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Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" Baker Diary, 1914-1918

Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Baker handwritten 1914-18 60.pdf

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to tea J Facey's & Isaac's there

" 3. Fine. C & I to town to see the Duke of Devonshire & his party Go to park with Mr. Williams in car.

4. Fine. Start to houseclean parlour & dinning room. C gets notice to report for duty.

5. Fine. Ab. Campbell & Mr. Fonger come to shingle south side of cattle barn. M. Williams come out in evening re Cyril's enlistment {above line: C phones to Sarnia}

" 6. Rains occassionally.

" 7. Fine. Washed in afternoon. Go to Mr. Williams at night & mail letters to Mr. Wismer & registrar-general

" 8. Fine. Finish parlour & dining room.

" 9. Occassional rain. Earnest Baker & Joy Wintermute here to tea. Go for a motor ride about block in evening

10. Fine {above line: Cooler} C & I to town in forenoon.

11. " Cooler.

" 12 Cool cloudy. Dad comes over & C goes to London to learn about his order to report.

13. Fine. I cultivate & C plants corn.

" 14. " Mr. Williams takes C to London to report. I got home for the day & dad brings me back at 7 P.M. He & Mr. Williams stay all night. Cool.

" 15. Fine. Dad goes home. Willies comes fo all day & dad at night to do chores.

" 16. Cloudy & cool. Louie Leola, Lang. Mr. Williams & I motor to Carling Heights to see Cyril. Dad & Willie 17 here when we get home. Willie stays all night

117. Fine. Here alone nearly all day. Cut lawn & make feeding coop Mr. Williams goes out home. Uncle Ben calls to see bees.

" 18. Fine. Roy, dad, Willie & I pull mustard in grain. A. Lawton here.

" 19. Fine. Mr. Williams plants corn & I cultivate Mabel etc. come in afternoon & stay to tea. George cultivates

" 20 Fine. Uncle Ben Aunt Jennie & Roy here. Build fence for alf field.

" 21 Rainy. At night go to Louie's to register.

" 22. Cool. Windy. Cultivate corn & go to town at night. Cold.

" 23. Cool. Windy. Cloudy. Mr. Williams & I to Leola's to dinner & I go to London on 1.10 am car. Meet Cyril go to Heights, up towns for tea back to St. Thomas at 7.50, meet Louie & John after church & home. Dad & Willie here to help do chores

" 24. Fine. Wash & hose garden. Mr. Williams goes home to hoe his garden.

" 25. Fine. Cool. Violet calls to see if I got home. A. Lawton here.

" 26. Fine. Cool. Baker picnic. C's birth cert. comes.

" 27. Fine. I go to London to take Birth Cert. to Capt. Hindson. As I get off C is waiting to get on. Both go to Capt. Hindson & come to {Illegible} {from?}

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