File #17061: "Walter McMackon Diary, 1910.pdf"


1910 Diary – Walter McMackon
Transcribed by descendant, Paul Woodrow.
Cash Accounts and a drawing of the farm’s field layout at the back of the original diary are not
included in the transcription but can be viewed in the original diary at Archival and Special
Collections, University of Guelph.
Small diary, 3 in. x 5 ¾ in.
Identification on inside front cover:
Walter McMackon
Address: Highgate, Ontario
Height: 5 ft., 8 1/2 in.
Weight: 158 1/2 [lb.]
Collar: 15 [in.]
Shirt: 15
Sat. Jan 1 – New Year’s Day. Mrs. Gaynor, Chas. Thornton & Uncle Mac’s in for dinner.
Phyllis Reycraft & Stanley for tea & evening. Lining chicken pen.
Sun. Jan. 2 – A.M. Church. Jas. Gordon preached. P.M. S.S. Eve Temperance. Speakers: Lou
Reycraft, Rev. Whelan of Morpeth. Wm., Mrs. & Jos Street for tea & dinner. Male Choir twice
Mon. Jan. 3 – Voted for Local Option. For 487, Against 247.
Reeve: Blue 421 vs Ferguson 313
Councillors: Jno McDonald 437
Arch McLaren 435
Angus Thompson 364
Peter Clark 362
Peets 261
Richardson 113
Trustees: Phoenix, Bailey, A.J. Stone
Temperance speeches: R.W. Uran, Jno Steele, J.S. Foster, Gillanders, G. Reycraft.
Mill not running today.
Tues. Jan. 4 – A.M. unloading corn, oats. P.M. unloading 13 loads staves, Abe & I. Very
strong, raw east wind.
Wed. Jan. 5 – Unloading staves by spells. 1000 bdles in the car. Dad to Toronto to-day. Damp
Thurs. Jan, 6 – Decking bdls today.
Fri. Jan. 7 – A.M. Decking bdls. P.M. Delivery.
Sat. Jan. 8 – This has been my week for going through the mill at night. Load of hay at mill
from Jas. Gosnell.
Sun. Jan. 9 – A.M. Church. P.M. S.S. Eve Church. Male Choir twice. Tea with Geo. Gosnell.
Mon. Jan. 10 – A.M. Irish Joe in Ridgetown. Eve. Skating. Fine day. No wind.
Tues. Jan. 11 – Herb Greyeth brot hay for mill. Eve. Skating. Lovely day. Sold 1st
dozen today.
Wed. Jan. 12 – Fine, no wind till late in evening. Load (36), skate in Ridgetown.
Thurs. Jan. 13 – Received notice – am to be laid off next Saturday. Eve. Mr. Uren, Stella
Crosby, Mr. Mack & I only. No league. Australian Concert Co. – free. Very stormy & windy.
Fri. Jan. 14 – Delivery. Very stormy. Eve. Concert Co.
Sat. Jan. 15 – Finished at mill today.
Sun. Jan. 16 – A.M. Church. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Mr. Langford on Missions. Lizzie, Mary
Riddick, Miss Brigham for cutter ride after S.S.
Mon. Jan. 17 – Making paths in snow. Did some siding on house.
Tues. Jan. 18 – Highgate-Sheddon-West Lorne. 9 A.M. to Sheddon. 3:45 P.M. S. to West
Lorne. At Uncle Tom’s for dinner. At West Lorne – Elgin House over night. Dad Hart went to
S.on same train. Poultry show in W.L. Eve. Mr. Ross on Poultry, Mr. Clark on Hints (from
Wed. Jan. 19 – West Lorne - Sheddon. A.M. walked to Schienhauf’s mill & back. W.L. to
Dutton on Dan Deews wagon. D. To Sheddon with Conductor Lucas. Eve. Skating. Eliza Sells,
Katy Brady, Alice Burwell, Myrtle Michener.
Thurs. Jan. 20 – Sheddon - Highgate. 8:15 A.M. S. to Highgate. Eve. Election of Officers.
Pres. Jno Foster; 1st
Vice Effie McAskile; 2nd
Vice Mrs. J. McLaren; 3rd
Vice Laura Reynolds;
Vice Lizzie McMackon; Organist Mary Riddick; Sec. Treas. E. Gordon. Stormy.
Fri. Jan. 21 – Putting paper & outside row of boards on coop on east end & part of west.
Sat. Jan. 22 – Stormy & Cold. Only nails on a few boards. Lizzie & Laura Reynolds off for
Dresden today. Cora Phoenix & Birdie in for tea.
Sun. Jan. 23 – Dr. Sunderland of Toronto spoke on Missions twice. Tea at Riddick’s – 6 at
Attridge’s. Subscribed to Laymers.
Mon. Jan. 24 – Finished all siding and tight-fitted over window.
Tues. Jan. 25 – Put in ceiling & straw; roosts & drop boards.
Wed. Jan. 26 – Still on the Job. Gordon, Dick & I brought some straw. Eve. League. Stormy.
Thurs. Jan. 27 – Lizzie’s birthday (18). Lizzie & I at Keyes in evening. Jim Gosnell brot hay
Fri, Jan. 28 – Fixed feed boxes. M. collecting Educ. Funds. Load started for E.L. concert in
Ridgetown. Landed at Fosters to finish. Jno & Mrs. Foster, Jno & Mrs. Attridge, W. & L.
McMackon, W. & M. Riddick, Minnie Reycraft, Sara Attridge, Mayme Graham, Laura
Reynolds, Grace Reycraft, Mrs. McGinn, Ernest Gordon, G.E. Armour, Miss Wyman, Miss
Watson, Miss Brigham.
Sat. Jan. 29 – A.M. Dad, Gordon & I clearing warehouse. P.M. Straightened Educ. I intended
going to Detroit on #37 but will stay & help Dad for awhile.
Sun. Jan. 30 – C., S.S. Eve. Laura Reynolds & I at Ethel McKerracher’s for tea. Later we 3 at
Erma McPhail’s at Palmyra.
Mon. Jan. 31 – Dad & I 45 apple & 1 bean brl. Eve. League, 32 Pres. Ernest Gordon & Miss
Wyman had topic.
Tues. Feb. 1 – A.M. Coopering - apple brl. Drew over a few staves, hoops & heading. P.M. at
Les McLaren’s ats 120’s. Eve. Lizzie & I at Jennie Gosnell’s.
Wed. Feb. 2 – Right at the beans yet. Eve. Skating party (27) to Ridgetown.
Thurs. Feb. 3 – A.M. at the beans. P.M. at Cooper Shop. Eve. Frank Stone, J.S. Foster & I as
S.S. Supply Committee.
Fri. Feb. 4 – Coopering today. Eve. Sleighload to Harry Sifton’s.
Sat. Feb. 5 – Taking brls to & stock from warehouse. Mary Riddick in for tea.
Sun. Feb. 6 – S.S., C. Tea at Aunt Mattie’s. Lizzie, Ernest Gordon & I stopped in at Riddick’s
after Church.
Mon. Feb. 7 – Dad & I at Bean Brls. Eve. At League.
