File #5101: "Deborah Bowerman 18.pdf"


_ 20th Lydia & Carrie went to Robert Taylor’s
for a visit, after attending WmAllens [sic] meeting
in the morning.____
_21st W Allen had two more meetings, our
f olks washing. Lydia went to S Hubb’s,
22n Meeting day father & Mary went. Seburn
Dorland there, WmAllen left for Huntingdon
_23r Mary & Carrie bakeing [sic] & ironing, David
Ellsworth spent the day here, _ [laped?] the
bush yesterday.____
24th Carrie Birth day [sic] 22 years old,
Levi at the Factory a fine d a y , ____

[Letter 1]
6m 12th 1892
Here I am up with Lydia
been here most four weeks,
going home to night _ Lydia
playing on the Organ_
Lydia reading over some Old
[manuscripts?]._ Frank Waring
died the 9th of this month. _
Here I am at John Williams _
writing without glasses, 87 years
old & six months o ld . ____
Mary been down with Rachel
the last four days, comes
home to night. ____
6 th mo 12th 1892
[Fetter 2]
Hannah [ClaMier?]
w hose maiden name
w as Popel, had five

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