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Children for a treet [sic], their Grandfather not
very smart, had another fall & hurt his hip,
Grandmother feeling on [sic] year older than usual
still able tho [sic] to patch and m end, ____
12mo25th Christmas morning thunder and
lighting [sic] with rain no sleighing, the children
delighted with their presants [sic], as well as
the older ones, _ Levi read the fourth chapter
o f John,_
[pg 11]
o30th Father Levi Lydia & myself
w ent to meeting in the waggon [sic] warm
w eather,____
_31st Mild weather yet George & Maim
here, fixing to leave, makeing [sic] a Vest [sic]
for father,____
1876 1st i m A wet mild day, G Anderson gone
to Belleville with his things, _
_3r George & Maim left for the West _
_6th Levi & Mary went to meeting. I lent Sarah Ann
Derbyshire “Ushers Letters” ____
_8th Cleaned the kitchen, the horse’s ran away
with W esley in the w ood s, ____
_9thMild weather yet, went to meeting, William
[Bransrom?] & wife here for a visit, lent them
two tracks, & the account of Daniel Man, _
[pg 12]
lm o 12thLevis & Phebe Jane here
_13thW mH Rattan & wife here, Stephen Hubbs
c ame for Lydia, returned the 23rd____
_24th A mild day been married 26th years to day [sic]
to V Bowerman, burnt up the meet [sic] in the