Tues. Feb. 8 – Beans Brls yet. Eve. Load didn’t go to Jason Eberle’s. Joe Wilkinson wanted
$8.00 to go out. The crowd stopped at home instead. Reycraft, Minnie; Gosnell, Clayon, Jamie,
Ethel; Riddick, Mary, Will; Watson, Miss; Wyman, Miss; Brigham, Miss; Attridge, Sara;
Gordon, Ernest; Scott, Florence; McLaren, Fan; McKerracher, Ethel; Buchan, A. Bell; Myron &
Wed. Feb. 9 – 16 Bean brls alone.
Thurs. Feb. 10 – 17 Bean Brls alone. Eve. Farmers Institute Meeting.
Fri. Feb. 11 – 17 Bean Brls alone. Eve. Merry crowd at E. McKerracher’s. Joe Wilkins 2 teams,
20 in load; Clayton Gosnell cutter; Tom Gordon cutter; Merton Scott cutter; Stanley Driver
cutter; me, cutter (3-Grace Reycraft, Lizzie & I). Rolled in at 4 A.M. Very heavy wet
Sat. Feb. 12 – 7 Bean Brls. P.M. Gordon, Dick & I load of straw with team.
Sun. Feb. 13 – C., S.S. Eve. Ethel McK’s for tea. Edwin McMillan & Aggie Belle Buchan.
Mon. Feb. 14 – 16 Bean Brls. Eve. League, 32 out. 20 active members, 9 associate. Free Load
to Rink tonight.
Tues. Feb. 15 – 17 Brls Beans today. At A.O.V.W. supper. E. McK. Later, at concert alone.
Had complementary ticket.
Wed. Feb. 16 – 18 Bean Brls. Eve to Will Gaynor about job as driver for Dom. Exp. Gordon
home with cold.
Thurs. Feb. 17 – 13 Brls Beans. Finished.
Fri. Feb. 18 – A.M. Fixed nest in hen pen. P.M. Put some wood in cellar. Eve. Committee
meeting of E. League. J.S. Foster, Laura Reynolds, E. McAskile, Mrs. J. McLaren, Ernest
Gordon, Lizzie McMackon.
Sat. Feb. 19 – A.M. Grace, Dick & I at farm for dinner. Took ¼ beef down. Dad & I loaded
loose heading on P.M. Ry for Drader in Chatham.
Sun. Feb. 20 – C. S.C. Edmunds of Palmyrs. S.S. C. Anglican Ridgetown cutter alone.
Mon. Feb. 21 – Took 73 bean brls to warehouse & brot some staves back. Eve. League Social.
Dep. 5.96 for S.S. Drove to Jno Fenton’s & back at noon.
Tues. Feb. 22 – Saw F.W. Scott about A.O.V.W. P.M. Dr. McPhail examined me for entrance.
Wed. Feb. 23 – Dad & I 40 apple brls.
Thurs. Feb. 24 – Dad & I 40 apple brls. Eve. At Jno Fenton’s re SS. Treas. Books.
Fri. Feb. 25 – In Leslie’s hot house. Wm. Wise & I were putting up 200 lb bean sacks. Very
Sat. Feb. 26 – A.M. At Leslie’s hot house. P.M. made a few brls. Eve. Called at Bert Atkinson’s
& A.J. Stone’s.
Sun. Feb. 27 – Church. P.M. Driving Palmyra, Clearville, Duart. Eve. Tea at Uncle Dan’s. It
rained part of the P.M. The snow was slushy & where it was a foot deep the horse would go
Mon. Feb. 28 – Dad & I at apple brls. Eve. League.
Tues. Mar. 1 – Fixed raisin seeder. Also cross bar in cutter. Eve. Rode goat in A.O.V.W.
Wed. Mar. 2 – A.M. made 7 brls apples. P.M. Dad & clearing out office. Eve. Straightened S.S.
Thurs. Mar. 3 – Raised office on blocks ready to move to rear of house in Saw Log Hollow.
Eve. At Revival meeting. Miss Watson, Brigham & Mrs. Ashton in for tea.
Fri. Mar. 4 – Office safely deposited in desired spot. Frost is going out quite rapidly and the
mud is in evidence.
Sat. Mar. 5 – Straightened old barn & had it started on its way.
Sun. Mar. 6 – Church, S. School, Church.
Mon. Mar. 7 – A.M. finished moved barn. P.M. 10 apple brls. Eve. League.
Board 2/1/10-3/7/10 – 9 weeks $27.00
Work 2/1 – 3/7/10 - $27.00
Dad & I called a/c square in this way.
Tues. Mar. 8 – Highgate –Essex. A.M. 7 apple brls. Hired with Herb Lee for 7 mos., maybe 8
@ 25 P.M. Took mail train to Sx. All well at Uncle Ed’s.
Wed. Mar. 9 – Essex-Gesto. A.M. Stayed around all morning. P.M. Walked out to Gesto.
Wyman Colhoun is Uncle Wm’s hired man. Eve. E.L. Social in village. Flossie & Redge Eaton.
Edith came out till Friday night.
Thurs. Mar. 10 – Gesto. Eve. Party at Kielick’s 2 ½ miles west of Gesto. Drove Wyman & C.
Edna Lorne. Flossie didn’t go. Uncle Wm & Aunt Mary off for Detroit to-day.
Fri. Mar. 11 – Edith & Edna Campbell at the house for tea. Later there was choir practice. Aunt
& Uncle back by supper-time. Flossie, E.C. Wizman & I in the village.
Sat, Mar. 12 – Gesto, Essex, Detroit, St. Clair. Uncle Wm. drove me to Sx this A.M. 10.00
A.M. car to Windsor. Jim Scott. Went to Dentist Lou McPhee, 106 Broadway. Ed. Aldridge &
P. Dean 10 Adams W. Will Cromie. At 482 Mitchell 4 P.M. 5.00-8.00 interurban to St. Clair.
This is Alice Wasey’s birthday.
Sun. Mar. 13 – M. Wasey, Ray, Marjorie & I at Church and part of S.S. Mildred’s sister Hattie
McDonald. 6.45-9.00 interurban to City.
Mon. Mar. 14 – Detroit. 11.00 A.M. Dentist. Noon, Mrs. Clark 98 Col E. Tea at Dundas’s 321
Trembly. Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Franz & Distlerue. Clara Suritz later.
Tues. Mar. 15 – 10.30 A.M. Dentist. Noon 98 Col E. Mrs. Roy Whitmore 280 Porter West,
Detroit but didn’t see Roy or Chas. Tea at Lou Mills 880 Porter. Stayed over night at
Ferguson’s 320 Lansing.
Wed. Mar. 16 – Detroit. 9.30 Gertie Grants 317 Lansing. 10.30 A.M. L.M. McPhee. Fainted in
chair. He filled 3 openings, crowned one tooth & cleaned for 7.75. Have felt bum all day. Did
without dinner to-day. Tea at Will Cromie’s. Eve. At Ashbury Revival meetings. Rev. Mr.
Marsh, Royal Smitz, Nellie Kuttkuhn, Etta Scott & I called on Mrs. Rutter, Chas. Valade.
Thurs. Mar. 17 – St. Patrick’s day in the morning. Saw Hoxie in A.M. Am having my eyes
retested at Dr. Campbell’s on Fort St. Dinner at 98 Col E. Called on Anne Pludderman1497
Jose. Tea at Clara Smitz. Eve at Lillie Baker’s 1893 Russell. Dave Cromie; Smitz, Royal Wm.,
Clara; Stacy, Flo; Dudds, Alice Marg; Wasey, Ted; Vaden, Miss; Wilson, Miss; Baker, Jno &
Lillie; Howard, Mr., me.
Fri. Mar. 18 – Detroit. Called on Mr. Greenwood. Dentist’s office twice. Had dinner at R.H.
Mills 368 Pine. Came to Mr. Greenwod’s for tea. Later at Revival meeting.
Sat. Mar. 19 – A.M. Dr. Campbell’s. At 482 for tea. Eve at 1027 Vermont. Irene Crichton &
Belle Hawkins, quite a jolly crowd.
Sun. Mar. 20 – Detroit. Asbury. C. Mr. Greenwood. S.S. W. Cromie’s Class. C. Rev. Mr.
Eva. Ray, Bert & I were at 482 for dinner. At Wilbert’s for tea 91 Melbourne. Eve at Mary
Stacey’s 891 Piquette E.
Mon. Mar. 21 – A.M. 1063-65 Palmer Ave. E. Agricola’s & Hughes. Dinner at Mrs. Gibson’s.
Glasses from Dr. Campbell. Tea at Ferguson’s. Eve at 319 Kirby E. Gertrude Rowe, Miss
Shoemaker & Hardie.
Tues. Mar. 22 – Dinner at Mrs. Baker’s 575 Mitchell. P.M. Mrs. Neitzers 899 Medbury. Tea at
Russell’s 368 Pine. Eve at Asbury 891.
Wed. Mar. 23 – Called at Mr. McPhee’s office. Miss Rose. Dinner at Tillie Mills. Tea at 482
Mitchell. Card received saying could started to work at once. Mrs. Dundas, D. Ernst, Clara
Smitz 891 Mitton.
Thurs. Mar. 24 – Dinner at 98 Col E. W., E. & L car 3.15-4.00 P.M. Tea at Essex, Uncle Ed’s.
Eve. Sx to Highgate. Greenwood’s 10 Adams W. Miss Lois Keane, Mrs. Geo. Blights, Wm.,
Mrs. & Flos Blight, Lena Gosnell, Miss DeVries, Mrs. Ludlow.
Fri. Mar. 25 – Highgate. Started my 7 mos at H. Lee’s. Cuttinmg bands for corn shredder.
Worked too hard to-day.
Sat. Mar. 26 – Corn shredding at Chas. Scott’s. I had Herb’s team to-day. Visitors in town; Jim
Scott, Cecil Garrett, Miss Valm, Morden Watson.
Sun. Mar. 27 – C. Mr. Veale of Dorchester. S. C. Anglican Ridgetown. Met Benson Gosnell,
Vi Savage.
Mon. Mar. 28 – Chores. Shipped critter in A.M. P.M. 2 loads corn stalks. Eve. League. Ethel
Gosnell & Jessie Campbell, Will Phoenix & Blanche Geary.
Tues. Mar. 29 – 5 loads corn stalks. Eve. Retired early.
Wed. Mar. 30 – 2 load corn stalks. Gathered loose corn on field. Picking corn in barn. Eve.
Meeting of S.S. officers.
Thurs. Mar. 21 – Sorting corn on barn floor.
Fri. Apr. 1 – Cultivating S.W. field for oats crossways 11 ½ acres.
Sat. Apr. 2 – Cultivating 1 & length wise. Eve house. Drove Uncle Mac up Gore road to look at
Ry fire & for same received 50 cts. Lizzie & Laura sick.
Sun. Apr. 3 – C. S.S. C. Home all day.
Mon. Apr. 4 – Rainy. Burning front wheat field. Eve. League. At noon Herb hooked up two
year old.
Tues. Apr. 5 – A.M. cultivating back field length. P.M. rolling with young team.
Wed. Apr. 6 – A.M. rolling young team. P.M. rolling & cultivating other. Rainy & quit at 4.00
P.M. Answered a letter to-night.
Thurs. Apr. 7 – A.M. 3 loads of wood from front field. P.M. rolling & harrowing S.W. field.
Eve. letter to Mrs. Mills.
Fri. Apr. 8 – Working still in the oatfield.
Sat. Apr. 9 – 10 loads started to-day to remove fertilizer from barn yard. Eve. Up town pr
insoles from Uncle Joe. Finished harrowing oat field by 8.00.
Sun. Apr. 10 – A.M. Church. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Had the noon & night chores done.
Mon. Apr. 11 – 11 loads vs barnyard. Eve. League, 21 present.
Tues. Apr. 12 – 15 loads vs Barnyard. Eve. Took 2 hens home from Frank Stone broody.
Wed. Apr. 13 – Still in the barnyard. Gordon, Dick & Grace came up after a chicken.
Thurs. Apr. 14 – Fertilizer. Eve. farm.
Fri. Apr. 15 – 7 loads fertilizer. Eve farm.
Sat. Apr. 16 – A.M. cleaned out bull’s pen. P.M. took apple & taters from pit. Eve on the farm.
Sun. Apr. 17 – A.M. Church. Rainy. P.M. S.S. Sunshine. Eve. Church. Chilly. Was at home
for tea.
Mon. Apr. 18 – A.M. Garden plowed & harrowed. P.M. Peach trees planted, manure spread.
Eve. Wasn’t at League.
Tues. Apr. 19 – Rained all day. Cleaned out 1 box stall & part of another.
Wed. Apr. 20 – Planted some berry bushes & spread fertilizer.
Thurs. Apr. 21 – Finished spreading what manure was in piles in field. Short letter from Frank.
Fri. Apr. 22 – Fixing west front rail fence. At home a few minutes in eve.
Sat. Apr. 23 – Fine day but damp under foot. Finished fixing west front fence 300 rails.
Sun. Apr. 24 – A.M. Church. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. At home for tea.
Mon. Apr. 25 – Rainy all day. Cleared out colt’s stall. Eve. League.
Tues. Apr. 26 – Cut 7 lamb’s tails off. Load of hay from Geo. in P.M. Rained to-day.
Wed. Apr. 27 – Buzzing wood at Floyd Gosnell’s bush. Brot parcel of Epworth Era’s from P.M.
Station for the S.S.
Thurs. Apr. 28 – 2 loads furniture to Lee’s house in town.
Fri. Apr. 29 – A.M. buried 2 sheep, 1 dog & 1 cow. P.M. doctoring colt’s foot & dipping the
three of them. Cleaning up a little brush in the orchard.
Sat. Apr. 30 – Picking up more brush. Mr. Jas. Beaton buried to-day. Gordon to deposit 3.55 for
S.S. at noon.
Sun. May 1 – Church communion. S.S. to-day. Church. At Lee’s all day. Walk with MHR.
Raining this A.M. Mrs. Jas. Gosnell buried to-day. To Maggie Fenton for balance of Forward
Mon. May 2 – Rain all day very heavy. Lane is flooded. Husked a little corn besides chores.
Didn’t go to League, too wet. Caught a heavy cold to-day. F.W. Scott returned A.O.V.W.
change by mail.
Tues. May 3 –Herb at Pardo’s sale – Cedar Springs. Geo. E. Decker here & put new castings on
windmill. I was his assistant. Split a little wood. (Wed. went down home & got some pills for
my cold.)
Wed. May 4 – A.M. Finished splitting the wood. P.M. 2 loads furniture to Lee’s in town. Eve.
Home. Drove Mrs. Geo. Lee up. Bought pair shoes at Cumming’s on tick 2 1/2. Also
subscribed ¼ for football.
Thurs. May 5 – A.M. Gathering Brush. P.M. Gathering Brush. We connected windmill. Eve.
Took pony & drove Mrs. Herb Guyett home.
Fri. May 6 – A.M. 1 load buzz wood from F. Stone’s front fence. Also 1 from Lee’s west front
fence. Got stuck me, halfed the load after dinner & drew it in. P.M. Load of hay from George’s.
Herb upset in lane.
Sat. May 7 – 3 colts to back pasture. 6 loads manure. 7 sheep sheared.
Sun. May 8 – A.M. not at Church. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Birdie & Laura. At home for tea.
Uncle Nelson’s were up.
Mon. May 9 – 13 loads fertilizer. Eve. E. League late & I went. – not in.
Tues. May 10 – 13 loads ditto. Some brush was burnt to-day.
Wed. May 11 – 14 loads manure. 1 sheep sheared.
Thurs. May 12 – A.M. Herb disking pea field, burnt 1 brush heap. P.M. Cultivating cornfield.
Am working the 3 & 4 year olds together.
Fri. May 13 – Cultivating corn field.
Sat. May 14 – Finished cultivating corn field & started bean field. Cultivated pea field. Went to
George’s for roller. Frank came home to-night.
Sun. May 15 – A.M. Church. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Tea at McLaughlin’s.
Mon. May 16 – rolling, harrowing bean ground, 3 loads fertilizer. Herb plowing & trip for tile.
Powell & Truly ditching for the firm. Handed to H.J. Uren 26.74 Educational Fund. Put in 1.00
for Jno Gosnell. Put in 1.00 short in a/c.
Tues. May 17 – 9 loads manure out alone. Herb plowing. Started to rain at 4.30 P.M. and came
quite heavy. Frank McM drove Mrs. Lee up this A.M. She stayed for dinner & supper.
Wed. May 18 – P.M. cultivating #5 corn. A.M. sheared 1 sheep. Stallion. H. Chop to mill. I a
little radish, lettus, onions planted.
Thurs. May 19 – Cultivated corn #5 field N & South. H. Plowing bean.
Fri. May. 20 – 4 cattle taken to back place. Load of hay from Geo’s. 3 pigs rung. Raining most
of day. Gordon here to-day & Sat.
Sat. May 21 – H. plowing orchard. A.M. I filled in drain. Poultry ceiling plastered. P.M.
Digging out stones & stumps.
Sun. May 22 – Church A.M. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Had tea at home. Frank, Lizzie & Mary
at Uncle Nelson’s for evening.
Mon. May 23 – Cultivating corn & xways. H. plowing bean.
Tues. May 24 – Till 9, cultivating zways. Rest, cultivating length, quit at 5.00. H. plowing.
Eve. Was at Social in Church. Phyllis Reycraft was my company. Mr. Jno Lee quite sick. Mr.
White of Bothwell sang. Nellie Keys & Rose Eberle sang, Mr. Jacobs children sang. Miss
Ritchie, Chatham, recited. Mary Riddick, Sara Attridge, Miss Brigham instrumental.
Wed. May 25 – Cultivating #5 lengthways.. Rather damp this P.M.
Thurs. May 26 – Till 9, cultivating #5 corn length. Till 11, harrowing #8 bean length balance.
Till 6, harrowing #8 bean xways. Also dug up a stump.
Fri. May 27 – Till 9.45 harrowing bean length #8. Till 4.00 harrowing & rolling muck for
sugarbeets. Till 6.00 harrowing #5 corn. Frank up for dinner.
Sat. May 28 – A.M. Finished harrowing #5 corn. Ezra Clark working at Herb’s team plowing.
P.M. McMackon’s had family group taken at Hill’s & also my ugly mug. Herb away all day.
Miller & Hilton working at chimney’s to-day.
Sun. May 29 – A.M. nix. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church.
Mon. May 30 – Rained most of day. A.M. We shelled corn at A.J. Stone’s. Disking pea field
#9. H. Planted corn. P.M. we cleared out woodshed, boiling house & pantry.
Tues. May 31 – Planting a few potatoes, also fertilizing some. Herb plowing muck.
Wed. June 1 – 4.30-12.30. Herb & I houseclearing, scrubbing, sweeping, etc. Rained most of
day. Herbert M., Lee & Stella Crosby united in the bonds of holy matrimony this day June 1,
Thurs, June 2 – A.M. put a little fertilizer on potatoes, exchanged wagons with F. Tape. P.M.
Herb 1 load, Ezra 2 loads beans @ 1.70.
Fri. June 3 – Herb 2 loads, Ezra 2 loads beans. Bought jag of hay from George’s. Possmore
soaked me on my watch: 1.00 main spring, 1.00 pilot jewel, .25 putting them in, 1.00 cleaning.
The latter he did on his own & I didn’t pay him for it. Watch 2.25.
Sat. June 4 – 3 loads beans including chop. 4.00-6 planted 3 rows potatoes. Ross Crosby &
Gladys Hazleton here for tea.
Sun. June 5 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Ray Crosby & Vi Meachen here for dinner.
Herb & Stella away for tea. Drove Lizzie Bury home later. Letter to Margaret & Alice Dundas
finished Tuesday.
Mon. June 6 – A.M. disking pea field. Herb planting corn. P.M. rained. Sprouting taters,
splitting wood. Mr. & Mrs. Crosby & Mrs. Meachen for tea. Anniversary wedding evening,
Epworth League consecration.
Tues. June 7 – P.M. harrowed orchard twice. Herb planted rape in it. Geo & Herb dipped sheep.
Wed. June 8 – Till 10.30 rolled & harrowed orchard. Herb planting corn. 10.30-12, harrowed
muck. P.M. harrowed cornfield.
Thurs. June 9 – Herb 3 horse & I 2 horse disking bean ground. 2 hours harrowing cornfield.
Fri. June 10 – Herb & I finished disking bean field & I cultivated pea ground. Mr. & Mrs. Shore
for tea.
Sat. June 11 – Rained all day & didn’t do much more than chores. Mary R. & I were going to
Ridgetown in the evening but the rain put a stop. Was reviewing Gordon’s poultry Books and
they are kept pretty slack, my fault as I haven’t looked at them for six weeks.
Sun. June 12 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Tea at Uncle Nelson’s.
Mon. June 13 – Plowing back. I had South bend & Herb Wilkinson. Eve. Epworth L. At A.J.
Stone’s, Mrs. Jas. McLaren’s & Mr. Jno Lee’s.
Tues. June 14 – A.M. same as before. P.M. I had 2 furrow, Herb rolled muck.
Wed. June 15 – Plowing back place. 2 furrow, 3 horses. Herb cultivating bean field. Truman
drained hole in bush.
Thurs. June 16 – A.M. Cultivated part of bean field. P.M. Harrowing same. Eve. Jag of hay
alone. Herb harrowed & seeded muck.
Fri. June 17 – A.M. harrowed bean. P.M. rolling bean. Herb seeding bean.
