PM. Br C is able to go out a little again W. very fine Clear pretty sharp

Sunday 16 all went to Br Ns. W. mild. sharp East wind PM

17 I & little boys Cleaned grist I took it to Cedar Grove Mill PM. Br C & his family were here at Turkey roast today. W. very fine mild Clear Br S's were here tonight

18 J B Came this morning & Cut wood AM Then I got Br S's Oxen & J B drove my Horses & we drew in 9 sawlogs out of my bush at Dykes PM. W. Mild thawing

19 Drew in 1 logs W. fine Clear

20 Drew in Six, 6. logs AM & a lot of fine wood logs home & brought home grist tonight W. fine Clear, East wind tonight

21 I took Pork out of brine AM I JB & Noah Burkholder drew oat sheaves out of old driving horse loft into new barn PM. W. snow from East AM Clear west wind PM

22 I JB & NB. drew soules wheat out of old barn into new W. pretty Cold. Clear

Sunday 23 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks & sermon on St Luke 10 C by Re {Reverend} H Barkey. AB's were here after service. W. very Cold Clear

24 Chored AM I went to Markham PM W. very Cold strong west wind some snow AM

25 Thawed Br C's Pump AM I & RW hung up our Pork PM. W. very Cold

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Name: Frances Smith Birth Date: Jan 1836 Death Date: 5 Feb 1873 Cemetery: Zurich Mennonite Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Zurich, Huron County, Ontario, Canada Has Bio?: N Father: Henry Blough Barkey Mother: Veronica Barkey URL: