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Our archive showcases over 130 Ontario diarists from 1800 to 1960. Discover and Meet the Diarists are good places to get acquainted with these people from the past. Learn how to unlock the riches within their daily entries and escape into the past. You can read and Search through typed nineteenth-century diaries. Help us Transcribe other handwritten ones online to make these valuable sources accessible to all. 

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  • #onthisday 1834 "the present generation may live comfortably enough because the generality of them bring their education with them" -Leith
  • #onthisday 1860 "I was gladly surprised, to get a letter from my brother Hermann, who had safely arrived at New York from Germany." Schulze
  • #onthisday 1838 "My foot swelled... fomented it with scalded bran... laid on a poultice of bread and milk at going to bed" Benjamin Freure