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Benjamin Reesor Diary, 1871-1878

Reesor, 69.pdf

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Apr May 1875

April 30 Joe Pulled down fence along north end of old bush AM I helped him lay it up Pm then I took a few more things to Br S's for the Mennonite W. Cold strong wind

May 1 I went to see T Longley about digging some drains & Joe fixed fence AM Cleaned wheat Pm. W. hard frost last night Cloudy AM real November snow storm Pm. rain this evening

Sunday 2 at home all day. W. Cloudy very high wind last night and today, snow all gone

3 Went to Markham AM to get Cent Shod & to see the Mennonites start for Manitoba My Br Simeon Accompanies them as Interpreter Joe fixed fences, Pulled down fence on north side of fall Wheat Pm. W. fine Cler rather Cool

4 Drew old pieces of rails home for firewood & drew 231 new rails to repair fence on north side of wheat & sowed little Orchard with Peas & part Peas & Oats W. fine pretty warm Cler

5 Laid up fence on north side of fall wheat 6 rails high AM sowed 6 bush Virginia Golden drop spring wheat on north part of field back of garden & I brought 400 tiles Pm. W. some drizzly rain Pm steady rain tonight

Ascension day 6 I & Nancy & little boys went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Br C sermon on Acts 1 Chap by Re'd S Hoover. W. Cler this morning Cloudy some rain & a squall of snow Pm

7 Staked & ridered fences AM Trimmed appletrees in old Orchard Pm W. Cloudy

8 Trimmed trees I went to MC Frets after supper. W. warmer fine thunder shower tonight

Sunday 9 at home Br S's wife & Children were here W. warm some thunder . very heavy rain this evening

10 Trimmed trees. I went to Br. N's Am to get hand saw set W. fine Cler

11 Trimmed trees AM I & Nancy went to Whitevale & Joe trimmed a few trees & Carried off brush Pm. W. Cler Am Cloudy Pm a light rain tonight

12 Carried off Apple brush W. pretty windy drizzly rain Pm

13 Carried off Apple brush I took 3 bags Chop to Mill Pm for Cows I Joe & little boys Caught 6 suckers in our Creek this evening

14 Trimmed few trees I went to Whitevale AM Joe ganged a little back of barn, too wet, laid down tiles below Orchard where Longley is digging drain W. Cloudy. little rain

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stake-and-rider fence A rail fence assembled without the use of post holes, as follows: two stakes are crossed, forming a crotch near their upper ends; a horizontal rail (called the rider) is supported by the crotch, then this assembly is bound together at the crotch; a series of such assemblies is required to form the fence, often with additional horizontal rails below the rider.