Sat. June 18 – Rolling & fertilizing b f. Herb finished seeding. Call Ridgetown. Lizzie & Hazel
home with me. Old maids picnic to-day at Eau.
Sun. June 19 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church.
Mon. June 20 – 27 plowing in back field. H. harrowing bean field.
Tues. June 21 – I been working bean field all week.
Wed. June 22 – Ditto. Turin Social. Ed Bilber & I.
Thurs. June 23 – Ditto. Fire in J. McLaren’s home & his wife passed away.
Fri. June 24 – Ditto.
Sat. June 25 – Harrowing, rolling bean field 8. H. drilling.
Sun. June 26 – A.M. Mrs. J. McLaren’s funeral. P.M. S.S. Eve. Ray Fenton, Norman Whitmore
Mon. June 27 – Cultivating corn. H. cultivating potatoes & roots.
Tues. June 28 – no entry.
Wed. June 29 – Cult. corn.
Thurs. June 30 – Cult. corn.
Fri. July 1 – A.M. Finished 2nd
round on corn. P.M. Started beans. Eve. Social at Jas Attridge’s.
Birdie & Myrtle driving.
Sat. July 2 – Cult. Beans. Eve. Drove Bert Atkinson to Ridgetown & back.
Sun. July 3 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Eva Smale, Mary Riddick, Vern Corn & I
Mon. July 4 – 2nd
round cultivating beans. Eve. League.
Tues. July 5 – A.M. Used hand cultivator in beans. P.M. In hay. Herb cutting & raking hay.
Eve. S.S. executive meeting re picnic to Erie Beach.
Wed. July 6 – Cocking hay.
Thurs. July 7 – 9.30 & on, drawing hay. Was 23 to-day and no one told me so.
Fri. July 8 – Drawing hay all day, 10 loads.
Sat. July 9 – A.M. Load hay to George’s, broke rope & spliced it. P.M. Finished east field. Cut
a few weeds. Eve. Herb & I at Ridgetown. Met Miss Weaver of Chatham & Harold Sterling.
Sun. July 10 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Ridge Pres. Mrs. Dunn. Saw Miss Weaver. Grace
McM. is 10 to-day.
Mon. July 11 – Removing cornstalks. Herb cutting back hay field. Eve. League. Ernie Gordon
– topic, Edith Reycraft – talk from Palestine, Sara Attridge – song. Grace had party to-day.
Tues. July 12 – Rained in A.M. & at night. A.M. removing cornstalks. P.M. cutting thistles.
Herb cut a little hay.
Wed. July 13 – A.M. Load of wood. Changed car in barn. P.M. Turned over hay.
Thurs. July 14 – Herb & Jas Scott in hay. I cultivating beans big field.
Fri. July 15 – Ditto.
Sat. July 16 – Ditto. Eve. Mr. Uren, Frank Stone & I met about S.S. picnic.
Sun. July 17 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Tea at Geo. Reycraft’s. Miss Cora Saddington
visiting there to-day. Later she & Clara for drive.
Mon. July 18 – Cult. beans back field. Eve. League, Missionary also. Signed 2.00 for Forward
Tues. July 19 – Ditto.
Wed. July 20 – Ditto. Brought binder from George’s to-night.
Thurs. July 21 – Ditto till 10.30. Could have finished in 2 days had I left at 7.00 in morning
instead of 7.30. Also I hoed some on Wed. & this made me a little longer. P.M. Started to cut
wheat. Byfield burned out this A.M. (3.00?)
Fri. July 22 – Rained last night. Cutting again about 4 P.M.
Sat. July 23 – Cutting wheat all day.
Sun. July 24 – 12.30 A.M. – 2.4 P. Noon A.M. Arrived at Eau 12.30 A.M. Had open air cot.
Called around at 7.30-8.30. Vern Corn came about 10.30. Effie McAskile, Sara Attridge, Edith
McGregor, Margaret McGregor, Fanny Attridge, Lena Gosnell, Mabel Gosnell, Lizzie McM,
Mary Riddick, Eva Smale, Phyllis Reycraft, Clara Reycraft, Ethel McKerracker. Had a very
good time.
Mon. July 25 – Shocking wheat with Mr. Pearce. Herb finished cutting by 6 P.M. Eve. Didn’t
go to League.
Tues, July 26 – A.M. Herb to dentist. Hoed beans. Cultivated mangers. P.M. 5 loads wheat.
Wed. July 27 – 5 & Geo. 2 loads wheat in. Rained about 4 P.M. Eve. Fire discussion in Church.
Motion that Trustees be advised to consider purchase of fire engine.
Thurs. July 28 – A.M. Making pig trough, cutting burdocks. P.M. Raking wheat stubble.
Fri. July 29 – Raking stubble till after 5.00 P.M., then we drew in the load of rakings.
Sat. July 30 – We have done so little these days the work has slipped my memory.
Sun. July 31 – A.M. Sacrament at Lee’s. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Drive later with Miss E.
Mon. Aug. 1 – Rained in eve. A.M. cutting burdocks. We cut 3 rounds on oats. P.M. Herb at
oats. I went to Quarterly Official Board Meeting in Lee’s Church. Discussion of Minister’s
salary, Evangelistic services. Rev. Uran, Jno Fenton, A.J. Stone, L. Tape, Ram’l Gosnell, Jas
Reycraft, Jno McKerracher, Jno McDonald, Will Reycraft, J. Frestain, Jno Wright, R.J.
Tues. Aug. 2 – Threshing Chas. Scott’s wheat.
Wed. Aug. 3 - Threshing rye at Floyd Gosnell’s. Eve. Herb cutting oats. Sara Attridge &
Misses McGregor at home for tea. Myron & I drove around the Gore road.
Thurs. Aug. 4 – Till 10.30, threshing barley at Floyd’s. Balance, shocking oats. Herb finished
cutting oats. Stayed up here this eve.
Fri. Aug. 5 – A.M. Finished shocking oats. P.M. hoed corn.
Sat. Aug. 6 – A.M. hoeing corn. P.M. cult. corn. H. threshing J. Stone.
Sun. Aug. 7 – A.M. Rev. Mr. Hamett. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Mr. Fletcher.
Mon. Aug. 8 – A.M. Cult. Corn. H. threshing Stone’s. P.M. Herb & I at George’s threshing.
Eve. League. Mabel Gosnell topic – the men & women of to-day. Eva Smale reading.
Tues. Aug. 9 – Rain this A.M. & late at night. Monkeying around granary. 4 loads oats. Eve.
Elmer, Will Phoenix & I for a drive.
Wed. Aug. 10 – Filling drain in with plough. 4 loads oats. Chas. Eacott fixing granary.
Thurs. Aug. 11 – A.M. 2 loads oats in. 11 – threshing wh. at Jas. Attridge’s
Fri. Aug. 12 – A.M. Finished oats at Jas. Attridge’s. 290 bus, 6 acres. P.M. started wheat at
Sat. Aug. 13 - - 9, threshing at Milton’s, 270 bus wheat. 9 – drew in balance of oats.
Sun. Aug. 14 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Mary O’Neil & Lily George visiting at home
Mon. Aug. 15 – Civic Holiday S.S. Excursion to Erie Beach via MCRy to Charring Cross &
Electric to water. Blanche, Laura, Lizzie, Gordon, Grace, Richard, Elmer, Birdie, Earl, Ottie
MM, me, Lily George.
