File #5088: "Deborah Bowerman 5.pdf"


23 Nelson came up, they all went home the 23r
2 8th Cyntha Simons was buried,____

1 lm o 4th Grandfather Mulletts Birth-day [sic] had
he lived would have been 1 1 0 , ____
He was born in Old England at [Flimster?]
in [Homersetshire?], the 4th of 1 l m 1768. __
My grandmother was born at Strech in
Somersetshire the 3r of 7m 1770, __
Died in Fredericksburgh the 28th of 12m 1845
M y father died near Bloomfield 31st of 10m 1865
at Vincent Bowerman’s __
_12th Charles G Bowerman & wife here for a visit
_14 A great snow-storm, none of the family
at m eeting, ____
20 Went to Picton to see [Jasop?] Peterson
Carrie went also & got a new hat,
Marys [sic] Birth day [sic] 40, years o ld , ____
_26 Killed hogs, rained all d a y , ____
_27 Thomas Stinson & wife & Thomas Bowerman
& John Stinson here for a visit, Carrie
w ent home with [them?]
[pg 8]
Vincent let Fevi have 35 dollars out
o f the bank, & Mary got Fydia two new
aprons for the morning, this 27 day of 1 l m 1875
28th Fevi & Mary went up to Thomas Stinsons [sic] for
a v isit, rained hard all the afternoon,____
29thof 11thmonth, 1875. My Birth day [sic] 71, A very cold
day. quick-silver down to 6 below zero when we
w ent to bed, _Mary trying out [fat?], Fevi cuting [sic]
up his hogs, Fydia twisting yarn, Carrie cleaning
up the parlor, Vincent cuting [sic] sweet apples, and
m yself fixing an old flannel shirt & thinking

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