File #5087: "Deborah Bowerman 4.pdf"


[ Pg5]
_10thWent on to the market with Mary, sold her
butter for 19 cents a pound, & 14ca dozen for her eggs, _
_11th Levi Mary & the children gone too [sic] Hubbs, a
m eeting this afternoon at 4 oclock [sic], father & Carrie gone
_14 Stephen, Lydia & Adam Hubbs here for a visit
_ 21_ Dr Nash’s Mother & Phebe Jane & [look?] with us
_ 24 Deborah & Mary Sills came up on the boat,
_25, Three years ago this morning between two
and three oclock [sic] poor dear Edith breathed her
last sitting in the arm-chair.____
8mo 21st Eliza Brewer & Rachel Cronkite sailed
from New York for England,____
9mo3rdVery warm quick silver up to 88,
_11th Father & myself went to Napanee on the little boat
[pg 6]
14thWent round the head of the Bay to R Cadman’s
R achel & Nelson going with u s , ____
_18th Robert & Elizabeth took us to the Point
to take the boat for Picton, got home about 8 oclock [sic]
8mo 13th Levi Mary & Carrie went down to see
the thousand Islands,____
_24th Lydia went to Napanee with S Richardson
9m 29th Levi Mary & Carrie started for Leeds
quarterly m eeting. __
lOmo 7th Our folks got home from L eeds, ____
_10 Reuben Haight & Sarah Haight here for a visit
_ 19 Rachel Sills & Lydia came up to dry apples

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