Tues. Aug. 16 – Road work to-day. 4 loads.
Wed. Aug. 17 – Road work, 4 loads. Drove Lily George out to O’Neil’s. Ottie came along for
company. Rained heavy about Eleven P.M. Stayed home till morning.
Thurs. Aug. 18 – Road work, 3 loads. 3.30 cutting burdocks.
Fri. Aug. 19 - - 2.30 P.M. threshing Jno Gosnell’s. 390 oats, 160 wheat.
Sat. Aug. 20 – 9.30-7.30 threshing Hec Gosnell’s. 360 oats, 250 wheat. Eve. Wheeled to
Sun. Aug. 21 – 6-8 A.M. wheeled from Rtown to Eau. 8-11, drove Nettie to Lee’s.
Mon. Aug. 22 - - 10, threshing Hector Gosnell’s. Herb, Gus, Ezra & I washing 16 sheep. Eve.
League. Walked down with Mary R. Uncle Len & Aunt Bess intend driving to Eau to-morow.
Mark Rogers on origin of some words. Mrs. Foster on topic.
Tues. Aug. 23 - - 3.00 Geo., Herb & I washed 10 sheep. 3 – Herb & I made gate for hay field.
Stayed in this evening. Uncle Len & Aunt Bess to Rond Eau.
Wed. Aug. 24 – Double disked 5 acres at George’s. Uncle Len & Aunt Bess returned via Erie
Eau. Was at Uncle M es.
Thurs. Aug. 25 – Cultivated 8 acres at George’s. Eve. Started on topic. Rained quite heavy to-
Fri. Aug. 26 – A.M. 1 ½ hrs cultivating, load of wood, P.M. 4 loads of fertilizer to west of
Sat. Aug. 27 – A.M. 11 pigs 6 mos, 1 wk, 8 pigs runts, 3 lambs down & back. P.M. cleaning up
stack bottom & S.E. box stall. Eve. Down town. Hazel P. & Iva Caswell.
Sun. Aug. 28 – A.M. writing up my topic. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Elmer & I walked down
with Birdie & Laura.
Mon. Aug. 29 – Finished clearing away stack bottom & also big sheep pen. Eve. Had a talk on
Educational work of missions in West China.
Tues. Aug. 30 – A.M. Clearing manure from front of barn. P.M. threshing Sam’l Gosnell’s.
Wed. Aug. 31 – A.M. Threshing Sam’l Gosnell’s. P.M. threshing Frank Stone’s.
Thurs. Sept. 1 – Threshing at Herb Lee’s. 265 wheat, 13 acres, 500 oats, 10 ½ acres.
Fri. Sept. 2 – A.M. Herb & I threshing Chas. Scott’s. P.M. Herb & I threshing F. Tape’s.
Raymond & Bessie & Miss Meacham here thus evening.
Sat. Sept. 3 - Til 3.45 P.M. threshing Wm. Attridge’s, Ezra & I. 4.15 P.M. – at Talbot’s. I for
Geo Lee. McArthur had to shut down. Eve. I had a general washup.
Sun. Sept. 4 – Raining till 4 P.M. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Came home & wrote letter to Frank.
Mon. Sept. 5 – Labor Day. A.M. Threshing at Talbot’s. P.M. Herb & I repairing south cornfield
fence. Eve. League. Uncle Alf, Aunt Carrie & Bessie out for to-day & Tuesday.
Tues., Sept. 6 – A.M. continued. Herb disking at Geo’s 2 hrs. I dug post hole at front gate.
P.M. Load of gravel – gate post. Cement same in ground. Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. & Jean Meachem
up for tea.
Wed. Sept. 7 - - 4 P.M. rolling wheat field. 4 – harrowing wheat field. Ezra harrowing &
seeding. Eve. Home. Took cock to Mac.
Thurs. Sept. 8 – A.M. harrowing Geo wheat field. P.M. Herb & I pulling beans. The yellow
eyes are very heavy & have to be pulled from puller.
Fri. Sept. 9 - Finished pulling front field & started big one. They pull better.
Sat. Sept. 10 – Still at the job. Herb broke a canting, drove to Ridgetown & borrowed F. Tape’s
puller. Velma Stone & Norman Whitmore are up over Sun.
Sun. Sept. 11 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Drove to Ridgetown with Ezra Clark
Mon. Sept. 12 – Till 2, forking in Geo’s. 3.00 forking in small & big field. Eve. League. Miss
Wyman on birds.
Tues. Sept. 13 – Herb at London fair to-day. Went last night. A.M. forked in small & big field.
P.M. forked pulling. Eve. Reading.
Wed. Sept. 14 – Forking beans all day. H. big field. Eve. Reading, Opening a Chestnut Burr.
Thurs. Sept. 15 – A.M. Forking beans H’s big field. Chas. Wise, Vern Fraser, W. Littlejohn.
P.M. Ezra & I drew 4 loads off Geo’s 2 front acres.
Fri. Sept. 16 – A.M. till 9, forking in muck. Till 6, Ezra & I drawing 7 loads.
Sat. Sept. 17 – A.M. Forking beans in muck – Chas. Scott’s. Ezra rd 3 loads in. P.M. Herb & I 4
loads. Geo Lee came home from London Fair to-day.
Sun. Sept. 18 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church, mix.
Mon. Sept. 19 – A.M. turning beans. P.M. 3 loads in. Chas. Mandell helping. We broke iron on
one end of rope. Eve. League. Birdie & Hazel off for London Normal to-day.
Tues. Sept. 20 – A.M. very heavy mist till 9.00. Cultivated 1 ½ bean fields. P.M. 6 loads beans.
Wed. Sept. 21 – 3 of us drawing in beans.
Thurs. Sept. 22 – A.M. cult & raking big field. P.M. Helping Geo & Chas. M to draw beans off
muck. Eve. In. Herb at State Fair to-day.
Fri. Sept. 23 – Cultivating bean field also raking it at the same time. Herb pulled 24 rounds in
back beans, sowed small wheatfield & 4 acres in big field.
Sat. Sept. 24 – A.M. raining. Cleaned out 3 box stalls. Started to fix cow stable floor. P.M.
Herb, Ezra & I forked 4 rounds of beans & separated sheep at F. Stone’s. Eve. Stayed in.
Sun. Sept. 25 – A.M. Mr. Veale supplied to-day. P.M. S.S. Rally Day. Eve. Church.
Mon. Sept. 26 – Cult & harrow big wheatfield. Herb drilling same. Eve. League. Roy Fenton
off for New York.
Tues. Sept. 27 –A.M. Rained heavy last night. Cleaned out 2 sheep stalls. P.M. forked 4 ½ rows
beans. Land here too wet to work.
Wed. Sept. 28 – A.M. Herb pulled a few more. P.M. Herb harrowing & drilling. Chas & I
forking & turning. Eve. Mack Carey picked out some chickens.
Thurs. Sept. 29 – Chas & I forking. A.M. Herb drilling. P.M. Herb drilling.
Fri. Sept. 30 – Forking & turning, 3 of us. Also, 1 load of green beans.
