File #5085: "Deborah Bowerman 2.pdf"


same day____
l m 1st 1875_ Andrew Whycot Son & Daughter here
_8th Consider & Deborah came here
_12th they went home, Mary going with them,
_14th Vincent & myself went to Select meeting
_ 16th Lydia went over to Stephen Hubbs [sic], _
_18th Levi went to Belleville with Uncle John’s things,
_ 24th A great snow storm went to meeting,
25 years ago to day [sic] we were married, _
2m 5th Select prepartive [sic] meeting Vincent went I did
not go Mary sick with the Inflamtory [sic] Rheumatism
several Strangers [sic] there, Ellwood Scott, Stephen
Cartland & his brother,____
_6th Quarterly meeting Alfred Phelps & his family
[Pg 2]
here, left us on first day for home, I did not get out
to meeting at all, very bad roads,____
_20_ Levi & Mary went to Fredericksburgh,
_23_ they came home Elizabeth Nelson & Rachel
c ame back with them, returning on the 27th
3mo 3r Levi & Mary started for Rome, went by the
w ay of Napanee, _ Nathaniel Sivetman moved his
family down on his new place, ____
_ 6 _ Sid Deb & Mary came here again, _ went home

the 9th, ____
_10th [Liphet?] Phebe Jane, Sarah Maria & Walter here
1_ All hands went to meeting, got two letters from
our folks, & sent them tw o , ____
_12, S. Hubbs & wife, here also George Amy Sarah &
E lla K ingston ____
_14_ Benjamin & wife here, went home the 15th
a very wet afternoon,____
[Pg 3]
3m 16th Our folks got back from Rome, _

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