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Deborah (Mullett) Haight Bowerman
Diary #1,1874 -1882
Deborah M ullett (1804 -1892) l ived in Hallowell Township, Prince Edward
C ounty. Her first husband was Consider Haight. Their daughter, Mary M
H aight, married Levi Vincent Bowerman, author o f another diary held by the
a rchives. In 1850 she married Vincent Bowerman who is the father o f her son
in law, Levi Vincent Bowerman.
Deborah M ullett Bowerman Diary 1874- 1882: It is held at the Prince
Edward County Archives and has the accession number A2001.016.084 100a labelled Journal 1. Note from Robynne Rogers Healey - Anne Adams in Picton
suggests that this is not Lydia H aight's book. Its contents indicate that it is the
diary of Deborah M ullet Haight Bowerman. Perhaps she used one of Lydia’s
old books. Transcribed by Lydia W ytenbroek, history student at Trinity
W estern University, Langley, British Columbia and posted here with her
permission. Pam Noxon, archivist at the PEC Archives, also grants permission
for this posting. Thanks to Dr. Robynne Rogers Healey. Associate Professor at
Trinity W estern University, for her role in this effort.
Copyright: © L ydia W ytenbroek and Randy Saylor. 2008

Beginning of Diary
[Lront Cover]
Lydia Haight Book
2 mo 3rd 1874
Paged by T. B. W illiams 7/5/6/
IPg 1]
12m 3 1st 1874 _ Uncle Arthur & A unt Jane
came here, & there [sic] daughter Hannah, stoped [sic]
with us untill [sic] the 4th of l m 1875. going to
meeting with us, for the first time in our
new meeting house, a very cold day blowing &
snowing_ Sarah Clendenan buried the

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