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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 43.pdf

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July 1873

July 11 I took grist wheat to Forest Mills. Peter Hoover has bought them. W. fine warm Cler. C harrowed summer fallow

12 Mowed Orchard I & Nancy went to Markham PM W. warm Clr

Sunday 13 went to Meeting at Cedar Grove newer by B.C sermon on {blank space} by R.J Wideman. W. very warm clear

14 C Mowed west end of big field with Machine I mowed fence Corners & Chored & Raked part of East half after supper W. very close & fine shower at noon

15 I helped Pattons work at Dyke's Kitchen AM raked Orchard & raked & Cocked west end big field PM. W. fine

16 Helped Flavius Put roof boards on kitchen at Dykes this Morning then I & C Helped Br C's draw in 3 loads hay C's Men helped us draw in about 8 loads PM which finishes our haying. W. fine. Clear

19 Split wood AM I & Nancy went to Altona factory for grain had supper at M N's W. shower this morning very heavy rain PM didn't get wet. very lucky

18 C helped Br D draw dung with team I & Br N finished Kitchen at M Dykes PM. W. warm. showers PM

19 C helped Br D draw dung with team I scuffled some turnips I & little boys hoed Corn & I helped Br C draw 3 loads hay after supper. W. fine cool. Clear

Sunday 20 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by R. H Barkey Sermon ou St John 9 C by Br. C. JH Ramer's girls & Mafies were here. W. fine Cool. Clr

21 I & C helped Br N bind Diehl Wheat. W. fine Clr

22 I & Br C went to Toronto with my Waggon & his team. took old Potatoes @ 70 cts per bag wool at 36 cts sheep skin @75. Butter @ 20 Eggs @ 15 ct. W. very fair. warm, Clear C scuffled Potatoes & began plowing fallow

23 I & C Plowed in fallow AM thinned turnips PM W. warm

24 I. C. & Steele hilled sod Potatoes & thinned turnips. W. warm

25 C Scuffled turnips AM. Both hoed PM. W. warm fine shower thunder this evening

26 Thinned turnips AM. C went to MC Frets barn raising PM I & Flavius & Br C's man Cut East half fall wheat near Br C's PM W. warm clear

Sunday 27 went to JD W. warm

28 I & C helped Br C bind fall wheat W. warm. shower

29. hoed turnips awhile, then Cut rest of wheat ner Br. C's W. warm shower PM

30 Cut about 10 acres of wheat field near Hoovers. Br C & his 2 men helped. W. fine clear

31 Finished field near Hoovers R W helped W. warm Cler

Aug 1 I & C hoed turnips. W. warm cler. Tho's Ansley an old school mate was here at noon

2 nearly finished turnips I took Emaline Raymer Part way home after supper. She is working for us. W. warm. shower PM

Sunday Aug 3 we & my Mother went to Br N's. W. fine clear

4 killed Calf & drew in 2 loads wheat from near Br C's AM both plowed in fallow PM. W. fine clear

5 Plowed AM fixed road at dam & drew in 4 loads wheat off old land PM

6 drew in all wheat. 10 loads. Flavius helped. W. fine. W. fine clear S Lehman's were here

7 I scuffled all turnips & I & Nancy went to Belford this evening C helped Burkholder thrash. W. very warm close

8 C Plowed I raked wheat stubble AM & Plowed PM. W. fine clear

9 C finished Crossing fallow & I finished raking stubble AM. drew in rakings 4 loads PM. W. fine. pretty warm

Sunday 10 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Cedar Grove remarks by RH Barkey Sermon on St Luke 16C by Br C. went to Colon Reesor's after service W. fine clr

11 Chored C helped BC Pull Peas a little while then in rained Cut some oats in field back of garden PM. K I & C helped Br N thresh AM then came home (C stayed to finish) I & Br C cut 3 rounds oats then it rained a shower

12 Cut a few rounds Oats the it rained a shower. Cleaned up finished the field PM Helped B.C in his field below our line after supper. W. fine PM

13 Helped Br C finish his field till noon bound ours PM. W. fine warm

Shocked our oats AM Cut spring wheat

Br. C's helped W. fine clear

all spring wheat till about

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