File #5098: "Deborah Bowerman 15.pdf"


_ 5th Benjamin came up to see us, spent
three days with us, went over to see Nathaniel
_8th Benjamin went home, Levi took him
to the boat, __
1 l m 29th 1876 My birth day [sic] 72 years old, it looks
as tho [sic] I was almost to the end of my journey,
and Oh that I may be ready, is all that I wish
for in this world, _ Lydia washing, Mary weaving[pg 26]
father cutting apples, Levi at the factory, Carrie
d oing house-work, the Children giving Grandmother
little presants [sic], myself makeing [sic] flannel shirts for
R achel, ____
30th Father & Levi went to meeting in the buggy
quite cold, Carrie gone out this afternoon with
her dress to Mrs Hare’s , ____
12moth8th Mary put down the rag-carpet & paper’d [sic]
the room, 9th Went to the market got 60ct for geese
5 0ct a pair for Ducks, 22ct a lbfor butter _
12mo 22n Killed 14 turkeys 6 geese 8 Ducks
for Picton market,____
23rdWent to the Market got 5/shillings a peice [sic]
for the turkeys, 3/- for geese [21b?] a pare [sic] for Ducks
2 2cts a pound for butter 20ct a dozen for eggs, _

[pg 27]
12m 24th the Children went to meeting
w ith Carrie, there [sic] father & Grandfather.
P hilip Ward came in the evening also Elisha
H uff, ____
_25th Christmas day the Children much
p leased with there [sic] presants [sic], -Aman and
his wife here on business makeing [sic] a wheel