File #5102: "Deborah Bowerman 19.pdf"


children, Saumuel, Sarah
Arthur Martha, Mary
13 of 3mo 1870 A very
stormy first day not able
to get out to meeting _
My Grandfather Clothier name
w as James & my Grandmother
name Hannah her maiden
name was Pople, they had five
Children two sons & three daughters
Samuel & Arthur, Sarah
Mary and Martha
11 of 3mo 1878 Mild weather, no snow
[taped?] the bush the 9th of this
[pg 32]
4m 4 Lydia came home Stephen & Lydia
brought her in the buggy ____
7th Levi & Mary on the Market, Potatoes
f ive shillings & seven pence halfpeny [sic] a bag,
U ncle Arthur W illie came down from
B righton, I heard & saw the first Robin.
8thWent to meeting Matura Bowerman came
home with us, Mary & the Children went
back to the Sap-bush, _ Willie & Carrie went
to Stephen Hubbs [sic] for a v isit, ____
9th Edith’s Birth-day [sic] would have been 20,
m akeing [sic] sugar y e t, ____
_11th Lydia & myself walked down to see
P hebe Burlingham, in the evening had a poor
turn of Heart decease [sic], but it passed over in
about two hours, leaveing [sic] me very w eak. __
[pg 33]

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