Sat. Oct. 1 – Finished forking by 3.00. Put on 1 load & turned some more for Mon. Herb
brought rye this A.M. Eve. Vic Burns of St. Catherines at Aunt Maggie’s.
Sun. Oct. 2 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Ridge Pres. Laura & I. Irene Crichton & Miss Primeau in
town to-day.
Mon. Oct. 3 – Herb took cattle to Rodney Fair this P.M. Eve. Stayed in as was late with chores.
Started letter to Clara Smitz. Chas. & I 2 loads beans in from back place. Ezra cutting Herbs
Tues. Oct. 4 – Cut north rows corn east headland. Ezra cut till 3 P.M. 1 load beans in A.M.
Raining from 10.00 A.M. off & on all day.
Wed. Oct. 5 – A.M. Chas. & I shocked till 9.00 wet corn. Ezra brought cattle up from car. Herb
& Earl McKerracher came later with colts. P.M. Started for Ridge Fair but it rained so heavy we
Thurs. Oct. 6 –Raining all day. Did little else except chores. Jno Ashton 4 & Joe Hornall 3
brought lambs.
Fri. Oct. 7 – A.M. Rung pigs, fixing corn fence. P.M. turning some beans in back place.
Sat. Oct. 8 – Highgate Fair. 26 head cattle shown & 23 sheep. Eve. Lizzie & I at concert.
Program by Palmatier sisters of Troy, N.Y.
Sun. Oct. 9 – A.M. - . PM. S.S. Eve. Church. Geo. & Mrs. Blight of Gesto were here yesterday,
to-day & tomorrow.
Mon. Oct. 10 – A.M. Chas. & I shocking corn. P.M. turning beans. Returned some cattle to back
place. Eve. League. Topic by Blanch Attridge, convention report by Miss Whiting.
Tues. Oct. 11 – A.M. Herb finished cutting, shocking corn. P.M. 2 loads of beans. Herb’s
birthday. Eve. Reading, The Doctor by R. Connor.
Wed. Oct. 12 – A.M. harrowing & 1 load. P.M. harrowing & 1 load. Herb finished drilling in
rye. Chas. Beau thresh at Floyds.
Thurs. Oct. 13 – A.M. Herb fin. Harrowing rye. I shocking alone. Chas. At Floyd’s Bean
Fri. Oct. 14 – Chas. & I finished shocking. Herb shipped lambs this P.M.
Sat. Oct. 15 – Herb & I 7 row nurphies. 41 bags say 50 bus. ...P.M. Reycraft ski doo.
Sun. Oct. 16 – Lees anniversary to-day. A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Palmyra Baptist.
Phyllis & Lizzie & I drove McLeod’s hoss to the lakeride. Dad & Mother had Net at Lee’s.
Mon. Oct. 17 – A.M. Finished potatoes. 10 bags. Chas., Herb & Earl brought cattle from back
place. P.M. Off for Ridgetown Fair. 22 cattle. Ezra & Mac stayed over night. Eve. Lizzie &
Birdie & I at Lee’s tea meeting.
Tues. Oct. 18 – Mending orchard fence. Picking apples. Herb took 15 sheep to Fair & back.
Eve. League (was postponed).
Wed. Oct. 19 – 8 sheep up & back, also 22 cattle back. Run away this A.M. Bob & Stella at a
2.04 pace. Eve. Miss Watson & Mary R. cost debate.
Thurs. Oct. 20 – Threshing beans at Floyd’s. 9 acres yellow eyes 210, 7 acres pea 145. Herb,
Chas. & Dr. Rowe (Blenheim) dipped 32 sheep to-day. Eve. Miss Brigham again refused
debating so I guess will have to ask Stella Lee.
Fri. Oct. 21 – A.M. Picked balance of apples. Cleaned out root bin & piled the beans upstairs in a
corner. P.M. 2 loads corn from field. Herb buying sheep to-day. Eve. Started to rain about six
and heavy too, so I didn’t go down to see if Hazel, Willie or Birdie would refuse.
Sat. Oct. 22 – 3rd
load of corn from field. 26 bus., also load of wood. P.M. split some wood &
piled up chunks. We put in most of machinery & brought roller & disc from Geo.
Sun. Oct. 23 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Mrs. Austin speaker. Herb had me come up &
help him with chores to-night. Bessie came up & we went for a short drive before church. Miss
Watson at home for tea.
Mon. Oct. 24 – Took up water pipe at trough in barn yard. Owing to visitors & accidents it was
an all day’s job.
Tues. Oct. 25 – Herb & I pulled & drew in 9 rows roots 5 loads. Eve. Birdie came up to consider
the debate.
Wed. Oct. 26 - Pulled & drew in 6 rows roots alone. 3 big loads. Herb took Geo.’s yearling
bull to Bothwell & brought some sheep home. Rained some to-night.
Thurs. Oct. 27 – A.M. Jag of straw & 8 lambs to car. P.M. 2 white steers also. 2.45 – threshing
Jno Attridge’s. Eve. Stella & I at Birdie’s re debate. Rained to-night. Birdie says she would go
West after Xmas if I were going too. I think she has the West Fever quite bad. Altho there is no
saying that I will be staying home.
Fri. Oct. 28 – A.M. threshing Jno Attridge’s. P.M. threshing at Milton. 10-12 pulled 2 rows
roots, very cold job. Chas. started plowing to-day.
Sat. Oct. 29 – Lamb shift to Waterdown. Some roots pulled.
Sun. Oct. 30 - A.M. -. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Ada & Myrtle Reycraft of Glencoe in town.
Mon. Oct. 31 – Thanksgiving day, as at roots again to-day. Eve. League. Topic by Myrtle
Gosnell. Hallow Glen – nothing doing.
Tues. Nov. 1 – Dipped 30 odd sheep to-day. Benson Gosnell & Dr. Rowe. Herb & I, also Ezra.
1 load oats. Minnie & Ethel Attridge of Waterdown in for dinner.
Wed. Nov. 2 – 6 rows roots. 3 loads all finis. 1 load fertilizer out. Chas. plowing to-day.
Thurs. Nov. 3 – We cleaned out sheep pen & chicken pen & 1 load from barnyard. Eve.
Uptown, call in Uncle Mac’s.
Fri. Nov. 4 – Bedded pigs in sheep pen & husked a little. Herb & Chas. plowed.
Sat. Nov. 5 – Husked corn 4 ½ hours. Chas. & Herb plowing back field. 7.30-10.45 – H. to
Wardsville. T.T. George’s at home. T.T., Mrs., Nelles, Mina, Lily, Bryden.
Sun. Nov 6 – A.M. Church. P.M. visited. Eve. Church. Will & Mrs. Reycraft over, also Miss
Wyman & Miss Minna.
Mon. Nov. 7 – 9.30-12.00 A.M. Lizzie & I drove from Wardsville home 15 miles. Sara Attridge
died about midnight in Toronto Hospital. P.M. Quarterly Official Board Meeting. Eve. League,
about 15.
Tues. Nov. 8 – Chas. plowing. H. & I returned borrowed oats to Floyd Gosnell. 5 loads corn
225 bus. Eve. Sara Attridge was brought home on #37.
Wed. Nov. 9 – A.M. Fixing cow stable floor. Herb plowing east field. P.M. Herb & I – 3 loads
corn 135 bus. Chas. plowing all day.
