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12th V B had symptoms of a fit about four
o clock [sic] in the morning, the pulse almost stoped [sic]
beating, but got over it nicely in a few hours.
_15, Levi went to Adolphus town to attend
D aniel Haight’s Sale, saw Robert & Elizabeth
t here, __
_16th Monthly meeting a very cold rough snowing
_day. father Levi Mary went to meeting, &
to Levens in the evening. __
_17th the folks moved into the house, _
_18th Mary went on the market got 15“ for her
e ggs, got me two morning aprons, _
[pg 15]
3mo 20th Levi & Mary went to Belleville,
c ame home next day, a foot o f snow fell
w hile they were gon e, ____
4mo 9th Edith’s birth day [sic] would have been
nineteen, _ Lewis & Phebe Jane here for
a v isit, myself writing to the R Sills, _
4m 28th Levi’s Birth day [sic] 44 a fine day Phebe Ann
W hycott here for a visit. _
5mo 4th Ellwood Scott attended our week day
m eeting all the family went except myself
he also had a meeting at Hiller in the evening
w hich our folks attended,____
_7th Lirst day went to meeting for the first
time since my eye was sore, Lydias birth-day [sic]
38, how time flies away, _ she went back in the
w oods with the children to gather flowers, _
[pg 16]
Vincent reading in John Chandler’s journal
w here it speaks of an Old woman one hundred