Thurs. Nov. 10 – Rained heavy last night & too wet to do much but chores. Sara Attridge was
buried this P.M.
Fri. Nov. 11 – Carry wheat into granary. Chas. & Herb plowing.
Sat. Nov. 12 – Carried balance of wheat out & bagged 15 bags. Chas. & Herb plowing.
Sun. Nov. 13 – Anniversary. A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Rev. Drum, Ridgetown.
Mon. Nov. 14 – Chas. plowing muck west hole. Bank water outlet to tank with chaff. Eve.
Social Anniversary.
Tues. Nov. 15 – Herb & Chas. plowing west of orchard. Took ewe to Jno Gosnell’s. Fixed
implement to keep out hens.
Wed. Nov. 16 – Threshing Frank Stone’s.
Thurs. Nov. 17 – Threshing here to-day. Frank Stone, Floyd Gosnell, Verne Scott, Ezra Clark,
Frank Tape, Milton Attridge, Geo. Miner, Mrs. Campbell, Alf Gosnell, Herb Lee, Chas.
Mandell, me.
Fri. Nov. 18 – A.M. threshing here 550 bus, 27 acres. P.M. Chas. threshing Geo. Lee’s. 1 load
wood, ½ hay, straw taken to car. Herb brought ram & 3 ewes from Jno Gosnell’s.
Sat. Nov. 19 – -2.30 Chas. threshing at Geo. Lee’s. A.M. 2 loads wood. Hay, turnips & grain
delivered to car. 2 rams had a fight to-day. Frank Morden here for dinner. Mabel, Wesley
Phelps, Mrs. Galbraith, Lou McM home for Sunday. Sold Gordon my share of hens for 4.25 at a
loss to me I know.
Sun. Nov. 20 – A.M. -. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church.
Mon. Nov. 21 – Herb off for Chicago with 39 sheep – Benson 5 via Guelph. Eve. League – topic
by Effie & Ethel Bell.
Tues. Nov. 22 – A.M.-10.30 – 5 bags shorts, 5 bags bran at mill, 4 loads unhusked corn in about
6 shocks to a load.
Wed. Nov. 23 – A.M. 2 loads in. P.M. rained right after dinner. Eve. Downtown. Uncle Will
Whitmore at home.
Thurs. Nov. 24 – Fixing barnyard fence. Chas. helped Ezra with pigs. P.M. rained. Stella drove
out to Palmyra this P.M.
Fri. Nov. 25 – 2 loads wood from back place. Stella off for International to-day. Frank Stone,
Frank Tape, Hy J Gosnell & wife, Chas. Ashton, Joe Hornall.
Sat. Nov. 26 – A.M. Fixing pig pen. 4-5 threshing Chas. Scott’s.
Sun. Nov. 27 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Mrs. Gordon Wright of London on Miss
Convention in Edinborough.
Mon. Nov. 28 – A.M. raining. P.M. threshing C. Scott’s. Eve. League. Missionary.
Tues. Nov. 29 -2.45 – threshing Chas. Scott’s, 460 bus. 3 shocks of corn drawn in.
Wed. Nov. 30 – Snowing. Chores only.
Thurs. Dec. 1 – To-day & to-morrow the most we did was to do chores.
Fri. Dec. 2 – See above. Eve. Laura off P.M. train.
Sat. Dec. 3 – Chas. & I again at the stalks, small loads.
Sun. Dec. 4 – A.M. - . P.M. S.S. Eve. Church.
Mon. Dec. 5 – Some more stalks in. Stella came home to-night. Eve. League Debate. Resolved
that Platform Press.
Affirm Negative
Walter Ernest
Birdie Lizzie
Stella E. Wyman
Won by 2 points
Tues. Dec. 6 – A.M. Finished unhusked stalks. P.M. Started husked stalks. Frank Stone through
Wed. Dec. 7 – Ezra finished Geo. Lee’s to-day.
Thurs. Dec. 8 – Finished getting in all the corn to-day.
Fri. Dec. 9 – A.M. Chas. & I went to mill for 5 bags shorts. Eve. Skating a few minutes at Big
Sat. Dec. 10 – Herb pulled in at 10 A.M. & Ben arrived Sun. A.M. They drove sheep up Sun.
A.M. Eve. At Ridgetown. Will McGon on Sex Hygiene.
Sun. Dec. 11 – A.M. -. P.M. S.S. Eve. Drove Laura to Ridgetown. Heard part of Billie’s
Mon. Dec. 12 – A.M. Load of material from car. P.M. Load of manure from car. Eve. League.
Tues. Dec. 13 – 3 sheep to Jno Gosnells & 2 back to Geos & 3 here. P.M. Herb brought up
troughs & lumber from car. Eve. Stayed in for a change. Dad in Chatham again with his foot.
Letter to Deputy Minister Education Dept. Toronto re 3rd
teacher’s certificate.
Wed. Dec. 14 – Herb took ram & 2 lambs to Hornalls back by 3.00. Eve. At home. Mother said
Birdie had a letter to say she was accepted at Calgary Normal.
Thurs. Dec. 15 – A.M. Snowing & blowing extra hard. P.M. Threshing clover at Milton’s. Eve.
At cottage prayer meeting held at Frank Phoenix.
Fri. Dec. 16 – A.M. Finished threshing by noon. P.M. Herb brought pig home 235# @ 9 per
cwt. Eve. Home.
Sat. Dec. 17 – A.M. Cleaned out corner box stall. P.M. Up town. Eve. Home. Dad came out
from Chatham to-night. Herb went to bed after dinner with a heavy cold, the grip he says.
Sun. Dec. 18 – A.M. -. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. The grip wore off quickly. Herb was up &
around after S.S. Gordon up for tea.
Mon. Dec. 19 – Herb is getting over his grippe very nicely. Eve. League. Election of Officers.
Tues. Dec. 20 – Last day at Herb’s.
Wed. Dec. 21 – Went in Chatham this A.M. via of Fargo.
Thurs. Dec. 22 – Called at Parrott’s, Billie Hammond.
Fri. Dec. 23 – Frank Stone & I after evergreen boughs at Jack Attridge’s. P.M. Helped to
decorate tree. Eve. Xmas concert.
Sat. Dec. 24 – A.M. Frank Stone, Casey & I clearing debris of tree. P.M. Gordon & I brought
load of straw from Milton’s. We had supper at Herb’s. Gave Stella box of writing paper.
Sun. Dec. 25 – A.M. Church. P.M. S.S. Eve. Church. Mr. Long of Dresden killed by explosion
there this A.M.
Mon. Dec. 26 – Christmas celebrated here to-day. I received book, hankie & candy. Uncle
Nelson, Mary & Frances, Uncle Mac, Mattie, Bert, Earl and all the McMacs.
Tues. Dec. 27 – no entry.
Wed. Dec. 28 – no entry.
Thurs. Dec. 29 – no entry.
Fri. Dec. 30 – no entry.
Sat. Dec. 31 – Took train to Chatham & Detroit. Birdie took train to Chatham & Toronto to
West. Had dinner at Aunt Carrie’s. Went to Dundas for supper. Asked Pittman & D. for a job.
Call 2 or 3 days. Eve. Alice D. & I went to Clara Smitz New Year’s Party.
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